When Should I Fall Back in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of tanks. Today I'm question when is the right time to fall back in World of Tanks?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. So did you mean what you said on twitch that world of tanks is dying

  2. A great philosopher once said 4:20

  3. This is the type of video I want to spend time watching! A specific strategic topic to help me improve my game. Please post more like this one. Happy Tanking CaptCorona!

  4. Well, for me – most hated thing in this game are maps, first of all. We have so many maps where is north side of some map is better then south side, or west vs east side of map,…second thing, good old MM. IF,on enemy team list is ebr, give my team ebr too, don’t give me t49 with a derp gun because in 80%, that same t49 camp in the back. In random battles, we have random people so….some scrub will pay their way to tier 10 and make your day miserable…there are so many problems with game itself, in first place, and of course with player base. You can do anything right and still lose, because we know RNG have big impact in every single day.
    P. S.- I played with same TD today and I got penned with gold ammo from obj 140… 40 mm of armor vs 100mm gun… GG

  5. davidrobertson12345

    We gonna address the fact that the enemy team was an absolute tomato soup? No? K then.

  6. Day 3 of trying to get QB to help console wot. QB can you please help console wot out because our game is dying at a rapid rate and it’s sad to see what once a great game go down by greedy people. So QB can you please help us out with Operation overall, which is lead by a wot youtuber in name of nulltrooper. So once again QB please help us out.

  7. I like this type of “think of this” during a game play…more theory & some practical applications.

  8. as a no play but watcher of QBy. this is the first video i dislike from you. many players do not know what you know.

  9. Playing the Maus I give up running away

  10. T30 with T95 platoon will be like: Do you need to fall back? No.
    Does enemy need to fall back? They better do. Lol.

  11. This is why French tanks come with rear view mirrors.
    So they can see the frontlines to.

  12. Sorry to brake it to you but people leave position because they don’t want to die not doing any damage and that is sad reality of WoT in general. You can win by doing right thing but lose credits or not gain experience you deserve. Lots of people are conditioned to play like that and you can’t really blame them.

  13. Nice game QB, I had a 6.8k game in this tank….which was my damage record….also a loss

  14. WoT is becoming shit after wheelies were implemented…
    Now is “World of Light Tanks”, runing like Mario Kart with no sense…
    Even wining, battles are shit.

    WoT lost all the essence.
    Time to stop playing.

  15. The diet coke version meaning it gives you diabetes…..

  16. Falling back in a maus is a joke

  17. quack quack quack

  18. beautiful round quackybaby

  19. 4:20 lmfao fucking based man.
    420 though as well lel.

  20. *Very* rarely the answer to whether or not you should fall back is a no.
    You can as well don’t even ask yourself those questions because in the case you won’t fall back your teammates will just let you die for nothing since they almost always don’t think what they’re doing and why.

  21. And the E75 is on full health. The player is either pretty skilled and lucky to be able to fend off so much drama capturing the hill or its just really passive play.

  22. Run away? I’m playing an EBR. I’m both running to and away at the same time

  23. is it me or is the ST-II feel super super weak

  24. There’s a reason I only play WoT with a beer in hand. At least in the tiers I’ve been able to play it’s just painful hopelessness without a Premium account and a bunch of gold to throw at the world. Wait in queue for 5 minutes, die in 5 seconds with one shot from anything and everything.

  25. E 75 shooting HE! Pro!

  26. please do video on type 5 heavy

  27. Can you do a couple vids on WoT’s biggest competitor, War Thunder? I would appreciate your opinion on wich one is better. (I personally play both, WT a bit more)

  28. Can you make free to play a series like show us your best game per week

  29. Unfortunately, in the majority of games there is little room for any of these nuances. You have 2 to 4 minutes and you either do or you die. Being sensible usually just means that you’re not on board the steamroller, and when you miss that it doesn’t matter how smart you try to be. Either all their tanks are dead, or all your tanks are dead.

    Yesterday I drove to a position on the front and by the time I got there, things were looking good. My team had snuffed out a few aggressive tanks already and were in good positions. I take my eyes off the mini map to do some fairly successful combat for about 30-40 seconds. I look at it again when I notice I’m being pressured when I really shouldn’t be, and see that there’s 2-3 tanks left alive on my team (…?) My entire team evaporated (at tier 9!) in less than one minute, and I have no idea how it happened or even how it COULD happen.
    More than anything, this is WoT now it seems, and what’s more; this is how Wargaming WANTS it to be. Long live the mobile style stupidity, where fast mindless action and the psychology that triggers impulsive spending of absurd amounts of money on pixels is what “game design” is all about. Oh it’s design alright, but it’s more akin to what they do in the casino’s than anything else. Critical/knowledgeable/analytical actual gamers are irrelevant and even unwanted, because they’re just a hassle and that’s not where the big bucks is.

  30. Once in my obj. 430 i’ve got banged at the begining of the battle and I managed to escape by falling back with 6 HP left. Then I did 9k combined. (map Kharkov)

  31. I still waiting him to play blitz

  32. why have a mini map when 80% of players ignore shouts for help and play follow the leader… played yesterday in my lorr and i thought id advance behind the heavies.. guess what. they camped leaving me out front.. when i tried to retreat i got blitz.. oh and called a noob!!! while all the stupid heavies died camping..

  33. you mention HE… QUicky. youre slipping. the Sandbox test is making HE do ZERO pen no matter what and nerfing all HE damage. you need to get on that.

  34. At least he wasn’t blocking your balls…

  35. Knowing when to fall back is the single most important skill in this game. It will improve every personal stat there is if done right.

  36. I see QB as a streamer who pushes more often than he should, and criticizes everyone for being a camper…as if it’s a dishonorable strategy in WOT. IMO WOT favors camping, so if you ever get stock wondering if you should fall back, you will be right more often than you are wrong if you decide to fall back.

  37. You still didint gave up on wot players trying educate , well good luck & good work 🙂

  38. 120.1 mm gun

  39. world of tanks is dying … the team work is dead amd even at tier 10 nowdays you find retard player all the fcking time

  40. last 4 days my team has won only 25 procent of all fights hahahaha.. i am only 49.8 win rate so im not very good too but wtf 1 of 4 games we won, in the last 168 games hahaah, gotta love the weekends

  41. “The best techniques are passed on by the survivors.” Gaiden Shinji, Blademaster (The Elder Scrolls)

  42. In my opinion your video was a waste of time because due to the Personal Missions the game has come down to achieve said missions and not playing as a team. That is why we hardly see any good team effort. Plus the cherry on the cake is the Sealclubbers playing their 6 crew skill & gold tank on a tier 2 or 3. Fricking Sad!!!!!

  43. Nice QB! That’s the most common mistake frome players. Just staying where you are, no matter what’s the situation. I like when good players explain their thought processes!

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