WHEN THE TEAM WON’T HELP in World of Tanks!

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In World of Tanks we all get kind of teams that just won’t help! Today Tiberius96 won’t give up on them in the LTG!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Ltg may be ugly yes but nothing compares to the Excalibre

  2. Tanks don’t mean anything in real life, the crew does. It comes down to how good can the crew work together.

  3. I forgot this tank existed

  4. I think the LTG looks sorta cute hahah. I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder

  5. “First time? “

  6. How to unstall mod?

  7. 300 * 1.25 = 375

    Max roll on that Cromwell checks out

  8. Great game! I enjoyed watching it.

  9. Good match, but also enemy team is full of muppets. That is one of the ingredients for this results.

  10. Warsaw HD Graphics

    Indien Pz at the end is left with 666 HP

  11. Can’t wait the day, when you and all other WoT CCs will follow Sir Foch and uninstall this pathetic game…

  12. A lot 2 learn from this one. How 2 play ur light tank + how 2 keep ur cool and focus. Well done, respect

  13. Llul one old QB malinovka replay popped into my mind after the outro

  14. Me, thinking like a hero, jumps in to help an ally when he is crying out loud help being surrounded by 3 enemies and tracked. I go in like a hero, taking and doing damage, getting killed in 20sec, all to see that ally simply ran away without helping me …. Another time, jump in to help arty on my light tank, shot twice by own arty (3 arty game as usual), stunned and got killed by enemy ebr.
    Decided to Never ever ever to help any other bugger in my team. After that such a peaceful time in wot games when I see my Allies crying for help and getting killed when none in the team ever bother to help … Such a satisfying feeling !!!

  15. Great game by the ltg, that Indien was lucky he was camping the whole game.

  16. Well played to this ltg. He did have paid actors in every direction but that didn’t detract from his skill.

  17. I bet QB was getting vietnam flashbacks when he was watching this replay and saw that an Indien Pz. was Tiberius’s last hope of winning this match and it being prokhorovka too 😅

  18. This game is so bad looking try War thunder

  19. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Ever went to asian server before?

  20. yes, a maxroll 375

  21. Oh team mates can be at times extremly frustrating – like worse than the actual enemy

  22. I would say in the beginning he didnt help his team and not the other way around. Staying in that passive bush und let his mates all die. The rest good gameplay!

    • He should have shoot instead of them or what? 😂 really guys. He spotted all the tanks and the team couldn’t do it’s role

    • @Tímea Bakos he spottet them too far on their own side, if he would have just take one bush further to their side they would never be able to come that far.

    • @Oliver Dubbel i guess he wanted the ebr out of game first. He reached the normal passive spot bush too soon, ltg didn’t have a chance to take it after that. And I don’t understand, why the heck that tank next to him went forward while it was clear if the ltg couldn’t spot yet, he won’t be able too… it wasn’t Tiberius fault, his team died like this. In a situation like this I try to kill the ebr ASAP (I’m usually play meds) in a safe range…

    • @Tímea Bakos that’s true as well

  23. See women? You don’t have to be tall to have a long barrel.

  24. 2 tanks afk, great game

  25. Why was the ad for this video two anime girls choking each other

  26. This has got to be the Hong Kong server

  27. Just a normal match
    Really rare when the team is help you

  28. When I saw the title:

    “Isn’t it always happened?”

  29. i think the team actually want to help.
    But they always act like they are on their own timeline – and not in a live multiplayer 15 minute round.
    Especially if you scout – your team is not aware that you create opportunity. Then you may die 5 minutes in, suddenly they will progress forward – blind ofc because you died now.
    Why this is ? I dont know.

  30. I dont think I have seen worse use of ammunition that this 😀

  31. verry good player,almost better than me

  32. i did 1235 damage on Valentine AT and everyone said i was helpful

  33. Every tank he’s shooting are standing there like they were afk. Not to take away anything from he’s result, but I wish I had enemy’s like those. Haha

  34. The LTG is still my favorite soviet light

  35. What an amazing match, i really enjoyed watching this one

  36. Only me noticed this or Eagle 7 players are weird mostly

  37. Why are we celebrating a Light that was doing a TD role, instead of spotting for the actual TDs?

    • Which video did you watch exactly? He pinged all the way to the team to shoot the targets but they didn’t manage to do it. Guess you would wait in your spotposition and just watch your team fall… he started to play td cause the team wasn’t able to hit spotted tanks, but he doesn’t have armour to use so it would be a stupid idea to jump on any tank.
      Do I really have to light your mind up about this?

  38. We should call Russian heavies antidepressants because they have no gun depression and they cure my depression…

  39. Really well played. 🙂

  40. I think it looks cool cuz of the cupola bit tbh

  41. LTG is a very capable and fun little light tank, on of the better Tier 7 lights actually. And Tier 7 being the sweet spot for light tanks in WoT means it’s very good.

  42. Show full crew skill set before you show a show off must have their 7 skill set crew in there you do not show tank set up as well poor tube

  43. Hey, I got 2 MoE on that scout

  44. Another perk about that scout, it is good at ramming enemy scouts.

  45. On this day, stickboy became stickman.

  46. Christophe Regnier

    Huge game in the ltg, i rather the ltg at the lttb xD

  47. nice beard!

  48. good player in a tomato war
    10.35 i would have rushed the borrat when he missed 1 shot

  49. Quacky, what is your take on Panther M10 with a turbo and high octane? It would push top speed to 60, if mounted in the appropriate slot. The turbo plus 110 octane would also take power to weight up to 18.25.

    Thinking this would allow it to become a truly solid flanker and much more flexible.

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