When Everything Goes GREAT in World of Tanks!

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World of Tanks. Today, for once, everything is going to go GREAT in World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-7 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Hey Quickybaby, thanks for the content. You should do a poll with different ideas for videos of WoT, to cover some of the 60 day. Thank you again and much love!!

  2. What mod is he using?

  3. @QuickyBaby theres a glitch in empires border , u can jump off the cliff at the bottom left and survive by taking no damage

  4. Rickardo Pandiangan

    I hate e25. Sometimes bounce. Its has too great armour for agility like that. Its armour should like t67

  5. QB: 7 minutes = 18 kills – Lucky QB WoT day

    Me: 7 minutes = take 18 gold hits – my normal WoT day :’)

  6. WG should ensure that there is no more than a single e25 per battle and that these players have to be evenly matched. I would make players sit in the queues longer to get in a game with one of these OP tanks to discourage their use…

  7. Got my E25 for free a few years back. had to do some crazy mission; 25000 XP or damage every day for a month. Personally, I don’t think they ruin the game. I don’t run into them very often, and lots of players don’t play them well.

  8. Hey QuickyBaby that game proves that my dream was right lol

  9. your account get speical treatment all the other accounts only get screwed over by wargaming,pathetic using premium ammo on lower teirs

    • WG rigs the games for him? Why? What would be the benefit of that?

      How is it pathetic to use premium ammo on lower tiers?
      If he would pen with normal ammo then shooting premium doesn’t even matter, so what does it matter what he’s shooting at?

  10. I don’t think WG cares about making their game worse. Sure they’ve backed off on making OP premium tanks but you can see that they focus on the monetization of their game more than anything else.


  12. I thought he was going to say “I think I’m on day 4 or 5 of NNN”

  13. luckiest game, T110E5 on Fjords, 11k blocked

  14. 6:05 did he have a stroke?

  15. mm in caliber.

    for the 80th time, you’re mixing two different units of measure.

  16. featuring gameplay with an E25 should get you banned. that cockroach is toxic to the game

  17. I just cant make E25 work. I get spotted and focused down in seconds every time. I also never get the enemy teams you get. Maybe I should play on Euro server.

  18. Quicky”Beasty”

  19. E 25 is a Sports Hetzer

  20. I got my very first Radley Walter’s medal in my KV-220-2 on Overlord. IGN is KingOfClouds

  21. CCTV Cayak Crime TV

    WG gives a free E25 to everyone for Xmas this year

  22. QB between you and Jingles 4 to 5 year old tank reviews which is what got me into this game. I would like to see you go back and review some of these tanks that you haven’t in years!!!

  23. 8:45 not a bad thing for them? That piece of shit tank is the reason why I told all my friends who were slightly interested in playing WoT to never play this fucking pay to win game. I’d rather spend money on skins in Apex than give wargaming any money.

    • P2W lul. Always the bad players complaining how the game is P2W.

    • @Stubbari get the fuck out of here you pathetic little entitled noob. I only got 300-500 games played with 56% win ratio, before I left it.

      I know all weak spots on tanks cause I memorized that shit unlike a pay to win gold spamming loser like you. You’re so pathetic that you blatantly ignore all the overpowered pay to win tanks cause those are the only ones you play.

      More than half the re tards that bitch about the game not being pay to win have something like the e25 or the is3a or whatever dumb object tank there is. All these fucking nerds have some kind of OP premium and they don’t complain cause they don’t want Wargaming to nerf those tanks cause that overpowered tank is the only thing which compensates for the lack of skill and basic knowledge in these pay to win ret ards

  24. Why can’t they just make the replay system so that the version of the game doesn’t matter.

  25. FV215B please :/

  26. Would placing the e25 in tier 9 matches nerf the tank without changing the stats?

  27. Quickybaby all I want to say is I hope you keep up with this daily video regime as my computer took a crap approximately a month ago and this truly is the only way I can get my fix of World of Tanks. I haven’t went this long without playing since Afghanistan…

  28. unigum vs red player, yeah, great and fine game.

  29. I hate E25’ Got it i a Christmas box but sold it riget away

  30. 3:07 No, it’s a very good example of Russian bias.

    • No, that’s a good example of game mechanics and knowing tank stats.

    • If QB went against a KV-2 who fired AP, instead of an O-I who fired AP, he would have been screwed. 152mm would be just enough to go through 50mm using overmatch mechanics, guess which tech tree line uses 152mm and can take advantage of this fact. Guess what guns can’t go through 50mm of armor: that’s right, 150mm and below, and guess which tech trees have guns that satisfy that criteria… GERMANY and JAPAN.

      Guns of the following calibre and are effectively screwed by the x3 overmatch mechanics (roughly tier 5+):
      75mm (for 25mm of armor) —– Russian tanks use 76mm (+1)
      90mm (for 30mm of armor) —– Russian tanks use 85mm – most nations are screwed for 30mm
      105mm (for 35mm of armor) —– Russian tanks use 107mm (+2)
      120mm (for 40mm of armor) —– Russian tanks use 122mm (+2)
      150mm (for 50mm of armor) —– Russian tanks use 152mm (+2)

      — A lot of armor values in the game are a multiple of 5.
      — An outlier is the Russian 100mm, which beats 30mm of armor but not 35mm, the other nations don’t have a direct comparison and so I omitted this point. Same goes for the Russian 130mm: beating 40mm but not 45mm.
      — Chinese tanks have identical gun calibres since are basically Russian copies but weaker in other stats, hence why they’re more or less balanced.
      — There are scattered cases of other nations that have certain guns that coincide (Polish 122/130/152) or one-up (American 155, British 17 pdr) the Russian calibres, but those are outliers in the grand scheme of things.

    • @WhiteFire That’s a very good example of how different armor values and gun calibers correspond in this game.

      Do Russian tanks get a favor in this? Yes, they also have in general the biggest guns in the game. Compared to the British for example who use <120mm guns (except the 183mm). Does it matter that Russian tanks get an advantage? Nope. Not a bit. All the information is available and all the tech tree tanks are free. Don't play sub 150mm guns if you want to overmatch 50mm of armor.

  31. Can you play obj 279 e

  32. My E-25. 5 perk crew. 30 meters behind a whole big line of bushes. No LOS from surviving tanks, the nearest of which is a KV-2 a couple hundred meters away.
    Fires a shot – instaspotted.

  33. IIRC in their terms and conditions WG retains the right to modify every vehicle, including premiums. Not nerfing premiums is purely a voluntary decision. If they cared about making the game survive longer they would fix all the broken premiums that damage the gameplay experience and drive away players, but it seems like they want those short-term profits above all.

    • Usually videogames don’t last very long so cashing in the short term profits is a good idea. Look at something like CoD or FIFA, a new exactly the same game every year and people buy it.

  34. But I really don’t see a lot of them.

  35. QB: everything goes great apart from the first shot.
    Also QB: *missed the second shot.

  36. To me the game where everything goes right is when i get a bad team that limon trains down the opisite side of the map from me and i hold down a flank against 7 tanks lol may sound weird to most peple that thats my ideal game but it happens quite a bit more than youd expect lol

  37. QB Please play Covenanter with the Howitzer!!!! Lowest shell velocity in the game!!!!

  38. so TLDR “Tanks that were Removed” from the game in call but not removed for _all._

    (cuz fuck fairness or game ballance when can let rng decide everything)
    *If In a Game at All, Is To Be There in the Game for All. that want it,*
    else to be removed fully and completely.

  39. i had one funky game with one of my clanmates, we drive wte100 in platoon. The game was lost at the beginning but then each enemies came to us at the south of Himmelsdorf where we try to stay into the building area to reload. It was really funny to clip out one IS7 and then during my reload i had to go back cause of long reload you cant make something haha also other enemies come to you to kill you but i turn around all buildings with enemies and when i was full haha i turn back and we finish it together. we win the game with 13 kills together.

  40. 0:41
    QB : A couple of games where everything decided to work out…. well atleast everything apart from the first shot.
    RNG : i’m going to ruin this whole mans career; 0:50

  41. My e25 was given to me for free as some kind of reward that I had no idea I was getting while I was playing normally one day years ago.

  42. hay qb can you make a video a bout the tank reward of November between ram 2 and m4 improved and t 14

  43. Just more top tier shit

  44. E-25 – Even playing this ‘pay for win’ tank is a crime.

  45. TheRealProwarrior3

    loving the daily uploads!!

  46. plays ‘overpowered’ E 25 loads almost half of ammo rack with gold

  47. Mohamed H. Attallah

    Hey Quicky, since you are doing the video every day thingy can you please show us a good E75 battle as I love this tank but i suck at it 🙂

  48. They should add an OP package with e25 and defender inside for 200 euros.

  49. since closed beta T-29 is still my favorite tank and love playing it.

  50. A great contrarian tactic on the first game, but if you want to go for that, you better switch off the in-game chat, unless you are just mentally immune to the “OMG, idiot, heavies to the south” rants

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