When Everything You Shoot Explodes In One Shot (SU-85 Cased Tank Destroyer)

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Source: PhlyDaily

When Everything You Shoot Explodes In One Shot ( Cased Tank Destroyer)


  1. Eagle has landed. Thanks for all the love and support. Will be having some updates on the channel soon <3

  2. Can you do Tawas tank plz

  3. Ну медведи у нас лучше ездят чем многие люди))))))

  4. You should play the Marder III H at 3.0 it’s stupid Good. 100 percent my favorite German Tank in the whole tree.

  5. pls do a n1k1 any variant

  6. You know hes dedicated and passionate when he pre records videos for his phans so he can spend time with his new little member of the family.

  7. what is the name of the song from the intro?

  8. congrats with the baby! still cant believe you didnt call your son Sonderkraftfahrzeug 234… germany suffers…

  9. Day 2 of congratulating Phly and reminding him that he will be a great father

  10. Dear Phly congratulations 🥳 with the new crew member 👨‍✈️ in your family !🥰 hope his name not “Fairchild”. 😅

  11. whats your child’s middle name again?😂

  12. why not SU-100?

  13. влад ерохин

    Lol, Alan Aztec music!

  14. Him: has millions of spots vacant
    Me: *replaces other planes because I only have 5 spots*

  15. With Russia, you don’t have depression

  16. Day 64: play the Rbt-5 at top tier

  17. This is one of the best intros ever.

  18. Small armor, angled and works like angled armor is suppose to work. Wish more nations sloped armor worked like this…

  19. “When Everything You Shoot Explodes In One Shot” Laughs in IS 2

  20. You did it Phly!!! you made a mini You!!, A BIG Congrats to Lola:)

  21. WT is the only game which you really need depression

  22. day 1: phly use the Swedish T18b-2 in ground rb

  23. NoNquality Keckop

    Su85 has decent armor

  24. actually its pretty amazing and if u angle with the commander to the enemy you can bounce and if they pen you can survive and be functional

  25. this tank has great depression -phly 2021

  26. Phly, take a break to take Care of the baby.
    One day, when you can, SHOW DA BEBEH

  27. 29.5t instead of 30t is Russian Superleggera

  28. that intro LoL

  29. i love this russian montages very goodddd i love your videos <3 <3

  30. You look at it, and it’s dead!
    *Stares at impenetrable drivers hatch…*

  31. I was at the American heritage museum the other day and one of the operational su-100s ran into a wall

  32. Day 33 of asking phor the m47-105/55

  33. Can I call you PhlyDaddy now?

  34. Talking about Post Penetrating Rounds? how is the baby getting on?

  35. I knew youre a Alan Aztec fan 😉

  36. Do 17 Z7 Needs love badly

  37. 7 years later,
    Son: What was your job when mom gave birth to me?
    Phly: War thunder Youtuber
    Son: Can you show me?

    (any body else can extend this comment)

  38. Congratulations Steve!

  39. The Kv 2 is essentially a Tank destroyer in its rights just like the m10

  40. Where’s the name PhlyDaddy?

  41. My heartfelt congratulations! Take all the time you need, be there for kiddo and Laura, we’ll all be here for you.

  42. Panzerkampfwagen VIII Maus

    Nice video, Mr. TANKdaily

  43. Take your time with your new kid, but also, when you’re back, more hull break simulator?

  44. I love this channel!!!

  45. “the best thing is it just has the depression”
    Everyone tells me that’s a bad thing smh

  46. day 1: use the b-24 liberator

  47. honestly i think they should put the f14 in the game as a non-premium aircraft for the USA

  48. why don’t you live stream on twitch anymore?

  49. Test out the strv 103 again, now that they “fixed” the aiming

  50. Steve do you think that you could possibly release the full outro song so we could bop our heads to it while playing war thunder

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