When it Goes Brrrrrrrrrrr… | World of Tanks Chieftain Epic Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks T95/FV4201 Chieftain Gameplay, The Best Tank in World of Tanks. Most Overpowered Tanks, The Best Tanks in World of Tanks.

Player: Toolie, Thanks uploading the battle!

Today I am going to show you the best tank in World of Tanks, the unstoppable T95/FV4201 Chieftain. This battle clearly shows what this tank can do when it is left alone to do the Chieftain thingies!

Have Fun!


  1. The best title of a replay in 2021, so far! 🙂
    Give me your best shot! 😀

  2. Almost like the game needs arty to balance these tanks. XD

  3. Liberty or Death 1776

    If I didn’t hate Tier X so much I’d burn some bonds and buy all purple equipment for my Chieftain. But I’d never play it enough to get the value out of those bonds.

  4. Farming land

  5. I dont see a problem at all! Looks like a pretty balanced tank!

  6. That is not impressive. Is a T95 Chieftain, is standard gameplay for that tank. I would be more impressed if it was a Churchill GC.

  7. chieftain is played only by the best players because normal players cannot get it. and most of the time they load 100 percent gold ammo this tank is BAD for wot and so is EBR and obj 479(e) In my opinion the previous 3 tanks are causing players to quit playing WOT !!!!!!

    • Chieftain is only played by the best? Have you played tier 10 at all? There are tons of 49-52% bobs playing in them.

    • Artillery have been making people leave the game for YEARS. So don’t expect anything to change too soon…

    • @Lenny ok LENNY you tell me how i can get a Chieftain and i am just an ok player my rating of 7866 willnot be good enough to get into a good clan so tell me how to get one ????

  8. And thats why when i saw a chief on 1.8khp i fullly clipped him in my bc25t gave all my HP to enemy team but it was worth it gave my team a fighting chance so sad have to suicide to stand a chance lol

  9. Fuck WG for not even trying to achieve balance. ”Giev OP tonks to OP players or they mad.” SMH.

  10. So many salty plebs in the comments

  11. This tank is one of the reason I am quitting wot

  12. 2 words : Holy Sh.t

  13. I’m just glad he still lost credits. Firing full gold is cancer

    • So salty. It’s premium ammo and can be bought with credits…. stop whining

    • @arnevonjensen I fully support using gold rounds against heavily armoured targets, or at long range with APCR specifically. I don’t support a pay-to-win model that gives you a straight advantage if you dump all your credits into fully loading gold rounds. Also, I don’t particularly give a flying fuck that they can be bought for credits, because that’s not the issue. The issue is people abusing the extra penetration and lack of downside to cheese their games, especially in a tank as overpowered as the Chieftain.

      While we’re here, if you get shot by premium APCR or HEAT, it has a golden border. It’s easier to call them gold rounds, so saying “ackshually it’s premium ammo” means nothing

    • @Witchfinda we need more 183mm gun to abuse this tank! The turret armor impenetrable!

  14. I hope this tank isn’t gonna be in the black market.

  15. muppet -enemis-..just farm them….1 game from 1000..too gel a realy all 15 mupets enemis….

  16. Get what you pay for.

  17. It is nice, when matches play out like this and you can keep a high DPM gun shooting, because the enemy keeps showing up in favorable positions. But I do not see where there is any particular skill involved in this one. Truly, masterfully, rolled a lot of dices right. Would have been way more interesting if there were some difficult decisions to make. This is just roffelstomping the enemy.

  18. yet MORE proof if any were needed that CW reward tanks should fucking CW only!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Do not like that people use gold like that……….but what a game, respect

  20. This is a game breaking tank, if you see on enemy team (5 times more likely to be on the enemy team for some reason) try and get some damage before you go down, and don’t bother with gold ammo you will lose so save the credits.

    Dez you failed to mention this tank is pure bullshit and should be nerfed. Down vote. And fuck WG for always putting this tank on the other team.

  21. I see shit tank like EBR, CW tanks, i give dislike.

  22. Sad they have no idea where to shoot it.

  23. This tank should always be matched with artillery in matchmaking.

  24. OP pay2win reward cancer for the biggest pay2win wallet warriors

  25. No one:
    Not a single soul:
    Dez YouTube title: Brrrrrrrrr

  26. i think this tank need no nerfs….

  27. Blackhorse Engineer

    It is what it is, working as intended or however WG wants to out it

  28. And this is a prime example why to this day… TO THIS DAY… I detest WG for ever launching prem ammunition… I have a chief, and I never play it in pubs, it is not a fun tank to play, u get singled out every time. The stars aligned for this person because no arty. Otherwise, it would have ended with at best 2k dmg before arty ruined his day. I was in a platoon of TVP’s today, and we were up against some carrots and a 279 on enemy team. 279 decides to be a hero and push for his flank. Me and the other TVP charged him, deleted him in 5 seconds, and then one of us died. That was the most satisfying thing, to see the gold slinging elitist go down like that. I’m sorry, but I would not hate on players that play these tanks as much, if they actually earned their rights to them without the help of gold slinging. Absolutely no skill required, like in the case of this gameplay Dez just showed. Peek, shoot, peek, shoot, peek, shoot. Not needing to worry almost at all about aiming cause look at me, I got prem rounds and an OP turret. I’m surprised the enemy didn’t start slinging HE at him, cause I would have.

    • Gold ammo is the only thing that helps the pleb fight back actually. Can you imagine 279e if nobody could shoot gold. Elite will go for gold and op tanks anyway, or food, or whatever can give them an edge , but anyway , good of you to use your chief for CW only, respect.

    • @nioutest I dont shoot gold at 279’s. I will either lug HE at them or find a way to get a slight angle so I can pen its upper plate. That’s y we have arty and big HE guns. To deal with stuff like this.

  29. Don’t post this video , we can’t even just buy this tank.

  30. STILL waiting for this TANK to go to the Brit lines FFS WG make it happen already

    PS the Enemies were MONKEYS at this game

    IN ASIA that FOCH would have rush you and unload a hefty amount of PREM shells but that idiot Foch played like it wasn’t an AUTOLOADER

  31. Hi Dez! Your new mic sounds clear but there’s quite loud bassy BUM sounds from time to time. I was drivin car and listening your video and actually thought something hit the car. That loud and low freq sound.

  32. The chieftain is more OP than the 279e…

  33. What a shock an OP tank spamming gold

  34. Nothing to see here. Sorry, Dez! Top tier Gold spammer noob, in an OP tank.

  35. Like the thing i hate about wot is playing op tanks and spam gold, i know for example, that bourasque has low ap pen, but its his weakness so you spam gold, make me always Angry.

  36. The only epic thing about this reply is that Dez is talking.

    I’d fall asleep otherwise.

  37. Shitty tryhards in cheater tanks like this, fucked game for casual players.

  38. stupid golder in this game

  39. this is complete OP gold noob 😄
    wargaming should really think abt such tanks

  40. @DezGamez, I love your work usually but not this time. Giving gold spam in OP tanks extra air-time is really not something I desire, if I knew this was the subject of the video, I’d not watch. Pz11J gameplay tomorrow?

  41. op tank + premium rounds + below average enemy team and boring game…

  42. makes me so cheered up seeing all these 46%ers crying about a tank they’ll never get

  43. The Chieftain and 279e are just ludicrous reward tanks. Want more balance? Want better matchmaking? Fewer artys? WG response – have more maps!

  44. Do u have spare 6k gold i need it i am broke

  45. Why is everyone spamming gold??? Wth that just means u cant aim

  46. When I see cheif I load He without thinking rarely has this tank been a super pain in the ass for me they usually don’t keep fire extinguisher some shots in the popper would lit them up Noice. In my jpz the heat goes through its turret like cheese

  47. Good thing that all tier 10 tanks are equally balan….

  48. Did the maths, he spent around 70% of the game reloading.

  49. The Austrian Avenger

    I bet that he switched gold with standard rounds so it just looks he’s only using standard ammo…
    that’s the very reason why I switched to War Thunder. Came back to try out the new Rinoceronte… crap thing can’t to anything against tanks like this.

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