When The KRUPPSTAHL Is Angled Just Right | Jagdpanther Rampage

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Source: PhlyDaily

When The KRUPPSTAHL Is Angled Just Right


  1. jagdpanther: exists , Ikv91 wants to know your location

  2. Bro congratulations on the baby wish you and your family a happy life. Make a asu-57 with 10.7 br. It fun to see you troll them.please.

  3. 23:28 you can hear Phly got a phone call

  4. Frantisek Brtinský

    I one time killed a jagdapanther with jumbo through the front and i dont know how

  5. Walker bulldog with sabot shot can pen this at long range, right? I know i one shot these things at med range

  6. Day 12: Play The Tu-4

  7. CobraMike 13bravo

    You really dont have to worry about any tank long range. 30 seconds later, e.b.r” hold my beer”

  8. You killed me again. Greatings from t25. 😉

  9. Jebać Kowala!!!

  10. Phly you should do a video with the katyusha rocket truck

  11. Also fear Swedish bois with APDS

  12. Nando lazuardi Burhan

    11:05 boss you kill a child

  13. I dare u to get 1 plane destroyed using the KV-2

  14. Jagdpanther’s are sexy as hell when you see them in real life. I saw one at the Panzermuseum in Munster – Germans sure like them angled smoothly

  15. Matias de la Fuente

    *video starts*
    *hears Hell March*

  16. Hey Phly, when was the last time you played a Zero fighter?

  17. Play leopard 2a4 pls attempt 3

  18. Hey man keep up the content. I watched you since 2016 up until now. Im shipping this morning for boot camp and appreciate the superb content. Keep it up

  19. What is the opening song phly used?

  20. Play T-54 (1949). I was surprised how tricky its turret is at 7.3.

  21. I have no idea why this thing is 6.0. The stats are stupid. I am pretty sure Gaijin doesn’t look at the player level when making stupid changes. More often you get up-tiered. The 5.0 and 5.3 tanks are not equipped to kill this thing. Brits can tho with their APDS.

  22. Tiger H1 at 5.3, tiger 2 P at 6.3, Tiger 2H at 6.7, IS-3 at 7.0, one T-54 at 7.3, jagdpanther at 6.0.
    Definitely not someone who escaped one asylum and gaijin thought it was a perfect employee to balance the game

    • Combatant Ezoteric

      the t54s were really suffering at 7.7 but the reason was the much better 8.3 tanks. the decompression should have been made there.

  23. Day 7:use the BM-13 or the IS-2 please

  24. My fav German tank ❤️

  25. Hi Steve, I have an unusual request. Being part of a minority speaking culture, in my birth country of Wales, Its gratifying when someone, not native to Wales, takes the effort to pronounce our language. I’m referring specifically to the word Caernarvon. There’s one small thing however, whilst you enunciate perfectly, this spelling and pronunciation of Caernarvon is English. In Welsh, it is Caervarfon. Phonetically, the first syllable sounds like tyre, with a roll on the r, the rest is almost the same, with a few slight inflections. I would be eternally grateful, amused and impressed if you could say it in just one of your vids.
    I don’t expect anything to come of this but there are a number of short YT vids that would explain far better than I. I’ll leave a presumptuous, cheeky and hopefully, prompting “Thank you”, right here.

  26. “get killed and move on to a new battle”

    How about you take more vehicles and don’t one death leave

  27. Maybe they could put the IS-7 dawn a bit.

  28. The Jumbo is the worst tank in the game! Just about everything can pen your armor and your own gun/rounds can’t pen shit! On top of all that you are super slow!

  29. a long slong 88mm… thats funny….

  30. I take this tank out I get number 1 in the match literally every time. I have, for the most part, stopped playing it because it doesn’t feel right (which sucks because it’s my favorite tank in real life) I know how much it sucks to see this thing and you know you can’t do anything about it/pen it. Luckily, for some weird, reason you don’t see them too much.

  31. Its an odd TD to play, at range is fucking deadly, up close I find my gun always gets knocked out

  32. Yesterday I killed around 3 jagdpanther with m6a1 and m4a1 76 on karaliea (sry for the spelling) map

  33. You should try out ww2 online it’s insane

  34. People complaining about the EBR are just bad player. That is majority of the German main.

  35. That’s not the problem with statistics
    thats the problem of the one who abused the statistics

    garbage in garbage out

  36. The song from the beginning is Hell March btw

  37. Phly, I have and will always be just…stunned with your work ethic, God knows how much work you put up every single day, I know I can’t keep up with this kind of lifestyle and I don’t have as much responsibilities as you do, I mean you have a family now, you’re a dad and somehow you’re still as consistent as ever, I’ll admit I don’t watch every single video of yours but that’s just because you post one every day and I honestly can’t keep up, but I just wanna say thank you, you’re amazing and always stay true to yourself like you’ve always been, take your breaks whenever you need ’em because I can only assume how tired you must be for once in a while.

  38. Santino Franco Davico

    It’s op, I can’t pen it with 6.0 tanks and when they camp they are a pain.

  39. Phlee – take out the Russian flak bus…YaG – 10

  40. E.B.R should be 7.0+ lol

  41. I really hope that one day they will make a split between ww2 tanks and cold war era tanks and newer ones

  42. When the Kruppstahl is sus

  43. Day 7 of congratulating Phly and reminding him that he will be a great father

  44. it is NOT yágnpénfer, it is JAGDPANZER

  45. Day 6 of M18 AX-38 gameplay, an interesting match up

  46. Now I’m affraid to play RB because of the EBR cancer flanking/camping. It’s gun and mobility are sooooo god.

  47. SaifulBohram Usup

    I love the command & conquer red alert theme. Nice one.

  48. Congratulations on a newborn man! So cool seeing you become a dad, wish you were my dad 🙄. Anyways, when are you posting the red tails video you promised?? 😆

  49. 6.3 foch loves a good time with EBR 🙂
    just less loves its time with RU251’s usually can take 1-2 heat shots from those tho long as you run low ammo counts

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