When Price Becomes Performance – Strv 122 – War Thunder

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  1. 2:46 how does tracks eat up a fucking dart but not the ENTIRE ENGINE AND TRANSMISSION assembly,
    Tracks need a hella nerf

  2. My account balance currently at 233k SL: 👁️👄👁️ (plus I have the T-72B3 unlocked but can’t buy it 😭)

  3. N O II C E ! ! 👍👍

  4. The whole swedish and brits tech tree have very unbalance repair cost

  5. The way he played it it coulve been a leopard 2 as well he just didn’t even get shot lol

  6. The heat fs grind in my B3 was the worst Stuck Grund I had in 5 Years wt

  7. MixedChannel Game Productions

    Dude, your first 3 kills was the same guy.

    Since when did you start advertising bullying.

  8. I’ve never seen a title sum up gaijin that well heh.

  9. Meanwhile the chally 2 has an 8k repair cost spaded… I guess people just play it agressively.

  10. Leotrash1a1 has around 8k repair cost when fully upgraded and its at 8.7 which it performs like an absolute dogshit at 8.7

  11. When im researching swedish tonks. i only gain RP.

    Cant gain SL xD

  12. Cheeeeese, Gromit.

  13. I agree with the repair cost but the reward for higher br vehicles should be greater, not the same as lower br. Your tank cost millions, the tank you destroy cost millions, crew cost more than half million. You kill one should give you atleast 25k, 50k for losing a matching and winning should give you over 100k minimum

  14. Because of the ridiculous performance of this thing, you earn so much if you do well, so repair cost is not as big of an issue. The real issue is not having other 10.7 MBTs to bring out with it, and also it really sucks to play against.

    • Im fine with tank vs tank. But when you get killed by a chopper or jet, it sucks. Cos you cant do anything about it. Even still then its armor dont mean anything. Everybody goes for the gun and most maps are rat maze like small

  15. Welp the T72B3 has almost better Amor and costs 14k less…. Nice gajin

    • they have same armour, breach and lower plateis where you can kill them, difference is that the 122 actualy has some survivabilaty

  16. This thing should be 11.0. Same with the 2A5, they’re just far and away better than the T-80U and the M1A2

  17. Hits ammo: *crew knocked out* Love it!

  18. I’m just curious i see you have a full lineup do you use it or are you a one and done kind of player? Because for me WT is a game of lineups and personally i rarely loose SL even when not running prem acc while playing quite a bit of top tier.

  19. I hate gayjin’s economy and grind.
    That’s why i play USSR AB 8.7 with all spaded tanks’ repcost were less than 5k (T10M, BMP2, T55, T62M-1, T62)

  20. SL repair cost are in my opinion hurtfull to the game. It promotes single spawns, it promotes camping and it just makes the game soso frustrasting.
    If all nations where on par with say Russia top tier, then i would be okay with it, but playing top tier Sweden or Germany is just painfull.
    My Russian lineup tough, is never really a problem SL wise

  21. Let’s be honest, high repair costs are NOT about balancing vehicles, they are about Gaijin wanting you to shell out money for premium or eagles.
    Repair costs shouldn’t be a thing at all.

    • Well yes and no, repair costs are higher for vehicles with high stats, but they punish people that aren’t good at the game and those won’t play the tank anymore, only the good players who drive the stats even higher

    • @That’sNo Moon My counter argument is that Gaijin can and should actually put some effort into genuinely balancing vehicles, instead of falling back on their cry of “realism”.

    • @Jeff Bengtson it’s a fine balance between fun and realism

    • is every tank have the same repair cost? See you re wrong


    4:43 poor soul, he was asking for mercy, but got yeeted hard

  23. For only having 1 or 2 Top MBT’s in the techtree, it’s kinda silly how they make those few tanks so damn expensive.. If you look at the Russian lineup with so many potent MBT’s that costs pocketmoney to rep. It should be the other way around here, you could with no problem fit 5 RU MBT’s in a single rep cost of a 122. Being killed right after spawn by a heli that you cant do much against doesnt really justify the rep cost either.

  24. No repair costs used to balance a vehicle is actually counter productive rather than work to make it fit in .All having massive repair costs on a vehicle does is take away the players enjoyment of that vehicle .And happy players spend money enjoy the game and play it .Unhappy players sit in chat complaining about EVERYTHING lol

  25. Yesterday I was in match with u and sakosniper and you both left in the first death notcool bro 🙁

  26. Hahahaha 7:55 wlecome to top tier 🤣👍🏻. From Paris With Love “Amx 50 surbiassé”

  27. Профессор Круглов

    2:47 An APFSDS shot has over 350 mm of penetration, but it doesn’t matter: tracks will eat it anyway.

  28. played this game 6months ago, kinda hated leo 2a5 becouse of repair, but hey it had free shit apfsds… now returned and it has heatfs that wont even pen the sides of any mbt… let alone russian hordes..

    And yes russians finally got same tratment in fucked up greed treatment of stock heatfs (but its better than other nation rounds.. so thats that)

    One match later with same garbage map uninstalled again and its on hold for another 6 months+

  29. Repair costs shouldn’t be used as a balancing mechanic as it rules out vehicles for some players. You can play an overtiered vehicle BRwise, but if repair costs+ammo costs drive you to bankrupcy, you literally cannot play the vehicle.

  30. Your quite mean Justin. You Killed two different people three times in a row in two games.

  31. Play the m1 abrams again!

  32. Play the lorraine 40t and se what suffering feels like

  33. As a french play with repair costs to the moon, I hate going up against the leo 2A5’s and strv 122’s, but when they added the T-72B3 and all that spam, I hate the russians more. I used to just one tap them but I bounce way more against them that I do a leo. I feel they need to add a equivalent vehicles to all nations, not just the major ones like i waited forever for the leclerc and its good but it is being overshadowed. I feel bad for all the freebrams I kill, I have a friend who plays the US and they do suffer.

  34. really want to get leo2a.., no, strv122

  35. I no longer get poor just because I look at my 122

  36. Ey justin, what skin is that? It looks sick

  37. wow , so this tank has 17k repair cost and the caenoarvon have almost 20k repair cost XD fuck gaijin

  38. Yeah Justin 34 mil SL and a bunch of GE. Are you whaling the game. LUL jk <3

  39. Justin: *teases HE-Frag as stock shell*
    Gaijin: “WRITE THAT DOWN!!”

  40. Can you tell me what graphic settings are you using? I can’t find my own and yours look perfect.

  41. The upkeep costs across the board are ridiculous. My single biggest complaint about Gaijin is how they punish their players for playing. It hurts retention, it discourages transactions, because who wants to give money to a game they don’t enjoy designed to make them mad? They and wargaming both need to put the spread sheets down and actually play the game like normal people. It would give them much more insight to how the game actually works. Warthunder also needs to era lock imo. WW2 tanks, cold war, modern day, should never overlap or meet in a match.

  42. How can you get auto adjust when using laser rangerfinder like that ?? I thought it only work in sb mode

  43. Dear people. I know you dont have so much silver to repair your tanks but this strv122 deserved high repair cost because it op af, you cant pen the turret, you cant pen the hull ez like leo2a5, and now gaijin even decrease its repair cost pretty much. Idk what you are trying to complaint anymore

  44. 12:07 I have a solution. Bear with me now, this idea’s pretty out there, but hear me out. What if Gaijin didn’t add blatantly overpowered and expensive vehicles in the first place?

    Anyways love the vid Justin, keep up the good work!

  45. What do you think what will come in the next update

  46. Stock repair cost is 12k now lol

  47. Dang i got killed twice there at start lol

  48. 17k? Thats cheap. Caernavorn is 20k at 6.7 😀

  49. I’ve never agreed with high repair costs.
    For F2P players it completely halts their grind.
    It punishes people for trying new things.
    It encourages people to stop playing the game and do something else, (especially those who desire to play the modern vehicles) because in the end, that 2a5, or 122, or what have you, really turns into an exponential amount of time to grind.
    It encourages an extremely careful and campy playstyle.
    It encourages people to get kills at any cost, so kill steal for days, be cheap, have little mercy.
    It encourages people to completely avoid objectives, and rewards those who know how to abuse them.
    It stops people from enjoying the vehicle and the game as a whole.
    We wonder why people have so much more fun on the dev servers… maybe its because we don’t have the economy to worry about there.

  50. FORTNITE PRO tips and tricks

    Is that a mod where you range find and the gun auto corrects and if so that mod should be auto on the m1a2 cuz real life m1a2 actually has that where it auto corrects the range

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