When a player is more concerned with their stats than team victory…

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Source: Taugrim

The T49 driver had plenty of time to interact in , if he wanted the same . I would have spotted elsewhere – need to be redundant, right?

Best part is he damaged another friendly player, probably in his haste to cut them off so he could maximize his stats.

To be clear, this is the only instance of this kind of behavior I’ve seen from that player’s clan – they’re an elite group, and I respect many of their players, e.g. Zeven, Garbad, sr360, and other folks who part of the WoTLabs community.


  1. yep, well there is a lot of them around. shame, they will never learn…

  2. pisses me off just watching it, what an asshole

  3. Christian Henke

    Uh I see you are doing the grind ^^

  4. Bjørnar Magnussen

    This is why I regularly need breaks from WoT :P

  5. something i encounter on Asia server every match.

  6. what a total a-hole

  7. the term UniCunt comes to mind.

  8. hah, what a piece of shit, post more of these.

    but without the music.

  9. And this is a member of one of the best clans on NA hmmm i bet his clan
    commander is not happy to see this kind of behaviour.

    Total dickmove by him.

    • +Taugrim I also think you should go to his commander, nearly every clan
      will give him a warning for such behaviour or might even kick him. What
      I’ve expierienced so far (in QSF) is that reported people will change their
      attitude and gameplay

    • +Florence00pi Don’t even try to defend that asshat.

    • Glorious Potato

      +Taugrim ”his clan commander may never see this”.
      Send a message to him on the forums with a link to the replay about what

      Did this a while ago myself and it worked well.

    • Bjørnar Magnussen

      +Taugrim I’d send this to the clan commander if i were you! I don’t care
      what people say, there is no excuse for this kind of behaviour.

    • +photomorti Yankee wouldn’t care anyway, fyi. Also, he’s heavily padding
      which explains the T49. His overall is sub-2200 on 19k battles but recent
      is almost 4000 so It’ll be a long while before he’s purple, if ever.

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