When American CAS Becomes Unfair – F-16C – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

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The American F-16C comes with a TON of firepower, but does it change the top tier CAS meta, or simply make it more unbearable for GRB?

00:00 – Why the CAS?
06:08 – Potato Plays BUT CAS!
08:38 – The Great CASening!
12:21 – Don't mess with Abrooms..
17:16 – All Lazer Plays
20:30 – Why are Helis so.. Quiet?
25:00 – Yeah, CAS is OP..
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  1. That’s a 2k abrams skin you got btw

  2. God I hate CAS. They really need a ground realistic mode without CAS. It literally takes 0 skill or effort.

  3. Why you did that KonigToger dirty like that 😭😭

  4. Expecting a nation to have certain strengths because they possess those in real life is 100% reasonable. Not every nation has the stuff people are barking for and really if you think of it like a completely made up world some “factions” are strong in some areas others strong in other areas. Unfortunately in WT it won’t be tit for tat per se. IE Italy will always be mediocre across all aspects(MBT,Support,Rotary,CAS,AA) at top tier. A nation like US will likely be strong in all areas and maybe only weaker than others for MBT’s specifically. (Face it the Abrams is a dinosaur). And ultimately everyone can play a part in a victory regardless what nation they are playing or what vehicles they have SP for at various points in the match. Also it might be necessary for Gaijin to add some timer mechanic that prevents locking/firing/killing as many targets as you have ordinance simultaneously. 1 jet spawning and clearing 6 tanks in 6 seconds is not good for the game.

  5. The american viper gets 9ms the helli

  6. Sosososo powerful CAS this F-16C

  7. 2160p60 Hell YA 4K all the way

  8. @JustinPlays mad props for not being one of them soft @$$ youtubers that hides their name while in the game

    • Is it really common?

    • Oh yeah, even people that aren’t even big-time streamers or YouTubers. I constantly see people with small channels covering it, but you and _Betty_ are the people who are big and don’t cover your name and honestly, there is no reason to.@JustinPlays

  9. My harrier gr7 with less ordinance is nearly 900 sp…. how in the world did gaijin think eh this’ll be fine for that to only be 600 sp lol

  10. ooooh How did he mess that up?!? …. oh, I messed that up 🙁 ahahahahah best highlight of the gameplay

  11. 19:23 I usually have a 0.5s bomb fuse for that very scenario

  12. I feel like the ozelot is more reliable for me for anti air in top tier than the flak bus or the flarak.

  13. I saw the POV of the radkampfwagon you bombed on tik tok lmao

  14. Kinda sucks that u get the boresight first before the TGP. Which is a bug that’ll likely take 200 days to fix

  15. That glorious beard though

  16. I’m a Sweden ItO 90M enjoyer and it is difficult to take out F-16s. Love how CAS has fire-and-forget missiles but SPAA is limited to radar/IR guided slow broken flight travel trash.

  17. Own the sky. Own the battlefield

  18. The AIM-9M is so beautiful

  19. Russian bias, right?

  20. Is it only the AIM9M where the trails look like from DCS?

  21. Hey Justin have been wanting to learn how to Cas better but am struggling with controls. Do you have any suggestions for key binds or videos for that?

  22. doess the target computer youre job and targets stuff ? i hate the new weather effect’s sometimes it is so foggy you cannot see any planes with the strela or non thermal spaa

  23. ‘Murican CAS has always been unfair, now it’s just even more so

  24. I saw a jdam get dropped on a house by F16C’s with dudes in it who shot at me and my friends. We were 3 or 400m away. So to say we take CAS seriously is an understatement. It’s a way of life and war. FAFO sort of thing. It gets way, way worse when collateral damage concerns go out the window. Like biblical worse.

  25. This is impossible Justin, America suffers in everything in War Thunder, Russian Bias is real!

  26. Александр Пономарев

    This is very unbalanced in relation to over Nations.

  27. No HARMS?

  28. I love the part where you used literal bunker busters to destroy fimble light tanks haha

  29. Wait until they add the f-15 or f-18

  30. Your sponsor sounds like a scam to get people info so they can sell it..? Or is that just me.

  31. 17:16 won’t get you wrong brother haha, totally understandable! Keep up the great work Justin. ✌

  32. literal skill-less vehicles

  33. 19:20 German Qualitat at its finest 😹. Oh and I didn’t shoot missile at you Justin

  34. I had f-16 cas player on enemy team that had like 20 kills. It was hard trying to kill him with germanys 11.7 AA. Those VT-1 missiles doesnt like to turn right away and was close to battlefield.

  35. The F16 in War Thunder the same as DCS? in terms or turn rate, manoeuvrability?

  36. Italy silently chuckling in the corner

  37. Lol, russia has an unfair tech tree abova iv

  38. Seeing you take so many shots at that Leo after finding out I struggle with them more than any T series was such a relief.

    • Germany has just been rolling everyone since the update dropped.

      Apparently Gaijin gave in to the, frankly psychotic, “Germany suffers” crowd…

  39. CAS can never be OP as long as stingers and SPAA exist how it currently is

  40. Are you using an AMD graphics card? I have a laptop with an RX5600m and I’ve been having frame rate stutters like that even in other games.

  41. 6:20 Germany is unbeatable/unbearable at the moment in Ground RB.

    As a US/Russia tech tree guy, I gave up on the crafting event last night, after the 9th or 10th game of being rolled by German Leopard 2s back into our spawn point.

    I’ve seen just ridiculous things since the update dropped, like firing KE-W point blank into the side of a Leopard 2, twice, only to have it turn its turret and one tap me.

    EDIT: just watched the full video and it was a similar situation as 7:40, except they were completely side on and absolutely refused to die.

  42. Quarterpoundering Ur mom

    I don’t want to hear anything about fairness after the su25

  43. SEAD is the F-16s BREAD AND BUTTER

  44. Fun Vid. Well Gaijin has spent too much time faking the quality of Chinese and Russian Tanks and Helis in this gaame. The F16 will always be the best Plane in this game and should perform so. WT needs to spend more time on reality. Yes it can be difficult but at least they need to stop meme tanks dominating the game. Would be good if CBU can be included. And match vehicles by period of release ? You now have a modern Korean SPH Vidar raping vehicles at BR well below where it belongs.

  45. Wish you the worst cancer for just playing the f16C

  46. Gaijin servers are cold potatoes, and a sleepy cat

  47. I killed Justin while he was trying to record this video. I was in the azur and the map was wallonia or Ardennes on the snow version

  48. μιχαλης καιμασιδης

    “I moved to 4k” Me watching in 720p

  49. Salty on warthunder

    Poor lawthunder

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