Wheeled Vehicle Nerfs – World of Tanks

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World of Tanks. A lot of you have been asking for nerfs to wheeled light and here they come!


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  1. Cosmic Carrie World of Tanks Console- Diary of a Tanker

    subsequently mispronunciation- 5:23

  2. Nerfing a tank is never good. Im tired to grind tanks that lately will be nerfed. It will make me not willing play this game anymore!

  3. Wheeled tanks need to steer slightly to a direction if you hit the wheel on that side. Also maybe make it so the wheels cant fucking repair unless they stand still. I wanna see the driver come out while driving and trying to change the tire or the suspension.

  4. It should be if 2 wheels are damaged, it can’t move at all.

  5. Any nerfs to the wheels are good nerfs. Also, as an ebr 75 owner, I wouldn’t be sad if it got nerfed. It’s my guilty pleasure (I also don’t use HE because I feel bad for the players who are fighting against it)

  6. Nerfing is not removing.

  7. 0.06 -> 0.08
    1,2 s -> 1.4s aim time
    what the fuck do you mean. This shit is a very accurate gun now, it wont be much worse if they implement these changes. Its all just a silent nerf so people shut up. But no, you need to “”appear”” smart to your audience. The way they decrease the speed when wheels are damaged is pretty good, but they gotta nerf the gun more. The statistic nerfs wont do shit.

  8. The vehicle shouldn’t be able to move when a wheel is damaged. I would like to see someone change a car tire while it is moving.

  9. The wheeled vehicles need to be their own class since they can’t be considered remotely close to tracked light tanks.

  10. but every EBR is better than every other light in the game, not just high tier.

  11. Dandy Highwayman

    Not good enough, the problem is they travel at 95kmh and are very hard to hit in the first place. Just remove them, they were a terrible idea in the first place.

  12. about damn time hate them may play more tanks if this happens

  13. It’s very very late in coming, everyone has hated the things for a long time now, WG are incredibly unresponsive. And it only goes a small way towards balance.

  14. its a start in the right direction. but not enough to compel me to play again. they should spin out on flat tires at top speed.

  15. not enough nerf for me to come back to the game. 6 Weeks WOT Sober, I considered playing again if the nerf was worthwhile. Staying out.

  16. arty splash 5-10m away 4-7 wheels gone your trying to turn now your a black prince lol

  17. 95mph each wheel lost should slow it down by 1/8 since 8 wheels about 12 mph a wheel

  18. Always thought that the only problematic wheelie was the EBR105. The others can be annoying but only need the damaged wheel fix. The EBR requires the wheels sorted and the view range nerfed slightly, then it will be ok. Other lights should be way better at spotting than the wheeled guys to compensate for the fact that the wheelies are harder to hit and can get closer to enemies.

  19. Not just the speed or the lack of damage you do when you hit it . My main gripe against the wheeled vehicles is it’s special auto-aim. 90 kph on the move hitting and penning

  20. Can those shits be removed from the game?

  21. Yes, that’s all fine and well, but what are those bullshit physics!? How the hell do these taxi shit go 95km/h in a turn on grass!?!!

  22. If they get hit in the wheel they should stop complete

  23. They still have 4 shields on each side…. at least make the center wheels a part of the hit box…

  24. I like how when he paused it after his death you see an friendly party round come from the air about ready to take out the enemy arty.

  25. the Pope of Wot is at it again. Go social justice warrior lay your bullshit on the line.

  26. Lauris Fjodorovs

    Best news! I’m going to install game again if they balance game

  27. Well being an ebr player this will basically make it quite hard to play we won’t have an active roll anymore as one wheel will lower your speed to like 69 (talking about ebr 105) and arty usually take off 2 wheels if they hit near you which will make 52, it makes sense the mobility but i think when the changes happen most people are going to stop playing imagine the lower tiers ex lynx one wheel off and it’s now top speed is lower than 65, gl to all wheel players myself included this is when the wheel die.

    • P.S I hope people still won’t expect much from an ebr cause this will probably make more frail like a car. PUN INTENDED

  28. I believe that people complain to much. This is why we have world of tanks and then we have war thunder. I was a Wot player but I felt that it wasn’t realistic and was to balanced. Also people in Wot very rarely play as a team. Everbody plays to earn experience and some screw with you and snake your chances. In warthunder working with your team means everything because of how realistic it is. Also the premium vehicles don’t have any better or worse chances in battle because its so realistic. All premium is for is to have a historically popular vehicle. I believe what holds wot players back is this idea that you get most of your experience based on dmg and kills.

  29. The highest top speed in World of Tanks should be 80 km/h, at most. Also, breaking the wheel should decrease the speed by 50% or so.

  30. I can’t like your video. I never got far enough to play wheeled t10 but I know they haven’t developed wheeled tanks long enough to add the wheeled tanks of germany and america and even italy and russia. This game can never develope if its always spending so much time regulating itself. I can’t agree with the fact you think its ok for wargaming to do this because the way I see it they are wasting their time regulating old vehicles instead of adding new ones. I don’t care about how over powering a vehicle is because other countries had wheeled vehicles too but they were never added. What if I told you how scary it would be that the french wheeled vehicles weren’t the most powerful or fastest. Germany did better and so did the Italians. They are wasting time and the fact that your videos majorly influence a lot of new players means your feeding them the wrong Idea that balancing is good.

  31. half of the wheels on the ground broken, should bring it skidding to a full stop. not simply slow it down. also, the wheels should not act as spaced armor. if I hit it in the wheels I should do damage. a JPE100 blasting a EBR in the side should NEVER do 0 damage and only “crit”. That cannon should blow out the other side of the damn thing.

  32. Ebr aren’t really cancer in my opinion. Arta is a way more important problème imho

  33. Good job…dam things ruin the game

  34. You dont have right to install aim bots but Wargaming have right to sell them thru wheeleds tanks ….little by little this game is tweeken in order to favorize bad players since they are more likely to spend money in the game….so competitiveness is completely falling appart….the good players are beaten by completely clueless players. All scouts tier 10 became completely obselete….all this for…MONEY…
    To this point….why the waffle auto loader tier 10 was removed ?? Since in my view; was much more balanced…
    Sry but i DO NOT BELIEVE wargaming …they knew what they were doing….but they made a lot of money selling these prems wheeleds…
    Ho yea …they wil nerf them but only after making a ton of money selling their prem ebrs…..
    1- remove aim bot
    2- reduce dpm
    3- reduce alpha
    4- reduce speed
    5- reduce reverse speed
    6- no more bounces on their sides
    * open a new game mode with ONLY wheeled ones
    **When you have 3000 wn8* + doesnt take a genius to see these tanks are completely broken…no need to wait one year to tell online these
    tanks are completely broken….. wow contributors ………..
    Contributors make a living of this game with the comunity and they dont even or little defend them….
    I feel like a fool playing this game …
    *** no more prem account for wot
    Hit wargamings wallet ….they will get it really fast , wont take a year to get major improvements !

  35. Skills are secondary in this game. Money is the main #1 factor

  36. Players who hate them must be bad players. Try keep away from them. Play with trained crews. Keep still take them out in the sides. Ram them. They arent a problem the problem is many weak players and snap shot with Russian tank

  37. Having 1-2 ebrs rushing in and dying instantly with 500 scout dmg, is worse than anything with them imo.

  38. 2:11 so wowowow wargaming

  39. To start nerfing premium tanks is opening a pandora’s box WG does not want. Who buys a premium tank and is ok with it being nerfed? NO ONE EVER!!! Players who quit because of arty & wheelies are mostly not very good and play for free. How many CC’s or pro players rage and quit because of arty & wheelies…none. Even if WG removed all arty’s and wheeies players would still find something to bitch and cry about…mm, gold ammo, rng, it never ends.

  40. Justin justintheman

    Remember the test server 105 kph

  41. Thank goodness.. very much needed

  42. Just use the pro aimbot mod cheat wargamming back

  43. Any hope on nerfing the stupid HE these have??

  44. i dop not play the game no more because of the cars

  45. Big reason I rarely play anymore. Tired of dealing with the wheeled vehicles that I personally feel dont belong in the game. Especially this last FrontLine… Need a hard cap on the amount of scouts people can play because getting rushed by 6 or 7 wheeled vehicles isn’t fun.

  46. Wheeled vehicles are the most fun you can have with you pants on, make em faster, and leave the wheels alone

  47. Actually I think it’s ok my survival rate is much higher in ebr than leopard1

  48. Has WG finally improved their net code at all in last 3 years (I haven’t played WoT in about that period)?

    How are you even supposed to hit a target moving at any significant speed when you don’t know when your shell is going to leave the gun barrel once you pull the trigger? I remember bullying Tier X tanks with medium tanks in “corner fights” simply by abusing the significant delay in user input=>rendered action delay caused by WoT’s incredibly soft client approach. Basically you could press button to move forward so to peek out from behind a rock or something, press the trigger even before you saw your tank starting to move and immediately start reversing, so by the time the opponent had a chance to pull the trigger (even if he was aiming at where you’re peeking out and you were spotted the whole time) you were already reversing on the server and thus by the time he shoots, you’re already in cover again.

    War Thunder, for example, (though having its own issues) has this thing solved much better. Oversimplified explanation would be something like: Every time the server receives a player controls input, it turns back the time by the delay it took the input to come in and recalculates present state, which client takes in, but turns the time knob forward to reflect the delay of the state getting back to it. This way what you as a player see is as close approximation of what the state of the game is on the server and any action that you do is reflected on as similar state to what you’ve seen when you did it as possible.

  49. Did what I do….

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