When an OP Player Plays an OP Tank…

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. What a stupid tank lol it’s not that I love the type5 heavy but I don’t hate it the way I hate this stupid TD.

  2. Working as WG intended.

  3. notifications not on but love ur vids was actually watching twitch videos

  4. we demand more streams!

  5. Whats with the ammo loadout..?

  6. 95% pen ratio and you didn’t even use a calculator? Now, i know this calculation is ez as hell but normally u would say something like 80%. Im proud that ur math is improving <3

  7. Skilled player firing balanced ammo in an obviously underpowered tank from the most useless flank on the whole map comes out victorious. Imagine the odds of that happening!

  8. OP tank…stopped watching at 2:00

  9. love you LR <3

  10. “Obviously it’s going to pen, it’s HEAT, he’s been spamming it all game…”
    *But LemmingRush, papa WG said premium ammo usage only accounts for 5% of all rounds fired in WoT durr*

  11. Querschläger_WoT

    Are you jerking off for your Wn8 every evening before going to sleep

  12. Tell him to load less HE rounds so he can get even higher damage next time.

  13. I ran as fayust as i could when i saw a “OP” player crest the hill.

  14. It's not what you think

    This is why I play my Type 4. HE hard counters retarded tanks like this.

  15. nice squeaky chair

  16. Lemming dafuq is wrong with your chair? That squeaking man just painful on the ears. Put some oil on that shit man.

  17. A tank with this much armor and mass should not be this mobile. fuck WG.

  18. Pretty much the game in a nutshell now.

  19. End plates? Yea… theres some end plates!


  21. ekin deniz yıldız

    so much arty focus

  22. lemming do u play na anymore

  23. I have seen players that have around 52-54% wins with 65-75% wins in this with over 1k dpg more than any other tank. Yep, needs a buff

  24. “He was able to deal with the challenges that are associated with playing a completely broken vehicle”……what would those challenges be? ridicule?

    • Everyone and their mother focusing you down basically. If you play a tank that is known to be OP, then people will want you dead as fast as possible.

    • Yeah that is true however some of the tanks such as this one people dont bother wasting shots on it cause its so unlikely you will pen.

  25. Well at least according to QB anyway it is getting nerfed, he mentioned it last video I think.

    • I willstop this argument though, just keep it your little secret how to “very easily beat this tank”
      Everybody says it’s OP, for legit reasons. You just can’t seem to bother looking at statistics

    • Ironbooze you too, sir 🙂

    • Daan Sentjens

      Except I’m not autistic and actually have facts that back up my opinions.

      @Ironbooze great job being a fucking scrub, whining about it being OP, and then leaving without any providing anything whatsoever to back up your retarded claims. Asshat.

    • Sure thing dude

    • If you want facts. Fucking ask.

      Do you? I can even provide screenshots.
      All you have to do is say yes and then I’ll wreck your ass with facts, when the only thing you have to point to is “but muh win rate”

  26. dude by new chaiir it annoys the hell out of me hearing that chair in the background

  27. Cool replay. I hear they are going to nerf this tank soon.

    • A couple of new Objects coming out soon, so the trend will continue with them.

    • I doubt that.
      Object 277 is supposed to be a tier 10 version of the t-10, which means alright armor, but not great.
      and K-91 isn’t an object, and is the tier 10 to the Obj 430 II and appears to have a pretty weak turret with flat faces and only 220mm of frontal turret armor, well below something like a 430U.

  28. The only time I got to play this BS TD was on the test server… all I did was sit in the open… and I managed to get 7k damage and 7k Blocked… Many Balance Comrade!!!

  29. Good vid Boss.

  30. Backing up to a wall or obstacle is a basic TD or arty defense tactic… Ok, not for tomatoes.

  31. .42 accuracy, 100% hit rate and 95% pen rate. obviously very lucky da

  32. 煎蛋小面包

    I won’t call those TDs fcking camper because most of my good TD games were by camping in one location…..This is how TD works don’t move and camping doing dmg when your team melting….What do u expect more from them?

  33. i find your title a bit misleading, the obj 258 v4 isnt op, it needs a buff!


    • With the difference, that the Maus and Type 5 can barely move at all. 😀

    • Shivanshu Verma

      Strv 103b can also stop any tank. Idiot. Come in front of me in the game. I will let you in the game who will be killed first. This tank is OP and even then unicums fire hesh. That’s so terrible.

  35. Kamillo19 op WG plz nerf


  37. using Heat ammo on low tiers and weak tanks without armor is very purple.I am sure you could have found numerous good replays in that tank without people abusing ammo loadoutI am sure he is a good player,….beacuse of that he should use normal ammo more,not less.Pathetic tbh.

  38. Please nerf this op tank,WG

  39. lemming tbh the jagdtiger has sorta been power creeped so you can;t expect him don be located anywhere else on mine after all in the end its a tank destroyer

  40. Everything wrong with WOT in this replay.

  41. Hey he actually understands that if the angle of the upper plate on the 268v4 changes whatsoever(e.g. from face hugging, from just having a tall tank, from it being on even a small slope compared to you, etc) its easy to pen. – enough so he did it with AP, and didn’t need HEAT. On top of that he did it with the mere 5 degrees of gun depression.

    Something I’ve been saying all along but people autistically scream that its impossible to pen no matter what.

    IMO the supertest changes for the tank make it absolutely fine, and its already 90% a case of people just not knowing where to shoot it. e.g. I bet if I use mine and face hug a patton that’s quite a bit taller, and has great gun depression… hes not going to shoot my upper plate, and is going to try and shoot at my commander hatch instead.

    tldr; the upper and bottom plate of the 268v4 rely on auto-bounce angles like the STRV-103B. The second they lose those very sensitive angles then many tier 8s can pen those plates without premium. But people don’t understand this so they never shoot at them, and would rather claim its more OP than it actually is.

    /edit btw, since it relies so heavily on angles, the second a tank loads heat all those angles mean nothing and the armor becomes useless
    (While something like an E3 still has strong armor vs heat – )
    At that point all you have is a fast TD with the worst TD gun at tier 10( ). – Which is why I don’t like playing it. If the enemy is shooting AP its one of the strongest tier 10s. If the enemy is shooting heat, it becomes one of the weakest tier 10s.

  42. nah it aint op its fine kappa

  43. Typical LR, shows an op player in an op tank then criticizes his play and then says how he could have done it better. What a kick in the balls; I love it.

  44. “Was it bullshit yes,was it in a piece of shit broken tank,no comrade WG 2K18”

  45. my arty laughs at your OP tanks….

  46. Having a high rating on XVM…..that excuses everything, doesn’t it!

  47. Lemming, is the Object 430 worth the grind? (Bear in mind it’s still at tier 10 on console)

  48. WhosYourDaddyNow

    I can be an “OP player” too if I load *twice as many premium rounds* than standard rounds… Even if my standard round penetration is one of the best at my tier (293mm of standard pen for 268 v 4).

  49. that’s disgusting

  50. Shivanshu Verma

    The only thing which should be done to refuce the hesh round pen to 300. Otherwise no nerf can stop it. And also acceleration as well as top speed. Maximum – 40. Acceleration should be slow. Traverse speed should be quite less. And view range. Give it low camo values. I saw 3 star person yesterday on prokhrovka came out of nowhere while I was sitting in udes 03. Can spot him.

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