When Shit Goes Down! – M46 Patton Live Gameplay

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Nice. My favorite tier 9 medium as well.

    But tbh, this M46/M47 abomination in WOT hurts my brain when I look at it after I played a lot of War Thunder as well. I think they should just change the chassis model and make it M47. It had better hull armor than M46 and almost comparable to standard 100mm at 60 degrees plate on T-54s. Keep M46 tier 8 premium the way it is.

  2. I fucking love that tank. I don’t play it 1/10 as well as you do, but I really enjoy it. I just researched the M48 Patton last night.

  3. Lol PC got a map from console
    Position you played is the norm for those looking for a brawl

  4. Dude, can you do more tank reviews? How about reviewing whole lines, so newer players like me don’t get all the way to tier 8 or 9 only to realize we’re screwed? LOL Thanks for the awesome videos. Love your shit!

    • To be fair, several other WOT YouTubers do great reviews. What’s most interesting about Lemming is the level at which he plays, and his ability to articulate what he’s doing, and why, as he does it. If he can only make videos at the rate he has been recently, I’d vote for gameplay/tactics over reviews. Just an opinion.

    • Skill4Ltu is what u need my man

    • Skill4ltu is great. SirFoch was great, when he was doing reviews. Circonflexes is very good. So is DezGamez. QB’s reviews are OK if you can read between the lines.

    • matthbva it’s the correct opinion I don’t need tank reviews at this point nobody does.

  5. This is pretty helpful. I’m also grinding this line right now.

  6. ekin deniz yıldız

    i ve actually respawned every time from the other base, playing in 430 ihave crushed tru the upper part of the map, pushed into the enemy base, the hugeass rock inside the base makes it quite easy to cap

  7. I have been looking for excuses not to grind to the Patton for sooo long
    But I just keep playing this. Getting 5k combined games in this is fucking easy, and I’m bad.

  8. that tier 10 platoon in the second replay…

  9. I would like to see you use a bigger mini map.

  10. 7:48 Standard Lemmingrush driving

  11. I just got it too. Nice timing to see how you work with this vehicle. amazing gameplay and commentary as always lenmingrush!!

  12. I love my peasant points! Fackin unicums going for unicum points!

  13. How the hell are you just NOW playing this awesome tank?

  14. Dude, love your directness and humbleness. You REALLY know what you’re talking about in the game. rly love your live gameplay!!

  15. Why are you yoloing. Uh wot…

  16. when was that man not called manerheim line? i m having an exidential crisis here

  17. I want the M48 but I really don’t want to play the Pershing

  18. Isn’t M46’s accuracy somewhat lacking for a medium tank?

  19. Purple Points™

  20. I’ve always loved quite a lot of the tanks on the american medium line, even before they got buffed. Oh don’t get me wrong, I was never good with them, but I liked them. This video inspired me to go and play the M46, so I just did that and I actually almost played kind of like a good player (wat).

  21. Lack of overiding egos ok..

  22. Perfect timing! I just bought this tank hoping it would be good, quite reassuring hearing you call it your favorite tier 9 ^^

  23. Hey Lemming,
    Big fan of the videos.
    I am just about done my M46 Patton and gonna buy the M48 soon. By no means am I that great a player in it, but I can give you some handy tips.
    1) Turret armour sometimes reliable, so dont hesitate to poke.
    2) Side scraping works, but you literally have to do a 70 degree angle
    3) Not the best camo, but simple bush work does the trick
    4) Engine damage is common (esp when getting shot in the side or from the back as you can see in your replay). So to backup or run away, I try to get shot in the front first, and using enemy reload to run. Doesnt always work, but worth it some times.
    5) Its fucking slow sometimes, so I try to predict where I need to be at least 5-10 seconds before hand. So your videos have really helped me do that.
    Thank you! Good luck eh fellow Canadian.

  24. Haven’t seen this map yet. Hearing about it for the first time hear in fact. I guess I’ll see it in about a half year or so….love the way war gaming promotes it’s new maps.

  25. Now the question on everyone’s minds, M46 Patton, Centurion 7/1, or Obj 430? ?

  26. What is the best tech tree t10 Russian medium?

  27. Purple points XD

  28. Mic sounds better than last vid ?

  29. Purple peasant points

  30. did you win?

  31. great tips on game play. made a big difference.

  32. I don’t play wot anymore but I still watch your vids for some reason

  33. I don’t mean to sound like “that guy” and I know how life gets in the way but how come you don’t do as many vids as you use to, I really enjoy watching you play and making hilarious smart ass and sarcastic comments in your vids, laughed my ass off in this one ?

  34. Why the low graphics?

  35. Why is this your favorite tier 9 medium?

  36. why is he playing on the EU server lately?

  37. Fabián Véliz D'Angelo

    Besides Lemming’s videos are great, I actually watch them to improve my english. His pronunciation is so clear.

  38. LOVE the salt. LOVE the videos. I look forward to every Lemming video. I wish I played 1/3 as well.

  39. Hey Lemming,
    Can you give me some advice on how to deal with getting yoloed? Your videos so far have helped me improve a lot. Thanks.

    Me:World of tanks! The game that gives you such a curve ball that it’s straight.

  41. at least, let us see how the game ended…

  42. Patton line is my favorite!

  43. I also loved the patton when I got it after the somewhat bad pershing grind. Higher alpha+better gun handling + better turret armor = godlike tank

  44. Actually, I think this game is a great example of being able to think fast in a WTF situation.

    You see a lot of good players lose games because the teams are lower skilled players who end up doing completely unpredictable and unexpected things and the good players end up swamped or out of position.

    I think Lemmingrush in this game showed you how to take Lemmings and make Lemmingade. 🙂

    • Simon Mosebach 7a Högastensskolan

      Then they aren’t god players

    • Yes, they can be. It all depends on what tank you are in many cases. If you are in a less maneuverable tank you have to commit to a flank or position, and if something crazy happens you don’t have the speed to escape it and end up in a bind. It can happen to anyone.

  45. I also have one and it us preeetty damn fun to perma track people with 3k DPM

  46. Wat a goat. 400+ ping and still carries lol. How does he do it?

  47. Thanks for the new video mate! I really enjoy your live gameplay videos. Btw Lemming, does view range on a medium tank important for you? Can you recommend using gun rammer, vertical stabilizer and vents on medium tanks with low view range(380m and less)? Or better chose optics over vents?

    • I’m not Lemmingrush, but it’s definitely better to go for the view range. Pretty much every good player will take optics in every single medium tank they own. Playing mediums aggressively you’re frequently having to spot your own targets. The extra damage you’ll get from being able to see targets easier will outweigh the bonus from vents or vertstab.

  48. Mannerheim line is the finnish map

    before it was called artic region ….

    whats the funny part there are german dead tanks on the map whilst the germans were never there XD

  49. Love Your “train of foughts” videos!

  50. I find that Empire’s Border is not coming up in rotation as much as I would like so its slow to lean; thanks for the tips. You’re correct, subscribers love to see you in sticky situations but that’s when you are at your best and we lean the most from you. What! – 6:44 “I’m not too salty about the state of World of Tanks” – yeah right.

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