When the team forces your hand..

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  1. Well played to your T-54 lightweight and O-HO as well as yourself. You guys hard carried that flank.

  2. Like for hat

  3. I love it when shots miss when they should 100% hit and you stare into the camera. Makes me laugh everytime.

  4. 3:32 hitler is like nein nein nein!!!

  5. Sircon, sorry im new so hopefully this question doesn’t bother you. Whats the XVM pack on that? All I really ever want is the extra zoom out function since it seems to be really helpful. Excellent game as always!

  6. That tvp bot protection.i bet hes 45%

  7. Hard carry results should be the following: If your team mates couldn’t do more than their own hp worth of damage then you should get the credits they earned since you did 4x your own hp

  8. that miss on the amx 90 happened at 4:20min’s into the vid was that a coincidence?


  9. Circon how about Jagdtiger with HE only and/or Jagdpanzer E100 HE only. Iv’e done both and you can get some awesome moments. The Jagdtiger if you get pens it like firing a 15cm gun but with a faster ROF. The Jagpanzer E100 is capable of one a one shot on lost of enemies.

  10. When 2/3rds of your team goes valley and still loses.

  11. Seeing that team reminded me why I stopped playing WoT over a year ago…

  12. ‘General, what should we do?’


    ‘But general we can use city as our cover…’


    ‘But General…’


    ‘Timmy, stop playing with your fidget spinner!!!’

    ‘NO, VALLEY!!”

  13. Hey It's Franklin Hidden

    5 10 confirmed best MM i hope wg lowers 3 5 7 mm by like 50%

  14. All the missing shots is the problem of wargaming seervers. With each patch i’ve noticed an increase in dissapearing and not registered shots/hits. The d-sync is getting worse in the game. And they are not paying attention to it.

  15. It still amazes me how dumb players are, even at high tier. First off pushing the valley isn’t very smart and its even dumber when the enemy team has arty support. Why would anyone push the valley unless they have great turret armor and a lot of gun depression? I always laugh when I see an idiot in something like an IS-7 try and push the valley. When I bring out my deathstar and i spawn in the south, I love to camp near the cap looking down the valley just to wreck the first idiot that pops over the ridge in the middle of the valley. Once I have fucked the idiots up trying to push valley, I make my way over to the town if there are enemy tanks that way..

  16. “Playing on the computer all day, and virtually ignoring his whole family” 🙂

  17. “boring way to play” ofc it is boring for you you screw people over with an HE foch ;-; but hats of to the carry circon “petje af”

  18. Is the JagdTiger your favorite tank now? :3

  19. I’m loving the no turret no fucks given memes lately.

  20. Three jagdtiger replays in a row? Is this your new meme, Circ?

  21. …to jerk off

  22. that moment you realize that Circon never wanted to play jagdtiger before

  23. I feel they should lead the Jagdtiger into a dpm TD like the Russian obj.263. Because imo the jagdtiger going up to a JG doesn’t really make much sense.

  24. play the jagdtiger 88mm, it is atrocious!

  25. Been working on TD15.3 in my 704 for a while and came within 100 damage of the 6k twice, and circon just zero efforts 6k before even having to move.

  26. Why do you wear a boring beanie? Get a top hat or a whole variety of cool fancy hats. You got the beard.

  27. Organic Tomatoes, fresh, newly picked from Valley farm.

  28. Jarrett IceEarthGuard

    Top 4 on exp, are all MVPS

  29. Modpack plz

  30. I don’t know why but the way you talk makes me f*cking horny.

  31. Play with the Jagdtiger 88  if you have one.

  32. base camp carry

  33. “Oh, my team is retarded. Feels good.”

  34. playing alot of jadgtiger lately dont you? want the jagdpanzer auf e100 dont you? 😀

  35. Inbreeding is real ..

  36. LOL toilet paper VTU

  37. You know the game is a lil broken when you do 8000 damage and still lose money… gg WG

  38. dat good guy t54lwt

  39. I see steve just bought his first tier 8.

  40. Flying on a computer all day!

  41. Your twitch chat is cancer as always great video though

  42. Double Double 4G

    Argh, this is why I NEVER go valley – you never have a good game if you do, no matter what you’re driving. The only time you’ll catch me doing it is late game when I’m flanking in a light tank and I KNOW where the last 2-3 enemy tanks are. Such a broken map…

  43. jap heavies (and mouse)….break the game by forcing you to flank….loosing all your health to the jap HTs friends before he HE’s you

    or forces youu to kill EVERYONE ELSE…..then have like 8 dudes gangbang the jap HT to death……

    and the Swedish TDs man…..it would not be so bad if they wernt like…..prenerf TD camo

    remember when jaddgtiger didnt get spotted after shooting?
    remember when NO TDs got spotted after shooting?

    why did WG think it was a good idea to add that back?

    getting farmed to death before you can get close enough to sspot the fucking tank……..great gameplay

  44. I was very confused at first because for a bit i thought the jagtiger had a 152 with 750 alpha. I thought he was getting the mother of all loe rolls until i realized the jag actually has a 128.

  45. I had a very similar game from the other side in my AT 15A, followed by an almost identical game in my A-43.

  46. For some people that’s as good a game as they’ll ever play, for Circon its just a Thursday.

  47. Stop camping, noob!:)

    Just kidding! Well played!

  48. Clickbait

  49. sircircon makes this game looks so easy to play , great player

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