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Source: QuickyBaby

I’ve played ~60,000 of World of Tanks and never seen this happen!


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  1. Actually on ru servers people are doing it on purpose, they launch battle with bot accounts and then just shoot them. Or shoot from 2 different Arty’s from different teams in one battle, with one account they look at the position of ally and then just shoot them with the other account

  2. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Holy shit does this do 180 turn in under a second while going full speed?

  3. Garrulous Skeptic

    This used to happen on SEA frequently for a while

  4. It’s just incredible how ugly the tank symbol thingy (dunno how it’s called xd) of wheeled vehicles is…

  5. This happened in WoTB too
    But no one reconnected

  6. Yea… that hapning to me in evry 1000 battels… But when I come back my tank is distroyed… I have computer 11 years old and my internet is also not so perfect… So that is that …. Serbia… lol

  7. “Dream situation for me” You have to be kidding…with DC’d enemy it is hollow results.

  8. Been quickybaby, will the giant health had still drop it you hit a blind shot? If it does work like that, I think it would be very good when blind firing bushes.

  9. Why he didnt kill 15 tanks?

  10. Large numbers of players afk regularly happens on the Hong Kong server. If you contact WG Player Support their reaction is:

    1) It’s your ISP, not us
    2) Send us more data about your problem (Ping Plotter charts, tracers, etc.) AND KEEP ASKING FOR MORE DATA (even after you send them everything)

    The interesting thing is: about 80% of the time tests show the problem being with the WG ISP and inside the data center where the server is located.

    Conclusion: WG is using cheap and unreliable connection services and/or equipment. Blaming players instead clearly indicates WG refuse to spend money to solve this largely AVOIDABLE problem.

  11. I laughed so hard in the second replay when Lucky spotted everyone XD

  12. Giovanni Pomarico

    I remember my last server crash, I was Major and almost general in a Frontlines battles, I was so annoyed ^^’

  13. 10:45 thats a lot of damage !

  14. Yeah, exactly the same thing happened to me 😂 I thought its some problem with my connection but after few minutes most of our team connected back

  15. This is really a pay yo win gamr

  16. Chris Nunya Business

    BeardyBaby…that is all

  17. I had the same situation when I was playing my Strv S1. I dealt 7600 damage xD

  18. Happened to me, entire enemy team afk at spawn…. I was in an e3…

  19. qb did za warudo and stopped time for 5 mins

  20. Hopefully I’ll see you soo………


  21. I was in game when the servers crashed. Saddly I didn’t manage to rejoin the game like the majority of players

  22. In the 23k games I played so far it only happened to me once too. Unfortunately I wasnt the lucky guy who could farm as it crashed for me aswell.

  23. this happened to me also. almost everyone disconnected on Studzianki including me. i was able to farm 3,5 k damage in Turtle before the enemies reconnected. The enemy IS-3 didnt lose connection and scored 7k damage and 7 kills 😀

  24. Nikola Nedeljkovic

    That BUGI game was 14v14…Rare as well!

  25. it is blessed to be born in a country where this happens for the first time in a 50k fight … my connection is lost in at least 2 games a day, and most often I only return to the garage … and in others the ping varies in 50% of the game .. .one grenade needs one length of tank advantage … the other needs two lengths of tank … and the tank goes at the same speed … and that’s sad … especially when some, by wn good players from such blissful countries are wise to someone like me how to play … playing on the bad internet is … ART

  26. Actually happened to me and when I got back i was actually knocked out of the game, I could play a different game with the same tank while I’m pretty sure the previous game was still ongoing, and the game was never registered as having been lost or won. So basically the game didn’t exist.

  27. Imagine that this one in a 50 000 games situation happened in a tank like Sturer emil with incredible WG balancing feature carring only 15 shells 😀

  28. This is ridiculous and i feel jealous

  29. i get these kind of “Battles” as well….2 times in my Wot career, i get these ghost battles!

  30. Jetson Reginald Baltan

    Actually this happened to me once in 2015 where i keep on reconnecting until i enter the game then i realized that most of the players are afk then rushed to the enemy base with my t-49 then get my 8 kills and 5k damage. I only got 5k damage coz most of the players reconnected.

  31. I had a situation like this 3 years ago and when I realized everyone was AFK I literally started salivating but as excited as I was, I managed to fall into the goddamn lake on Lakesville. I don’t think I ever managed to run away from that nightmare.

  32. was hoping for a aufklärungspanzer panther video, i hope you got one

  33. Server down, no credits beck, no compensation, WG f you player.

  34. OK, this situation is spooky. It happened to me at least twice and managed to get 9 kill game and maybe a 10 kill game, not sure about the last.

  35. Martin Vít Vavřík

    Am I counting wrong or was the B.U.G.I. game actually 14v14? Interesting bug.

  36. I had 2 server crashes years ago, so I managed to peck a Hellcat to death with a T80 light, took a while… And in the other my pz1c reconnected underwater having launcher off the small cliff on prokorvodka

  37. 🤣 love it!

  38. I wish I could have a game even 1/6 that good in my BUGI lol

  39. Daniel Aleksander Jensen

    I remember years ago Amway921 showed s similar video where a lucky T-34-85 driver got to kill, I think, almost the entirety of the enemy team. But at that time he had an x5 experience boost because it was his first battle.

  40. RNG gods glitched

  41. i had a game like this a long time back started up and only my tank was moving for the first 5 to 7 min’s…got to chew up the enemy team a lot before they began to come back to life.

  42. That was thrilling

  43. Geeze I can only dream of playing with 10-30 ping. 100-120 is normal with higher spikes with stutters and 5 out 10 shots turning into ghost shells and disappearing pretty much every game. All of these unicoms with fast and stable internet have no idea of how many of the player base have to play.

  44. Afonso Thorstein

    Omg, imagine having to fight QB in an EBR. Thank God i play at the NA server.

  45. Pay to win at its finest

  46. Pretty common back in 2012, we can chat to enemies but they can’t move lol

  47. 9:35 – Isnt Fairlight.NFO a piracy file that comes with pirated games? Naughty Quicky!

  48. guys where can i download the mods for free cam and battle hits for world of tanks?

  49. Airinei Lucian Ionut

    this happenned in bletz also i while ago … i reconected fast and farmed a bit in my jageroo

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