When the Enemy PLAY LIKE BOTS in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today’s video is all about taking advantage in World of Tanks when you find yourself playing against inexperienced players!



  1. I need to make a correction! It’s the 53TP GUARD (from the mirny event) that gets the extra DpM with the 105 mm. RIP ME.

    • @Martin Galindo bruh in what world is apcr better than HEAT? It’s harder to ricochet than apcr and you don’t lose penetration

    • @duc nguyen viet below the auto ricochet the apcr got normalization, does not loss to much vs screens plus shell velocity it in reallity depend on what you are shooting.

    • @Yekki APCR’s are much better

    • @Martin Galindo Yes I agree with that, heat is bad against space armor and objects. But the facts that it can punch straight through slope armor and has more normalisation than apcr is just too good to say no for close range. And yes the armor works better when Hulldown.

    • @Martin Galindo but after all it still depends on what you are shooting and situation you are in. 🤙


  3. Why don’t you use the turbo on the TS-5?

  4. Did they remove the ‘last kill with last shot’ medal?

  5. how did your Settings , That cool

  6. MvB - Mathe vom Besten

    LOL – some players even have a winrate, even BOTs would not have …

  7. the reason why the TS-5 is better than the T28 is because every since they change the T28 tank model to what ever they fuck that thing is now. But the TS-5 is needed because there was no P-TD to help cook up the Crew XP for the nonturreted TD’s line. I was happy to get the TS-5 even though I’ve got the E4 and 3 long before the the TS-5. It was hard to level crews for the E3. I’ve only manage to get about 40% on the second perks now I’m on the 4th perks

  8. Quacky Baby really held his words that to provide (terrrible?) daily content. 😆

  9. for me it used to be the VK28.01 with the 105mm derp cause that thing was fast and hit hard if you knew where to hit, then it was the O-Ho cause of the foolproof armor and Anti-Russian 150mm derp and now it’s the T9 Obj 263.

  10. Had to laugh at the title. Doesn’t qb realise how many players are actually using bots these days?

    • Do you have the numbers ? Please tell us !

    • @Oliver Tell they were banning over a hundred a month on sea server. Which was likely only a small portion of how many were out there. So if we assume similar rates on eu it would likely be in the thousands given it’s a much larger server.

  11. playing on premium tanks is NOT free to play .

  12. I thought the tech tree Caernarvon was woeful, I was constantly facing tanks with double the alpha that I had and either had to run and hide or slug it out with a pew pew gun versus an atomic bomb. It didn’t help that my team played like bots and I really had little choice in the matter. I might add that even if I predict correctly when it’s time to push or time to fall back and defend quite often the rest of the team appear to have no mini map and tunnel vision so again there is not a lot that I can do about that.

    • They added a 32 pounder to the tech tree version a few years back, giving you an option for higher alpha. Not Russian alpha, but a good gun and still very good dpm.

  13. I would really like to see u play the JP2 to see how u would play it I play it a lot and almost always get at least 4 to 5k dmg it it

  14. In short: QB has a great built in noobmeter 😂😘

  15. aimbot wallhax

  16. TS-5 with +2 matchmaking really shouldn’t be possible in the game.

  17. Playing like bots or playing as scripted? 🙂

  18. Wise advice.

  19. Martine Maxine Caulfield

    And this is why I left this powercreepyng game, Unicum players with full crew skills, bond equipment and pay to win Op vehicles farming the averages players.

    • LOL so good players outplaying better ones then, literally he played against another TS-5, so the only real difference was that QB played his tank better and the other guy played badly, which is what makes the real difference and is what crying players like you can’t handle. When you get outplayed by skill, instead of thinking ‘hmmn should I have played better, what can i learn there’ you cry about premium vehicles, premium ammo, OP tanks, OP players.

      I mean seriously Caern AX is about far from OP as you can get, it’s a very average tier 8 heavy tank and he fired full standard ammo, yet instead of recognising the play, people like cry about pointless crap that doesn’t make that much difference because you just won’t accept that people are fundamentally better at the game than you and that is why they win more and do better. I once had a clan mate who did an experiment, he played the M48 Patton and IS-7, two average tier 10 tanks, with no prem ammo, no consumables, no equipment and 75% crews, and he still managed like 2.7-2.8k DPGs and 60% win rate, better than 95% of the playerbase can do at tier 10, very clearly showing all the crap you just moaned about it meaningless, what matters is ability.

      Skill yesterday averaged 4k in a Charioteer, a tank that doesn’t even have high pen premium round, with standard equipment and like a 2-3 skill crew, that is not an OP tank, that is not premium ammo, that is not bond equipment, so what excuse do you have there? None, you are just a whinger, glad players like you left the game, the game is better for it.

  20. @7:54 It’s about how much can you pay to take your game to the next level

  21. Qb i love the daily uploads

  22. I would say that main difference was seen at the end where it was ts5 mirror – the one who is willing to use gold and buy his result will get them…

  23. QB! Your positive/analytical reviews are great! Loved this video. Well done!

  24. In the first game:

    I think the roles were reversed in this game. The opponents were being too defensive and holding exposed positions in the field.

    About 2 minutes into the game, the opponents are down to only 54.8% of their starting HP and your team still has 83.6% of their HP. That the attackers are playing so defensively and making bad HP trades, they likely would have to be gifted the game (if your team threw, to provide any sort of meaningful change). One could analyse team A vs B’s tank line up. The opponents only have 98.4% of the starting HP of your team might matter in some games but usually teams win more handily than just a few HP.

    • VioletStatPedder -

      The “problem” with the assault game mode (especially on that map) is that the attackers need to push in whereas the defenders can just sit and camp. This means that the attackers will always bleed hitpoints before the fight is “equal”.

  25. Try console again sometime qb…see if you can pull those 7-8k games, maybe it’s changed.

  26. midnight is the time to get huge games.

  27. World of ridge line tanks.

  28. Hey, stop insulting my teams!

  29. sometimes I miss playing this game, but then I remember how bad the pay to win has gotten and feel just a little bit better

  30. Better video idea…what to do when your team plays like bots.

  31. that TS-5 camo is amazing. what’s it called?

  32. *Because, that’s what players do.*

  33. U don’t need to tell how to fight against “bots”, it takes an incredibly insane amount of *SKILLS* to lose against a team of bots. U need to show the normal or not unicum players how to play when playing WITH a team of bot. So that we all can try our best and not depend on the team as team bots are sponsored by WG :v

    And no, JaghTiger doesn’t have ammor for such kind of gameplay. Just because u are lucky when playing an OP premium tanks where the enemy didn’t continuously pound u with premium shells, DOESN’T MEAN any tank should or could do it, not mention that match making conditions :v

    • Doesn’t really change the point though, a Jagdtiger camping in the corner of the map where it can only really shoot once most of it’s team is dead is useless and how you lose games. Whilst it might not be able to do like theTS-5, top tier against tier 8s it can still bounce and has big HP/Alpha/DPM combo that can shred opponents, it only needs to pen 6 shots and you will have over 3k damage. Far too many players just go ‘I’m a TD and I must camp’ and that is all they do, they don’t support the team, they don’t use their HP or armour, they just basically help the team lose, and its not the vehicle’s fault its the players fault. I mean perfect example there, TS-5 player, very strong tank, even more so against tier 6s, literally sits in the corner of the map, he made his team more likely to lose and lose faster.

    • @tajj7   u don’t play the Jaghtiger do u? I played all German TDs enough to know their armor is not that great (even the Jag E100 line) compare to other nation TDs, it doesnt has the speed either (that’s already with Turbo). Wanna play TD rush, u can properly do it with Russian TDs, Chinese, UK or US, German are made to support from far because they have decent guns. Camping in the back is better than get track and broken engine then die like 5 mins in the battle playing aggressively with German TDs

      For others TDs, most TDs in the games are made for camping support from far, that’s why not all are suitable for rushing in and do insane DPS, rushing while allies camping and not going together is pointless.

      Sure, u may match against tier 6, tier 7, tier 8, but honestly, do u even see that often enough to suggest rush in style?

      Besides, if allies are camping, don’t support, don’t shoot. Report them for bots. Still doesn’t show it’s good enough to PLAY AGRESSIVELY with every TDs, many premium tanks users i match with or against just throw themselves blindly to enemy possition, sometimes allies didn’t even catch up yet. BECAUSE they are premium tanks, don’t care about credits or teamwork, just play it brainlessly and blame allies not support.

      QB just happened to be a really good player and knew the game well, not everyone is a unicum so most of his advices on gameplay are still misunderstood, impractical

  34. If the title is ” My teammates play like bots but I still win the game.”, that would be more atractive. Because that’s the most cases I have.

  35. that tank rate of fire is op as fuck.

  36. how is this tank as fast as the Maus with all turbos included?

  37. When there was marathon for free TS-5?

  38. I’m playing T95 as a scout 😂😂

  39. good speech about agresive tds… lot of ppl in their obj 268 4 just snipes… when enemy has the same vehicle and their player is involved then its gg in most cases… outnumbered¨, few bounces and finito.

  40. Another BS video … selling premium tanks. Just happened to be a good day, like it was a bad day before that. Nothing to do with specific tanks. TS-5 is made of cheese whenever the games decides so.

  41. “When the Enemy PLAY LIKE BOTS in World of Tanks!”,
    so the word “when” is an assumption that players do not usually play like that, but why in my experience of the game i feel like that it is the contrary?….lol

  42. Believe it or not but either IS-6 or Löwe 😀 these tanks surprise when top notch crew & equipment applied.

  43. So what about the tanks that can’t put out this much DPM, or aren’t set up quite as well because the drivers can’t afford it/aren’t skilled enough for it?

    I’d love to be able to do this, but… Yeahh….

  44. I wish players would learn what you spoke about, the ability to know when to attack. So often I start the push and take the first hits for the team, and they all sit there afraid to push, when if they had helped we could have made the breakthrough and opened up the battle.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      so you just yolo without any support and die without any use for the team?

    • @Test_name Test_surname if the team behind me are cowards then sometimes yes. And that’s fine, I’d rather die and start a new battle than camp with cowards for 15 minutes. Someone has to make the first move and take the initial hits.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      @MrJack then that is bad play and wrong reasoning, you gain nothing from being destroyed early and starting a new game where you repeat same mistakes

    • @Test_name Test_surname the bad play is when my team can’t see the opportunity and move on it, which is exactly what qb is talking about.

  45. Dr. Manfred Göder

    Pz. B2 740 😉 kick and rush style

  46. this game is such a joke now how do you still enjoy it

  47. Sorry, what did u miss? Wot IS a preprogramed rng bot game

  48. Always enjoy your daily vids this time of year. Favorite rampage tank is the standard IS-3.

  49. happens to me every time like I am a magnet. I watch your videos, put my man pants on and steam in at the end of the game when I think now is the time to push and is safe, and all the unspotted tanks are waiting for me around the corner.

  50. I wish all my enemies were bots, but traditionally I end up with bots on my team.

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