Wheeled Tank Gameplay in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks – Wheeled Tanks. Wargaming have reinvented the wheel with the Panhard EBR, the wheeled light! Here’s a full review of all the new features!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

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  1. Looks like this will be horrible to play against maps are small enough already, slower tanks will struggle to leave the spawn without being spotted on some maps

  2. stop saying TANK, it’s not a tank!! it’s combatvehicle

  3. Actually a normal car bas around 45hp/ton so i think that tank is crazy good

  4. It’s a AFV not a tank 🙂

  5. Let’s start a petition for the game to be renamed to “World of Vehicles” xD

  6. These just seem so gimmicky…

  7. So if you are in a heavy or medium with 445m+ view range sitting still in an open field and one of those panhard’s come barreling along, who would spot who first?

  8. There’s no such thing as “artillery-problem”.

  9. i am really looking forward to this tank. it would be nive to be able to get to 445 view range but no food in vehicle would be good as going to fast to eat and drink at that speed.be like having the t50-2 back

  10. Dejavu Intensifies….

  11. So it’s confirmed: a sui-scout machine.

  12. So that will be fun for TD’s and Arty players, getting killed in seconds, without a change of defending themselves.
    How is that new auto aim not OP ? How can a light tank auto aim these WAV’s doing 80km or 105 KM for the tier 10 !!!
    I think this will change the meta of the game to much, makes the game to fast, WOT meeting GTA-5 not a good idea !
    Even more players will leave the game when these WAV are released! Specially the bit older, but paying players !!

  13. The armor doesn’t matter, I will still bounce of it in my T30. 🙁

  14. It will be good for WG and the players

  15. Awwww man – I was hoping Simon Claws had a unique voice set, like “Ho ho ho we lit that one up!” or  “Traget acquired ho ho ho!”
    Woulda been cool…….oh well.

  16. When is this tank coming? Last day of the Advent calendar? Could you also do a video on what WG are planning for ammo changes etc

  17. KV-2 class derp guns is always the answer to track anything in the game in a single shot lol

    E.g. O-I, T49, SU-152

  18. So it’s incredibly mobile, absolutely fragile and highly situational.
    Seems fairly balanced and fun. Good job for once, Wargaming, you seem to be doing better.

  19. I hate it already. I once liked to play arty, now it is freakin’ frustrating because shells go to th edge of aim circle more often than inside of it – oh and dont forget the max 200 damages i can do per shot with the t10 soviet arty – but with this, it will be horrible to do “you must do” arty campaign missions, what are still forced to do for campaign rewards. Thx…

  20. Russian wersion for thus tank is com soon or later becaus russian tree is have all

  21. I wish I could still play WoT and not hate everything. Looks fun. Just so sick of broke mm

  22. Form my experience in armored fighting vehicles in Armored warfare and modern ones most of the hard times i had in begining was the nature elements cos if you run fast and hit-stop somewhere in anemy area you dead! this vehicles cannot turn like the tanks 180 degrees stoped (except few modern ones like the AMX RCR were all tires turn) ,but with the time i use to it and later was very fun to drive almost like racing cars spoting and shooting.cant wait to play those in WoT

  23. And this is not the tank so this thynk is really op because how mobile is light tank i lowe lights and this is 2. To 3.times more mobile why

  24. I have 2,3 mil free xp saved up. Looking forward to get some weels in WoT!


  26. This looks it will have a big impact on win rate but not a big credit maker. Super annoying.

  27. can’t wait to teamkill those 🙂

  28. 11:08 What a CHEAT 😀

  29. Next year wg give us a motorbikes and no more plays wot only noobs…

  30. wait, why does mr. Claws do a female voice? dafuq!?

  31. Ok don’t get me wrong but I’m sure you was like all the things wrong with wot. Ie prem tanks being one of them But all of a sudden your bigging up anther prem tank.

  32. Well the game got more f… Up evry time two me its a douwn game now no fun animore its douwn hill

  33. QB goes to get new tires on his car:”I need 4 new tracks please”

  34. Krisztián Mátraházi

    a new broken tank just after the non-skill autoreloader IS3A..

  35. 7:43 for actual gameplay

  36. So WoT becomes even more of a run-and-gun first person shooter.

    Why do they even bother with “tank” skins these days?

  37. Well it’s nice to see a new tank, but what would or should a arty player do against this Tanks? If you stay inside the base on Paris you wont be safe either.

  38. mauno antero lahtinen


  39. Just what WOT needs, another Franche UFO.

  40. lol “ooooohhh, I don’t think I can do that with my hands”. XD

  41. The big climb is on…

  42. QB said i have better stats in russian tank then french one. Ofc cuz its fucking russian tank and we know wich nation is best in this game bljat

  43. Penfold What-ho Chappies

    This breaks the game balance between different tank classes. Yes lov’em or hat’em arty and snipping lightly armoured TDs are broadly balanced in the current meta. I suspect that for every one happy wheeled QB assasin out there WG will piss off far more arty and snippy TD players. A fine way to shread the enjoyment of probably 25% of the current player base.

  44. Its cool, but this is a Tank Game, so i actually hate this new Mechanic

  45. Cant wait for all tomatoes to die in first 30 seconds with this. OMG THIS IS FAST I PLAY FOR FUN BRUM BRUM

  46. I missed the difference between the wheels up and wheels down. I know that the speed change, but is there anything else?

  47. Agree 100% with your comments (not kissing your butt… said much the same on Dez’s review)
    I think these will change the Meta and cause havoc as a back line raider. A smart addition by WG to balance arty and sneaky TDs. I like it so far.

  48. So you won’t get tracked but will you get a flat tire if shot?

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