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Recently in World of Tanks with the SPG nerfs spotting is not enough in a light tanks, well time take matters into our own hands!



  1. why in the world would we want gold rounds on the chieftain to be heat? So we can miss even more against ebr’s? Or so that we bounce the flat side of half of the meta tanks in the game?

  2. This game just became absurd, I understand this game started at a point where competitiveness in games wasn’t a thing, I understand the pay pay gold gold game model was a standard thing, but as they grew they kept that archaic obsolete game model of squish your player base and become a pay to win game that they are eating their own tail now, more and more competitive games supported by competitive streamers are coming out, and you can clearly see how more and more players leaves, and WG like and old man just wants to sit a drain all the money they still can from their players like an old gold mine, just letting this game with HUGE possibilities of become a META of competitive games to rott, I really hope some big American game company realizes this, understands the possibilities, and create their own tank competitive modern model game, WG had it chance and just picked money instead of their players and their game sorry not sorry

  3. Manticore!!!

  4. Op tumor in wheels not even ace for that BS

  5. All this complaining about the arty nerf is downright goofy QB. Please stop it.

  6. Most of the lines are already dead Japanese and french heavies have been out of the meta 4-5 years now glass cannons can’t have consistent games derp guns are out of existence so you have limited options if you want to be competitive most of the times

    Sorry for my bad English :’)

  7. Why the he’ll does this wot look so different then wot its like a totally different game?

  8. I haven’t felt any arty nerfs…I still take 400-900 damage from them in pretty much every class I play. Even the POS M12 has done 400+ to one of my T9 MT’s.

  9. I dislike the lack of using intuition in this replay, there were multiple occasions to change to more appropriate ammo type

  10. literally the only reason why the manticore has a high WR is because only good players use it cause its trash, not because it has “high alpha and long reload that allows you to reload and hide after every shot”

  11. WG will never balance the game because THEY CANT and they dont want to.

  12. Back when All Chat was still a thing.

    *Gets Malinovka*

    *Notices no light tanks*

    Enemy E25: Games like this are why I load a camo net and telescope.

    Everyone on my team: FUCK!!!

  13. Yeah, arty nerf works aswell for lights. …speshul russian explosives come without blast radius, lol

  14. Hmm, especially the manticore, play like a td, that can spot really really well. Mainly spot, but use the great camo to finish off/do dmg to vehicles that need to die fast.

  15. Since the HE nerf I’ve stopped playing, then the crew thing looks like it’s happening. I just said bugger this and stopped playing. 9 years and thousands of dollars into the game and I have no interest in it anymore.

  16. I’ll repeat a comment I have made to you before concerning this, light tanks should get most of their credits from scouting but not shooting the hell out of everything they circle with the wheeled scouts almost cannot miss ability. They carry way more ammo spacewise than any of them ever could and it would make the game more fair to other classes of vehicles if this were the case. Just my two dollars worth of comment since two cents does not go far any more. Keep up the good work and God bless sir.

  17. 7k dmg in a lt at tier X is almost guaranteed an ace without spotting dmg, but the fact with the clown car with 7k and only 1st class just shows you how influential this vehicles are and how darn good they are running in randoms, and completely destroys games when played by a purple unicorn. the results speaks for itself. unlike reward vehicles which are often driven by the best players, the EBR is available to anyone.

    edit: did 7k in the jageroo last week and it was an ace rofl

  18. Yeah ill just play my medium tank cuz i can spot just as good, and have concealment

  19. with the recent top of the tree i bought WZ 132 and man i get literally no assist damage ever. i get outspotted by like enemy elc even 90 every time and life is so hard. but truth be told i dont use CVS because i feel like due to 250 alpha and low camo its more of a battle light than a passive scout.

  20. Well played by the Chieftain…but I was in an EBR flying around like a monkey on crack and he missed. Save the lament for the demise of light tanks for the actual light tanks.

  21. Light tank dmg 450+ and Medium Tank 500+ is the biggest of bullshits wargaming has ever done. Like wtf what do you even need heavy tanks for. Its bullshit imho

  22. I thought I got unspotted after 10s of getting spotted. Has it always been 15s? I am confused.

  23. Stop whining excuses about blah blah blah I couldnt carry the battle in my EBR poor EBR please buff.

  24. Exactly, damage dealt is not about already having reloaded when you have a target ready to fire at, but having a target ready to fire at when you have reloaded. That is what quick tanks excel at, thus suiting light tanks and many mediums extremely well.

    I am maining light tanks for more than 3 years now and from my experience a perfectly servicable light will know where to spot from, but a good light will know where to spot from and when to deal damage.

  25. Yeah… I loved playing LTs. I played much more in my LTs than any other class (other than to do the missions). I have completely stopped playing the game because of both the speed and the LTs becoming irrelevant mostly. It’s as if they don’t giv a crap for anything other than rushing to the brawl. I hate it, and I used to enjoy the game a lot.

  26. I’ve noticed it too.WG, please do something with it..

  27. you made a lot of points in this video. Artis where nurfed. That nurfed light’s abilities too. Strong tanks like the type 5 or fv4005 or kv2 that did tremendous damage no longer can at least not like before. Premium ammo is used like crazy from everyone in game so the fat thick armor of heavies or strong tds…look ridiculously like paper. And what we have now. While artis were annoyingly powerfull, they have survivability 0 and reload times…that can make them shoot how many? 5-6 times in a 5 minute game epsecially if they have light tanks in wheels as opponents? Not to mention the map that will randomly be chosen to play? Lights playing in himmelsdorf or ensk at tier X????? can spot without moving from base start! Start game…. 2-3 secs time….spotted…arti dead! light tanks? they had a chance to shoot some HE in these maps…but now? all you do is just run and change postiion…if you dont die in the 2-3 min game. so the spotting in 2-3 mins game is ridiculously low, and propably depends of the team positioning and enemy movements. I have been playing scouts alot of time in the past…now i just use them only for the missions tasks, the same for artis. 2 out of 5 game styles(heavies,meds,td, lights, arti) are ruined…Not mention that ruining the abilities of some tanks…WG made impossible for Personnal missions to finish. I have been playing 1 1/2 year trying to get the misison 15 with 8k TD damage for obj260…NOT THE OBJ279e missions…BUT the oldest of them all the obj260’s ones. and yet. Reason? map dont suit, team is useless, team is good so a slow td cant do much, well known positions after so many years of staying the same, known valnubilities and so on. As a result personnal missions unless you are VERY lucky can be finished. And the word is LUCK not talent/ability. You may be the best player in the team…but others dont help much most of the time. What needs to be done is.
    1. Gain some power back to the artis. they play crucial role in REAL battles so should in the game. Artis can shoot and DONT pen and ricochet the top of amx 13 90! yes i did it with a gw100 twice!
    2. Make some maps light friendlier with bushes is some parts of them.
    3. Light spotting….You cant have an enemy coming or not spotted sitting infront of you in 100meters… but can spot enemies in the Haven Port map when you are on the balcony and the others in the tunnels behind you just because they are 25 meters away in game!
    4. Recalibrate the Personal missions objectives. Make them non linear and not selectable. Now you must follow 1 mission. Make them all avaibale each game. so you can finish anyone of them. Its been 2-3 years now with them (especally the 1st set). That will give new interest in the missions. I finished 2 missions in a whole year and i play 9 years the game! The random part in the game is bigger than in the lottery games.
    5. unless you allow more people to gain the obj20, obj279e and t95fv – DONT ALLOW PLATTOONS OF THEM IN ANY COMPINATION OF THE 3 OR AT LEAST give us a fair play and put them in games that both teams have the same amount of them! yesterday we had to win a platoon of 3 obj279e in platoon and 1 t95fv in their team! and we had none!

  28. For me when it comes to scouting it just feels actively almost punished, I very much prefer active spotting over sitting in a bush. Then with some of my favorite light tanks being lower tiered and running into more games where one shot removed half or more of my health it just gets hard to reason doing spotting anymore outside of things that can take a hit.

  29. the amount of damage a light tank can make is ridiculos

  30. if an SPG directly hits a light (especially an EBR) with it’s HUMUNGUS artillery shell; it should blow it to hell. I have no problem with this.

  31. Yesterday T92 HMC penetrated my kpz 50t… 1172 DMG was not a nice experience. Why can they even pen???

  32. 2011-2021::Nerf arty!!! blah blah blah
    2021: Omg the arty nerf tilted the game.
    me: told ya

  33. It is not just the arty nerf. Too many tanks have crazy view range. They don’t need lights for spoting.

  34. I got 0 spotting after spotting all 15 enemy tanks on prokharovka for an average of 30 seconds (i watched the replay to calculate that) that is a sad thing because i used to get 10k spotting even in something like the amx 13 105 (my favorite tank but not the one that i lay most because of the current meta)

  35. Reason I quit
    I noticed lights are dead
    I liked lights …. Lol thanks WG

  36. I think you’re talking a lot of nonsense. I play bourasque so I have even less armour than you do and I’ve managed to get 9k combined with half spotting and half damage.
    I’m nearly at my second gun mark on bourasque, the first tank I’ll ever achieve that.
    My equipment is bounty optics, radio and bounty exhaust. With designated target directive, food

  37. I think they ruined Arty and light tanks with the nerf of Arty. I actually enjoyed it before that and did think Arty was well enough balanced for experienced players.

  38. It’s not only in tier 10 games that spotting is useless. But next time, do not use an EBR to make your point. These things should not have been in this game in the first place.

  39. Michael Hildebrandt

    I noticed over the last month that my spotting damage is getting down when playing a light tank. Now I know why…

  40. hey play war thunder

  41. Well, if you do not need rammer (cause you pull back a lot anyways) then you can invest into aiming -> greater chance to hit is always useful. And might be useful when you get spotted when you peek to make a quick snap shot without aiming.

  42. manticore has great wr because its mostly played by good players which use it in cw and stuff. his theorys about win rate in wot are so dumb

  43. EBR is not tank, period 🙂

  44. I rather play against any amount of armor than EBR…

  45. 4 broken wheels and still moving


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