When Tank Shell Ricochets Back #shorts

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Source: DezGamez

What actually happens when Shell Bounces off and Ricochets back? Nobody knew until now, when I used my high-tech-prototype-slow-mo-machine… FV215b 183 vs Object 705A.

► Credits:
– Slow Motion Scenes from the movie “T-34 (2018)” – All credits the film!
– Meme clip by “Neil deGrasse Tyson”.

Today I am going show you what exactly happens when your 183mm shell bounces off and ricochets back from the Russian heavy tank. 🙂
took quite some time make, so hopefully you appreciate it! Mega shout-out to the move “T-34” for those breathtaking slow motion shots, amazing, definitely out!

What do you think?


  1. It’s t34 movie then plus meme of course xd

  2. Wow, nice one

  3. That. Was. AWESOME.

  4. That was oddly satisfying.

  5. That was accually cool

  6. WTF 😂😂😂

  7. And thats why i hate WOT the rng

  8. I really do hope you enjoy this! These take quite a long time to make actually, longer than many other episodes, but worth it! 🙂
    Epic shout-out to the move “T-34” for those OMEGA EPIC slow-mo clips! *Smack the Subscribe button for some good RNG*

  9. Wait, Hesh? RICOCHET?

  10. Now that was DEZtruction

  11. that t34 movie was not bad 🙂

  12. I laughed way too hard for this…

  13. I like this movie! And the video is great!!!

  14. “Ricoch- We’ve destroyed a friendly!”

    • I remember actually doing that in the old days. No team damage has made for a less toxic game but it did end some very cool and fairly rare mechanics.

  15. you just found out about T-34 movie and you made an edit with it … btw legendary movie

  16. Best one I seen was an artillery shot bouncing off a maus to fly another few hundred meters and take out the enemy artillery.

  17. will dez see this comment in 5 minutes ? if no I will buy him a coffee


  19. Average RNG when you dont use premium rounds in WOT.

  20. This is much better than Indian bollywood, LOL

  21. The GWEL OF THE CENTURY finally found

  22. T34 was an epic film. Very much enjoyed it.

  23. boristhebarbarian

    Nice edit of the T34 movie. Since you cannot do team damage anymore I wonder if you can do damage to yourself with your own gun. a 180 degrees return shot would be amazing

  24. Chivalrous Veteran

    I have never seen so much time and effort put into such a short clip before … until now!!!! = – D

  25. That’s what you get from firing AP with the Deathstar

  26. But the real question is can it kill EBR in trololo mode.

  27. Nice vid bro👍👍👍👍

  28. I love that movie holy shit

  29. 😱😂😂😂😂

  30. ngiongggg🤣

  31. Forgot this movie existed

  32. I see you saw T-34, my favourite tank movie so far


  34. Thou the rng when u hit the tank u amied on, ricoshets on him and kills the tank besides him xDD

  35. Nice movie

  36. I didn’t record a battle in which my shell ricocheted off the turret of a heavy tank, went to the right and killed a tank behind the corner. Laughs galore!

  37. well i got a weird thing to tell it was years back in wot. it was on sand river and i was in the panther and infront of me was a chaffee or T37 but a bit higher because i was going up on a hill.
    he was low HP and when he shot me in the front he bounced me and by a miracle its bounced back to him and i got the kill.

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