When No One Knows How to Kill It… | World of Tanks Object 279e – Most Overpowered Tank

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks Most Overpowered Tank. 279 Early (Объект 279 ранний) Gameplay, Epic Battle. World of Tanks Object 279e, Tier 10 Soviet Russian Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Best Replays / Best Battles.

It is time for my annual dose of Object 279e action… Showcasing a battle which shows exactly why this is absolutely crazy annoying to deal with, if it has a good position over you.

Enjoy show! 😉


  1. Only cheaters can get this Tank soooo….. Its a cheater tank

  2. Lower plate weakness is bs to begin with. Most tanks have to aim downward in order to hit the lower plate of another tank. With a few exceptions, that action increases the angle at which the shell will hit that plate. Basic physics says that those shells should bounce down and hit the ground. But you know, WG and their broken game love to do things like that.

  3. FUck this tank. I was about to load up and play. Turned this vid on to hype me for the game since it was your most recent and now I’m thinking about uninstalling instead. Doesn’t even have standard rounds because 10 year long basement dwellers like this guy have nothing left to spend credits on other than seal clubbing at t10.

  4. How you kill it? hm i remeber playn rank in this, and just buly chieftains. If you lift his front up a bit , you just laugh. But on flat ground , you can pen it even with low gold pen , like 310.

  5. 279 cant survi in asia!

  6. Since youtube no longer show dislike count. Imma type here then. DISLIKE!

    Pure gold spam replay = shit content. Sorry Dez.

  7. There is only one thing i want to say when i see this kind of gameplay : SKILL

  8. I stopped fighting 279e head-on, unless I have the higher ground. Just retreat and find better targets. Don’t forget to tell your teammates to do the same. By doing so your team frees up tanks to hopefully win an other area of the map and flank 279e in a later stage of the game. Not a perfect solution, still the best so far I’ve managed to come up with.

  9. HE rounds are MORE predictable, they do nothing now, always

  10. This tank must be removed from the game!!!!!!!

  11. Best way to balance 279E is to remove gold rounds. Restrict the gun if you gonna make the armor so troll.

  12. I remember when this thing showed up and WG said we wont put this in game its too powerful. Several months later I see “Welcome our newest tank in game the Object 279e!” And now a video on how overpowered this tank is. Starting to sense a pattern here.

    World of Warcraft has turned to total shit and World Of Tanks has turned to total shit. Well maybe not total shit but overrun by bucketheads. I dont even know what to play anymore.

  13. Gold ammo and OP tanks, seriously fuck this game

  14. Russian Tank Designer: “Sir, we’ve run out of lower plates in the workshop!”
    Russian Tank Factory Director: “Well shit. Um…..hrm. How many tracks do we have?”
    Russian Tank Designer: “Tracks? An absolute shit ton, sir.”
    Russian Tank Factory Director: “Great. Throw them on instead.”
    Russian Tank Designer: “”Sir?”
    Russian Tank Factory Director: “Throw the tracks on instead of the lower plates – no one will notice.”
    Russian Tank Designer: “……..”

  15. unless you have the higher ground you are fuked

  16. Day 109 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  17. I hate such players! Not only they have f**** OP tank but they load full gold ammo rack. The thing that I didn’t know is that as you said they are the majority of 279 e players 🙁 Good climate for ordinary players you are making WG, good job.

  18. And WG refuses to do anything

  19. Wg should make reward tanks not the best tanks, but give it other perks like instant extra credit bonus, unexpendable med kits, or something like that. I don’t like these reward tanks to be the best on the field for obvious the best players. Also remove premium rounds for it, if the tank is meant to be almost indestructible

  20. Rashan tank not OP enough! Buff immediately DA DA DA!

    Moronic WG

  21. tank should be used only in clan wars and unicum battles. All premium tanks like chiefran e279 907 should be separate battles where best players match. MM is broken

  22. Honestly i got more trouble with t95 hull down shooting gold then this thing it had weakspots ennough and just getting a good angle on it will help aswell😈

  23. When rng loves me, i pen the cupola with standard every single time(279e and chieftain) . Love the player reaction when that happens

  24. and its simple i’m playing T110E5 with 340 HEAT shell penetration, and i can penetrate him easely even with angle

  25. I penned alot of obj 279E tru the tracks in bottom hull but now it seems not possible anymore maybe RNG idk

  26. There is actually a very tiny weak spot at the bottom of the higher plate, like and edge, right above tracks, where u can pen 279 e ezzzz whenever he is in hull down pos.
    Those guys just didnt know how to pen an 279e…

  27. I love seeing one of these on the enemy team. So I can focus the shit out of it in my arty.

  28. I have no sympathy for this guy playing this tank whatsoever. But blame the game, not the player I guess

  29. Dont know how many of you actually have one. Its boring AF to play.

  30. how I kill that tank? easy 420 pen with jadg e100

  31. 279 is TOP and lets stay like that.

  32. I had a battle when i played my Strv 103b on Cliff and enemy team had 279e.And of course our team started losing very fast so i decided to retreat to base and do most dmg possible(i was on the south spawn btw).And 279 e just stoped his tank on open field in front of little hill where encounter base is located,without angaling his tank at all.I loaded premium APCR and guess what – I penetrated 2 out 16 rounds that i had in my tank,and i got to mention that i was aiming for his upper plate weakest parts.Yea that is how balanced this tank is

  33. killed it with my strv s1 with gold ammo (3 shots, he wasnt full hp) 😉 its not so hard, if u know where to shoot – that space between tracks and upper plate still works 🙃

    • Yeah but you know that’s the thing, you have to be a tank with gold ammo and 330mm pen to do it. Even some T10 tanks doesn’t have that much pen in gold ammo.

  34. I ammo racked this in the fv183 twice shoot front plate left grill.

  35. iyouxin actually marked obj 279e without any gold ammunition.

  36. WalletGaming: *nerfs arty*
    Also WalletGaming: *buffs 279e* balanced, as everything should be in WoT

  37. this tank. once i encountered a platoon of THREE of this bullshit hulldown tanks. they all spammed gold . the DPM and pen of that tank is more broken than Waffenträger E100

  38. i Hate this tank so much it is the culmination of whats wrong with WoT, at the end i was actually rooting for the Tortoise.

  39. Yeah full Gold…Ammo type numbers really need be limited instead nerfing HE…
    Also soo boring i was expecting he shoot all ammo and ram Tort to death or something like that:):)

  40. Ofcourse the kid is full HEAT aswell lmao. Not impressive at all

  41. how to kill…… easy.

  42. If they designed anything properly then the only thing tracks would stop is HE

  43. Jullian J. Weskier

    Well the tank was made to withstand nuclear pressure and blast radius. Thats why its shaped like that.

    Also, good that its OP, unlocking it deserves it, the PROBLEM, is that 99% of players in all servers combined cant unlock it

  44. bring back real arty then object 279 e would be less of a problem

  45. Hate this tank with all my heart. Almost every game has it in last few days. I aim in upper plate from higher ground then him but just bounce with 60tp. We have 60tp, vz55 and T57 and other team platoon od 279(e), chieftain and super concq. Balance game my ass. They nerf HE and now you need to suffer against him, especially if you are grinding tier 8 and 9. It’s not important to fix the MM or nerf OP tanks for WG, christmas boxes are here to spend money. Give us the money slaves ..

  46. Guy is using obj279 E with full heat while having name literaly saying “hell on earth” . Pretty fitting one I guess

  47. Calin Vurdea Photo Art

    Thats why i always said 279e should not be allowed in randoms….

  48. meanwhile i play this tank , get snap shotted from across the map taking my ammo rack out

  49. Pz.VII blew it…should have closed with the (e) and fired DOWN on top of its turret.

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