When 1,050 Alpha Goes MAD! | World of Tanks JagdPanzer E-100 Gameplay

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World Tanks E-100 Gameplay. World of Tanks The Best, Most Dangerous Tier 10 Destroyer E-100, With Highest Alpha Damage and The Best Penetration.

You know me, I can not stay away from watching E-100 gameplay for too long.. But I didn’t realize the last one was LAST YEAR!? Anyway, today let’s take a look at a battle played by “NORM_NAGNUL” and let’s watch a battle where JagdPanzer E-100 actually has German accuracy… But is this enough to the battle?

Enjoy the show!


  1. When I found out that my previous JPZ E-100 battles was uploaded LAST YEAR, I couldn’t accept it… So here is another one, from Ranked Battles. :O
    How are your ranked battles going? Have a good one!

  2. 5 tanks in that match havent fired a single shot ,,

  3. Ranked is just stress in a game. It’s not for me.

  4. Once upon a time that was a machine that infect you with respect when you see it aiming at you.

    • LOL there was a situation where Obj. 705A was sidescraping in my face and I penetrated its upper frontal plate with HEAT and immediately retreated

  5. Although the game was phenomenal, still, it wasn’t perfect. If T110E3 was destroyed and 277 saved, the result could have been completely different…

  6. Hehe I met jgpze100 in game and he bounced his first heat round from e50 and then complaining entire game xd

  7. Patrick Mundhenk-Koch

    Have played that one since it was top-of-the-tree and I like it.
    You know what you get. When you hit, everybody knows it.
    When you get circled or caught on reload, you die.
    Nothing weird with beeping reload counters.

  8. The Jagpanda, ranked battles, great game and crap team aside…..The #1 thing I want to know is, How do I get the HOT girls in my borders like Norm? tell me that and I will be a happy tanker. Rock on man.

  9. im more of a 11 alpha loltraktor autocannon kind of guy

  10. Just Epic!!!

  11. No nuke icon in the gun on thumbnail?


  12. Personally I play this tank more aggressively at the start of the game. Mostly because I find it more convenient to do 3k and die early, than do 6k and be the last one alive. From my personal experience I found this “tactic” works way better than the latter. It is such a chore to face well armored mobile tanks that can dodge/bounce my shots, or simply outmaneuver me. Whereas when I die early & take the damage it makes it easier for the rest of the team to finish off the battle for me. There are battles where 300 pen is not enough, I feel powerless. I mean what is the point where they just buff armour left right and center and add more tanks with 300mm or turret armor, it just defeats the purpose of high pen anti tank guns.

  13. Dan-Alexandru Bucur

    This tank need a buff… it is a td built on a E100… E100 got buffed why not Jg pz too?

  14. Dez, we are still waiting for the FACEOFF

  15. Man, I love your content and I am a subscriber for 4-5 years but I got a suggestion. That 69 420 jokes and victory girls are a bit childish. I believe you should have a more professional content to reach higher subscriptions. Thanks for great videos!

  16. how bad his team must be? thats matchmaking these days, 15:1 simulator

  17. 420 heat pen kinda scary ngl

  18. World of tanks seems to be the only game where I can do amazing yet still lose and then do literally nothing, I mean 0 damage and 0 assist, and still win.

    • They’ve programmed RNG such that you’ll never be satisfied.

    • Might seem so but it’s the case in almost any game. Shooter games (you can have all the kills yet your team loses the objective, next match you suck but team wins), racing games (you can advance from last place to 5th in a race yet you still didn’t win, next race you start from teh front, big crash behind you and you win with mediocre driving), etc. But I get ya, many times I have godlike match and we lose, next game I take two shots and we win, and there goes the first win of the day multiplier :”D

    • this awful game was meant for baddies spending real money to be average= not intended for competitives players*

  19. Thumbs 👍no.600!

  20. That was funny that ebr BLOW EBR BLOW 🙂

  21. Watching his reaction time was aggravating

  22. Luís Augusto Panadés

    My Jagdpanzer E 100 really do not have that accuracy. Not even near. German accuracy is a piece of shit: this is why German vehicles are in the botton of statistics about performance. Grille 15 is the worse of all. Wargaming lies too much but old players simply know that german accuracy is a joke.

  23. This guy just got really lucky, to me at least he does not seem like a very good player

  24. Dez i think u misspelled *Jagpizda* but besides that great video 😂

  25. Damage is not everything

    Patience IS everything in this game

  26. If you had to choose one tier 8 heavy tank which one would it be?

  27. Johan Leiva Saldarriaga

    My Jpz E 100 likes to shoot BC 25 t’s and bounce

  28. The outcome of matches is determined before the match even starts.

  29. Just took my jagdPanzer out for a game in ranked for lolz and ended up with a 6k dmg done loss…

  30. “Stop complaining about matchmaking”
    The matchmaking:

  31. I think he could have won if he saved the IS-7.

  32. JPE-100 is too slow and its armor is like many of the German tanks, fine until people can see your lower plate or press 2. Even the Jagdtiger’s armor is irrelevant these days, the UFP can be penned by several tier 8s, let alone tier 9-10.

  33. You know your watching a good game when you don’t notice the guy does 11k damage until the battle is over…

  34. a big mistake was not killing that last prog faster

  35. He got my team, sorry. That’s why I’m just not playing these days… I’m just tired of “my” teams

  36. Dez you really need to make a video addressing the broken Match maker in this game. Nobody is covering it and it is the primary problem WoT faces these days.

  37. Sebastian Momberg Sanhueza

    Where is “you vote, i play” 😔

  38. That TD is a such dissapointment, into 90 % of the battles u r simply useless, gun will troll u way too often and way too much, super slow and not even decent gun accuracy, gun depresion is also bad, really this TD at the current state of the game is toooooo bad.

  39. The problem with WOT is you can do nothing and still win 40% of your games. You can do everything right and will still lose 30% of your games. You can have an effect in the remaining 30%. You just don’t know which type of game it is until the end.

  40. too many usles heavy clowns doing nothing on one side thats all

  41. this is pretty much why i’m losing interest in the game.. stock tanks can be SO useless too. Anyone interested in buying an acct? xD

  42. for some reason the video stops playing after 56 seconds, it’s crazy but somehow it’s impossible to watch past that point.

  43. Mihajlo Petrovski

    proggetto is idiotically overpowered in the weakest nation

  44. RNG is favoring paying players. I think use F2P, you get morons. But I wont pay and have enough of it.

  45. After 11k dmg you still came on negative profits! What a shame WG. SHAME!

  46. Ria Bethari Setyarini

    i have Jagdpanzer E 100

  47. Pedram Parsinejad

    8:45 I see what you did there Dez. I like that zoom

  48. I’ve had one of these battles. i did 9 shots 9 hits 9 pens. still holding my dmg record of 9809. sad still no 10k

  49. “3rd Division, people are thinking” you are joking right ? especially after this battle

  50. All these features became irrelevants since all community on US Central are absolute tr*sh players with ZERO skills/clues playing tiers 10 tanks = yea wargaming finally killed that once before good game

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