When Size Doesn’t Matter? – Jumbo BR Changes – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

The Jumbo is moving up to 6.3, to compete with the Tiger II (P)?!

BR Changes – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/536016-planned-battle-rating-changes-september-2021/

Gaijins Explanation – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/536178-planned-br-changes-answering-on-your-feedback/

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  1. Jus to clarify, this video is no ways directly insults of bashes gaijin in any way, I am simply stating my own opinions in a positive light. So please, lets be civil and respectful.

    Thanks again 😀

    • Im agreeing with you here. But with hostile commenting towards gj will result to 0 change happening since due to the ignorance of the mods, who are tasked with delivering the information recieved from players, dont have a clue whats the difference between a negative and malicuos feedback. Bashing them, for their own blatant mistakes, will result them into believing their own twisted logic which makes them think that they are in the right. Make calm, understanding comments, will eventually result in perhaps them realizing their mistakes. Ive given up on trying to change them but i still believe that a proper route of a CA is important since gj doesnt have this dedicated group employed in their books.. as many normal company does, but they’re russians and are biologically wired into being stubborn

    • @Seival Sentinel they are russians , I’m russian , if u don’t punch a lazy man he will not start working , if gaijin is too relaxed they will continue this shit fest

    • Justin can you play the starship?

    • man, don’t apologize to gaijin, they’re way out common sense for so long, gooching this former good game. just to make some drama and keep it alive this odd way i guess.Yes it makes no sense, like a thousand other things that everybody knows and appals about…..wait till next BR change, compression economy change , you name it….

    • Type 87 RCV will be uptier 8.0 is the worst BR change…i mean Japan Tier IV and V is already suffers a lot since other nations got a ton of fastboi to choose with Atgm(like Bmp 1 and Marder A1) and Heats-FS but since they add Type 87 RCV(even though does not have atgm unlike others IFV) it give player a bit upper hands but now they want to up BR it…yup…Japan tier IV and V will suffers once more…Justin if you can…please tell Gaijin to reconsider Type 87 RCV BR since Japan need a solid line up with versatility…The only think im happy in this BR changes is (US & Japan) M4A3 (76) W is down BR to 5.3 since it only able to fight until to BR 6.3…fighting in BR 6.7 is just too much for that sherman even tiger E and panther does a bit better than (US & Japan) M4A3 (76) W when uptier to BR 6.7 match…

  2. Im a German main so i never had problem killing jumbos, Tiger 2 p sucks tho, TIGOR 105 FOR LIFE.

  3. unfortunatly there’s alot of vehicles that are at the same or a higher BR that better vehicles. AMX-13 (6.7) vs M41 (6.3) for example. And then theres the Spitfire mk 24 going to 7.0 because no-one knows how to energy fight in the Ta152-H1 or how to B&Z in the F7F, and instead try to dogfight the spitfire. T34-85 can only pen a panther in the turret panther can pen a T34 wherever, theres alot of inequality between vehicles at the same BR the Jumbo is not alone.

  4. How idiotic are the gaijin devs to stick to this line of “game performance” for balance? In game performance does not equal tank performance. Somehow the 76jumbo now will be a higher BR than the jagdpanther. Frontally the jagdpanther can kill the jumbo basically anywhere while the jumbo can’t. Germany truly suffering over here. . . .

    • You can kill a Jagdpanther frontally with the 76mm, albeit you have to smack the machine gun port. Regardless, yes, the 76mm Jumbo has zero reason to ever be at 6.3, nor the Jagdpanther at 6.0… Gaijin…

  5. isnt the tiger 2 going up also?

  6. Honestly, I think it is more of a 5.7 tank. It’s only real redeeming quality is it’s front armor. That is quite literally what it was designed for. it should face tanks that have a some amount of difficulty penning it. Instead, they feel like they have to completely negate it’s one strength. Up-tiered to 7.3, its armor is like butter with no more survivability than a light tank but it is saddled with all the disadvantages of a “heavy” tank.

  7. this time your subs 28.8k
    9/30/21 08:25 am

  8. Let’s backsolve why the Jumbo BR changes are happening. Join me, comment section! Gaijin makes the majority of its money, over the course of the last half-decade, through:

    1) Releasing a new nation or a deep enough tech tree branch – minimum of 7.0 and up BR vehicles, usually higher – to cause players to become frustrated at the economy enough to say “fuck grinding this” and fork over cash to speed up research on the later stages.

    2) Premiums that are cool or powerful-seeming, enough so that players fork over money to buy them.

    So to backsolve for this baffling BR nerf bazooka on the Jumbo, we have to figure out: What newly released nation has a slice of its tree around the 4.3-5.0 range OR a new premium ground vehicle in that range that ISN’T USA’s which is a) recently released or b) about to be released.

    Once we figure that out we will know why they did it. They don’t want novice/bad players of their new country tech tree/new premium to be discouraged because they can’t just point their gun at the Jumbo wherever and make it blow up. They’re making SOMEthing feel more powerful by proxy.

    I don’t know enough about the game in the past year or so to know what the release order of content is, but what recent releases fit those criteria? That’s the real driving culprit.

    (Is it the German lineup in general since a lot of people are enamored with the iconic tanks in it? Is the “new player zips straight to grinding the lower German line, gets to the Tiger and doesn’t know where to shoot when facing Jumbos because none of the previous German matchups had to be aimed at anywhere specifically to oneshot them and then quits at 5.3” that’s driving this decision?)

    • And to make this essay-length rant even longer, does Gaijin not understand WHY “efficiency” statistics can be skewed in a game? If you have a player pool of super-veteran players play tank A and a pool of absolute novices play tank B, then tank A’s efficiency will be off the charts, correct?

      Okay now follow that function through the concentrations of novice vs expert players from one side having 100% experts to they both have exactly even skill between the pilots. There would be a very wide range of observed efficiency, correct?

      Is it possible that people still playing a nerfed Jumbo are doing it as veterans who enjoy the vehicle AT A HIGHER RATE than people playing other nations’ tanks at 6.0 BR? Is it conceivable that that could be happening? If so, then as a balance team you have to concede that you can’t blindly follow efficiency observed in a time period.

      This is a common theme in many esports-level games, too. League of Legends sees this phenomenon frequently where once a champion is nerfed outside of most players choosing it, the only players still playing it are people who main that champion for thousands of games and are experts at its specific intricacies and strengths in various situations. So its win rate will at some point stop being low and start rising again without any buffs. But then you look at the play rate and it’s still going down. Why? because only crazy-stubborn absolute veteran experts of that champion are left. Does that mean its efficiency/winrate should be judged in a vacuum? NOOOOOOOOOO.

  9. Admiral Hipper Enjoyer

    It’s ok guys, the Jagdpanther stays at 6.0 and jumbo 76 goes to 6.3

  10. Gaijin making shitty BR changes?
    Imagine my shock.

  11. UwU chain

  12. This pretty much happens when you balance things 100% based on statistics and not vehicle performance, the ideal would be taking both, to see if a vehicle is truly overperforming in a br gap, but the use of statistics alone is absolute crap, DEFYN and his squad mates already showed that not only gaijin does only use stats, they don’t pay attention on what vehicle it’s getting balanced, the CL-13MK4 which is literally a copypaste F86A5 but heavier, so it literally is worse in a sustained dogfight, was going to 9.0, it was only for the pure outcry of the community that they decided to not do it (but likely will later on), so they just keep showing again and again that the only way they hear the community is if they get tons and tons of backlash, which i don’t think i need to explain why it’s a bad thing, they simply keep showing that they don’t care

  13. So basically sometimes you will see Sherman Jumbo vs German IFV Marder ATGM LOLOLOL

  14. Me in my Ferdinand killing jumbo everyday

  15. well the jumbo was strong at 6.0. since a lot of 6.7 tanks get sucked up to 7.3, so it probably saw less uptiers, meaning it would fight a lot of tiger 1 wich cant kill it that well. its gonna suffer at 6.3 and probably come back down after 2 or 3 br patches

  16. with BR compression 5.3 jumbo will be playing against 6.3 tigers
    and 6.3 will be playing in 7.3 BR

  17. I think its an awful decision, i mean why play the super pershing when you Have the t34? More crew, bigger gun, more armour?

    The jumbo 76 is going to really struggle
    The armour was its main advantage, the 76mm can struggle 5.7 upwards

  18. Just got done playing a few matches of WT with my french 5.3 lineup. The jumbo’s front plate stands no chance against even the 5.0 sherman SA50 much less the ARL-44. The 76 does pack a punch if it pens but i find that most jumbo players play smart, they know the weak spots and how to take out barrels, an that is why they perform. This br change is punishing smart players.

  19. bruh, zsu 37-2 is going to 7.7 now

  20. I haven’t really played the jumbo 76 since spading it, it wasn’t really good, I would much rather play the tiger 2 at 6.3 than the jumbo 76 at 6.0. There is something SERIOUSLY wrong with the way they analyse data if they think it should go up. It’s probably the same problem that makes the tanks from the minor nation overtiered in general, and that problem is that better players play them, the popularity of a tank is probably a better indicator of if it’s at a good BR than it’s other stats.

    The better way to analyse tanks would be to give them a relative score compared to the stats of the player. For example, I have a 58% overall win ratio and my win ratio with the jumbo is 55%, which confirms my feeling that it’s not really that good even at 6.0.

  21. they smoke some wired stuff or they want players to uninstall game 5.3 jumbo is already nerfed so much now 76 jumbo all players should play Germany,Germany vs Germany

  22. They even up BR the premium E2 jumbo, and every 8 out of 10 games it was at least at 5.7 to 6.0, combine with the t45 apcr in exchange for the HE round. It makes me think why i would ever spend 3000 GE for a tank that has nothing better than the techtree ones

  23. Even though the Jumbo has been uptierd I have seen it in the last 7/10 of my matches in the H1. I have been getting consistent uptiers ever since the patch in the German line-up from 5.3 all the way to 7.3 I would say 80% of my matches are now uptiers in the German tech-tree

  24. #DontSpendMoneyOnWarThunder

  25. sometimes i wonder what goes through gaijins head like ahh yes a WW2 tank that can face Leo 1 with 105mm heatfs T-54’s etc where what can it do besides get lol pen’d from everything it faces

  26. This BS is the reason i quit war thunder, American vehicles have gotten their br increased every patch for over 2 years now. The changes are also very ignorant almost like they dont even play their own game.

  27. just shot down justinplays in his Jet.. get fukt

  28. What a dumb opinion. The Jumbo 76 has NO problems fighting the Tiger II Proto. It’s much faster, has a stabilized gun with ok pen, good armor throughout the entire front and reloads quickly. The Tiger II has a strong ufp and lfp and a strong gun. That’s it. The mobility sucks. The turret sucks. The reload is mediocre. Has a huge muzzle break that’s just easy to pulverize. They’re equal. One has a better gun and better hull while the other is more versatile.

  29. The way they do BR changes is wrong. They balance vehicles by punishing good players, which punishes bad players even more. I don’t play ground, but even in Air RB, there is less balance every single time. They should have never changed that many fighter vehicles to Strike Aircraft, and they severely fucked up the late props. They unbalanced the Zeros, the F2G-1, the Spitfire F. Mk.22/24, and the F7F-1 to name a few. They have interceptors with terrible climb rates designated as fighters that get stomped every match. Overall, they need to balance vehicles by how they physically perform, and not how the players make them perform.

  30. They need to fire all the devs and start fresh with a new team, because obviously they have to be retarded

  31. The 76mm is not even in the same class as the 88mm.

  32. Jumbo Sherman: has to aim for weak spot on cheeks
    Tiger 2 p: just has to hover over your ufp

  33. saying the tiger 2 P has a shot trap used to be a huge let down to it, now its just a joke

  34. Who tf has issues killing a jumbo, Even with the 50mm of the puma I bully them and I feel pity for them :c

  35. Firestarter OnYouTube

    I mean, Gaijin are now ones who believe it should face Centurions with 285mm APDS (at Zero Zero)
    Which is insanely unfair

  36. I had a brain aneurysm reading this comment

  37. @Guesser__ because you couldnt understand the sarcasm?

  38. Георгий Мурзич

    Jumbo: 152mm turret armor

    Tiger 2 P: 100mm turret armor

    See the reason?

  39. Love from turkeyss

  40. Jumbo is worse than the tiger, so is the super pershing most of the times.

  41. RIP Jumbo

  42. Red Dragon Emperor

    I’m ok with it. F the jumbo.
    It will easier to find them and one shot them from 2 km away with my Tiger II H

  43. My guess is the jumbo is being moved to make way for a nice premium vehicle.

  44. Doesn’t the jumbo have two plates of front armor?

  45. What a surprise all the Ger/Rus BRs drop everyone else up.
    More low BR ‘auto’ cannon (20/30/40mm) memes less actual tank fighting.
    Happy Marshals with 150 crews seal clubbing, fewer newbs with level 5 crews stay to be clubbed …
    enjoy Reserves with 6 Marshals each side trying to each get video content …
    bye bye balanced game play or any game play at all…

  46. well looks like I’m not going to play the American tech tree now

  47. Give the Jumbo 80mm of armour everywhere and maybe itl be better lol

  48. the sherman jumbo has no difficulty fighting the tiger 2 p. none what so ever. the stabalizer is one thing everyone always overlooks when comparing the two and alongside the jumbo’s nimble handling and speed around the map, make it superior to the tiger 2p and honestly even the tiger 2h.

    there are four maps in the game that the jumbo will struggle against german tanks on., fulda, large poland, large sinai, and fire arc. the only four sniper maps in the game. you could argue Maginot line but with all the hills a jumbo has room to maneuver and two of the three caps are in towns.

    on EVERY OTHER MAP the sherman has the advantage because guess what, you gotta cap points to win the game. the points are almost all close quarters urban stuff, (even on most big maps like maginot like i mentioned) and the stabalizer gives the sherman the absolute edge over every german tank it faces in those environments. the tiger 2’s are faster. . . down hill, and in a straight line. which outside of the big maps i said, dont exist in the game. the jumbo accelerates up to speed faster, turns without losing nearly as much speed, and the argument that the tigers are faster is like comparing a nascar stock car to a formula 1 car, sure on daytona and taladega the nascars will win, but when most of the circuits they would go to are road courses. . . .

    so the jumbo can shoot first in every enguagment where both tanks are moving, ie going to the caps. the jumbo is better at moving around the maps and will likely beat the tigers there on most of them, and even if it runs into a tiger 2h that it cant pen, its gun is more than capable of just shooting out its barrel and then flanking it. sherman wins ,most engagements. not because “german players are stupid” but because the german tanks are worse in the meta, with no game modes that suit their strength, which is defending points they already hold rather than having to attack ones they dont.

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