When A Single French Tank Ruined The Game

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Lorraine 40t


  1. Somua better

  2. Can we get a link to tigor and the decal

  3. B29 and TU4, they used to be at the same BR ;-;

  4. Inphormation

  5. Phly take out the skoshi tiger

  6. Love the video Phly! France ground is my main tech tree, and I’ve loved (almost) every day of it. It would be super cool if you could play the AMX30 DCA at 8.3, as AA is just so good and it’s super fun to kill tanks with as well

  7. 5:04 Attention to the map, the invisible tank 😀

  8. Thank you for showing France some love phly. France is so underrated.

  9. the American M18 has to be up there too right?

  10. This is shockingly similar to what I remember of the Lorry in the other Game that shall not be Named. This tank is adorable and will shred you in a heartbeat, then fuck off into the sunset.

  11. If not the EBR, then I’d have to say its the JPz 4-5. I remember it being like 8.0 when the CHEAT-FS meta was in it’s peak, and now it’s in the BR 6’s

  12. At 7.7 French autoloaders are outclassed. Others are shooting Apds, HEAT FS and missiles with stabilized guns

  13. I feel like the most moved tank of all time has to be the r3 I think it has gone up at least 2 br’s higher than its original 3.3.

  14. 10:11 HAHAHAHAHA

  15. Phly! Love the video mate 🙂

    It would be awesome to get your opinion on the ELC AMX since it was added to the game – ultimate sneaky destroyer at mid tier!

  16. Amazing videos as always Phlydaily

  17. That’s not my fault, I swear

  18. Yeah the EBR 1954 got ultra nerfed. It’s BR was bumped a ton, its movement on anything else except solid pavement was super nerfed (its very slow and sluggish now), HE filler in its shells was removed, shells don’t fragment on it almost at all, its acceleration was super nerfed and what not. Oh yeah, and I think they even removed the zoom from its scope.

    I used to like that vehicle but after the several nerfs, I have been just thinking about asking for refund for it and every time I play it I still think I should just refund it. Its so sluggish that it can’t even keep up with the tanks when everyone spawns in the beginning of the battle! Too bad I don’t think Gaijin gives any refunds of premium vehicles.

  19. I noticed Gaijin has added that effect wherel road wheels on a tank track pop off when the tank explodes. Nice little touches.

  20. Thanks for making this video Phly!

  21. I wonder if phly will do a video based on the vehicles with the largest BR shift. The ebr 1954 for the increase in BR

    but what about the largest decrease in BR?

  22. yo phly what happened to niccaman

  23. You should stay at 7.7 and revisit the Conqueror! It’s been 3 years since you had it in a video.

  24. One of the most under rated trees in the game. So much more can be added to France to make it on par with Germany

  25. War Thunder spectating

  26. Helo PHYLDAILY

  27. I love how that tank just farts the empty shells out the back XD

  28. What in the world was that noise at 17:27???

  29. Most moved tank I’d probably have to say it could be the R3 T20. It was introduced at such a rediculously low BR for so long that they tried everything to balance it.
    Its even arguably still the most powerful AA in the game for its BR since the rounds travel so fast, it has a stabiliser, moves at 70kmph+, and no armor best armor.
    If I remember correctly:
    Originally had a 600 round belt at around 2.7
    Then had three 100 round belts at 2.7
    Got moved to 3.4
    Got moved to 4.0
    Got moved to 4.3
    Got moved to 4.7

    Why Gaijin ever decided that cold war weapons should ever face WW1/WW2 equipment, I have no idea.

  30. You do know that the penetration was also increased massively? And that when it was introduced, you couldn’t reload before your drum was empty.

  31. Italian P.108 serie 2 vs tanks plz

  32. Give me your control setup

  33. I laughed way too hard at “Why would you do that?”.

  34. Westland Whirlwind Mk I – when added in December 2017, it was BR 5.0, now it’s BR 3.7 (air RB).

  35. Entire Italy tech tree. They should put everything that are in Italy at 12.0 BR F it I dont care anymore.

  36. As a non france player i hate this tank

  37. r3 of tu4 in top 10?

  38. Some honorable mentions for extremely moved vehicles
    hstvl: 9.7 to 11.0 now
    Lightning F.6: 10.0 to 9.3
    A7D: 9.3 to 10.7 just went down to 10.3 today.

  39. 1:56

    Your mum

  40. probably either the Maus or the original Tiger 2 or something that got removed for being inaccurate

  41. Phly! You’ve never featured the Merkava Mk IV… any reason why not?

  42. Tiger 1 is mainly moved

  43. Really feel like that last map is really imbalanced to the enemy team’s side. I very rarely ever see your side of the map win the match.

  44. Why are the road wheels literally road tires? They look straight out of a dually truck or van.

  45. I actually rarely see this in my Italy Tiny Tanks lineup. Guess anyone who has it, doesn’t like France all that much. Also, maybe for you peeps lookin through the comments, try my lineup for Italy. FIAT 6614, AUBL /74, AUBL /74 HMG(or whatever the premium one is), R3 T20 for SPAA, R3 T106. It’s a tricky lineup but it’s great at flank-and-spank gameplay, and everything is QUICK. Main 2 I end up using are the Premium AUBL for long range and most occasions, and R3 T106 for getting back into battle to kill whatever just took me out

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