When Germany Almost Suffered So Much This Was 6.7 (M48A2 C War Thunder)

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Source: PhlyDaily

When Germany Almost Suffered So Much This Was 6.7 (M48A2 C War Thunder)


  1. *Thanks for the love Phellas <3*

  2. It’s 7.0 cuz it doesnt have fixed breach And can be destroyed much easily

  3. Excuse me WHAT ?!

    THiS TANK is ACTUALLY 7.3 . NOT 7.0

  4. The reason cited by gaijoobles for this thing’s battle rating was that this one has to face the British whereas the American one didn’t coupled with this one not having many vehicles around it’s BR to form line ups.

    Whether or not you believe that is up to you.

  5. If You want TRUE suffering!
    Play the Olifant mk2

  6. I’m subscribed finally. Are you happy now? Does that put a smile on your face?

  7. The German M48 is 7.0 because German tankers perform poorly with it. Gaijin balances tanks partly with overall player statistics in mind.

  8. Playing it normally is so much easier than playing it stock . Good old days

  9. Damn Phly it’s been a hell of a past couple years following you. Shoot I even remembered when the is-6 dropped and everyone shit bricks when they saw it. It’s been a very enjoyable 7 years subbed to you. Hope for many more fun adventures with you down the road. Keep it up man 👍🏻❤️

  10. I got the same question for late spitfires being 6.7 br it’s a bunch of shit lol

  11. This is coming from a German main but I digress the the problem is that a good 85% of German mains are brain dead. They don’t learn to get better at the game the just complain until Gaijin give in.
    Edit: It’s embarrassing to me that Germany gets coddled so much. When they’re other countries that could use the love or they could fix more bugs.

  12. What’s the best shell after heat for this tank? bec i just unlock it

  13. Sssss…statistics

  14. You should do a nother shelka video

  15. Phly u bounce alot when playing M48A2C. When i play that tank, all the shell pass through my tank with at least two crew dead:”)

  16. i hate this tank in full uptiers in my 6.0 jumbo literally nothing i can do

  17. Hey phly you havent posted a video of the amx 13 ss11 yet (day 7)

  18. You should play the bulldog

  19. Maybe ask Americans to actually make their tanks better rather than complain about Germany?

  20. Warthunders biggest blunder is the damn sound effects. If more than like 5 sounds play every thing just becomes muffled. Then allies 200 feet away have loud engines but a enemy tank 20 feet from you is nearly silent….. What a broken ass game!

  21. You would think becoming a dad would make PhlyDaily’s skill deteriorate. What instead happened was him evolving to a better form and version of himself, PhlyDaddy. Best pray he is on your side in the battlefield.

  22. Hey dad you should try out sprocket its a cool game

  23. day 5 of asking phly to play the b1

  24. The ruined the 152 it should destroy just about anything it touches but instead it’ll bounce off an r3 cause cry babies said it was op

  25. Cuc boi must have been pissed at the end of the last game. First he gets flanked then misses his bombs for the Revenge kill only to come back around to the wrong tank and get shot down with a main Cannon by the same guy that flanked you in the first place🤣

  26. Let's Freakin' Go Podcast

    Dude’s graphics are on MAX

  27. the primary reason for the american m48 is 7.3 is a little thing called cold war

  28. Better tank but at a lower BR because “Germany Suffers”….right? Played an afternoon on my German Tech tree and it reminded me why I quit playing that tech tree…I don’t like clubbing baby seals the way A LOT of other people do.

  29. Yo Phly! We need some Phrench air content! Play the VB 10-02 with its insane armament of 4 20mm cannons and 6 .50s!

  30. Everybody should help a Steve once in their life!

  31. Better Engine
    Better turret rotation
    higher top speed
    Same cannon as the american one
    The German M48 even has smoke launchers on top.
    I really dont get how gaijin is “balancing” vehicles
    To sum up: the german M48 is the better tank, with 5 mm less turret armor, but has a lower BR than the american M48.
    So this means the american tank has something the german one is missing: A skilled player behind

  32. its a lower BR because many people don’t play it (they rather the Leopard) so when they do play it they’re not practiced with it. in the US tech tree there isn’t a better (or at least not that much better) option so its played more. therefore people who play the US tech tree are more practiced with it. The stats then show that the German version is less effective even though thats not the case.

  33. MAn they have fuckd the sound i have the same problem i dont know why

  34. cant hear my engine cant hear the others engine LOL

  35. Another tank that has a different br than the original is the pz 4 g. Germany 3.3 italy 4.0 and its premium

  36. Even says the American one is worse but they still had it at 7.3 while me helping my friend grind at 5.7 last year was getting me killed it was just flat out murder every game because the game always up tries me anyway it was horrible to fight that damn thing and it could pin him and me at almost any angle it was definitely to over powerd and honestly still probably is at 7.0 we’re both M48’s used to be at 7.3 when I started three years ago and sense I’ve grinded my way to 10.3 with the Abrams

  37. Phly is the only war thunder player that can play “chilly” (idk if that a word) but still got ton of kills.

  38. last comment – Can easily play this at 7.7, but above that, NO’
    I took it out and got 6 straight 8.0 and got twatted. thanks WT.

  39. I was right I was thinking this was gonna be a great video and it most certainly was especially the locust attack at the end that was funny but in all seriousness I don’t think the great snail likes the American tech line that’s why everything is weird like 17 pounders being better than the American 76 and being at lower BR and the M48’s honestly I think it’s bias but it honestly could be something entirely different

  40. The Idiotic trouble maker

    Phly sorry to disturb ya but could u make a video on the French kingcobra?
    Ok I won’t disturb you anymore.

  41. I would be all for this tank dropping to 6.7 for both USA and Germany because it would fill the roll the panther 2 as a strong medium tank for Germany and USA would get another great tank below 7.0. It would also stop you from just constantly going against atgms which just destroys this tank no matter what

  42. I Love your Vids Thanks

  43. I remember when I had gotten the IS-6, it was made of pure stalinium.

  44. Should look at the M41A1 differences between germany and us

  45. 9:30
    how does this guy just show up in like a whole 2 seconds? lmao

  46. Orbzilla Chow Mozza

    I click on this video so I can reassure myself it’s the game and not me sucking but it could be both hahahaha


  48. I mean german players are just bad at the game on average lol pretty simple considering they have a better tank that is has had it’s BR reduced lower than an american tank

  49. MexicanGamer 🤣

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