When the WTF E 100 isn’t ENOUGH! World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today the WTF E 100 isn't going to be enough to win in of . Enter MayorOfMcCheese to lead the way!



  1. As said in stream, could you make a poll which tank we think is the most toxic?

    Lef Arti
    WT E 100
    Chieftain (Tier X)
    Obj 279e
    E25 (which is imho balanced by more op tanks)

    Would be nice to get an oppinion on that. Thx for the content

  2. Kaiser soze was the principal character in “Usual suspect” movie

  3. i still want my waffen e 100 back

  4. also think war game need to up the cash you get in the battle he made 130.107 and with 64k that sucks to little for all that work

  5. i have two more rental and i sad to see my waffen e 100 leaving my garage it has such a long reload now an less shells i do not think it is messing with the game at all

  6. The WT E-100 has always been dangerous when it was allowed to stay alive and keep reloading mags. So being able to keep it alive the ~50ish seconds between mags and still having teammate alive to spot for you is the best situation for it. Not a fun playstyle for me so I never really like it when it was in the game. But it’s such a sick feeling evaporating the HP of tanks in it.

  7. No where near as scary as back in the day.

  8. Bravo, awesome game!

  9. I think it’s balanced in 2022 meta

  10. I noticed that everyone targets this tank right at the beginning and takes them out. I have 2 more games and maybe made it to the end in 3 out of 10 games

  11. Why not take a toxic tank that ruined a lot of games back in the day and let people play it again. Hurray Wargaming you did it again. Who made that brainfart? IDIOTIC

  12. applause to this STB-1. but i really hope we will have the wt as a collectors back in the game. they put the grille 15 in the just a few thousand XP left on the WT auf Pz. iV 🙁

  13. You could have done the same thing in the tier X Foch. What is different about the WT E100 vs the tier X Foch that you think makes the WT so much worse for the game? I don’t see a difference.

  14. Mayor of M cheese in a STB1 with an Ork Camo.


  15. WOT console proves you wrong…even before the change to the waffle it never “broke” gameplay on console and it sure as hell doesn’t now after the changes.

  16. Roger “verbal” kint says hi to Kobayashi in the first game

  17. Kaiser Soze was the name of the villain in the movie, “The Usual Suspects”, which I highly recommend if you’ve never seen it.

  18. once again, the REASON why it didnt break the game is because you had to PAY or PLAY the event for the rentals. IF it was free rent it would be total different.

  19. Keyser Soze is from the Usual Suspects, a good movie.

  20. wt isnt broken, it just force u to push it after it clips..
    COBRA IS BROKEN. all this tanks needs is 400 less hp and its fine.

  21. They should give it back, I never wanted the grile15.

  22. WOW!!! 14 degrees?!? Okay then, I’m going for the STB 1

  23. clarence kavanaugh

    What difference does it make Quicky when the game cheats anyway. When I can put holes in the other team’s players and they don’t register damage. I don’t think that the Waffentrager auf E-100 is the issue in the game.

  24. Kaiser Soze from Usual Suspects!

  25. Been away for a week from this game and honestly, starting to get used to not playing anymore. So many other things to do with my life.

  26. I usually suspect kevin spacie.

  27. Calling the WT broken in this meta is laughable. Broken is the Minotauro, Kranvagn, Chieftan, 279e. Those are broken.

  28. New to world of tanks because watching you play and explain very well convinced me to play it after much thinking

  29. why arent u complaining bout the autoloaders? the foch has over 2k alpha in the mag

  30. @Quickybaby you may have seen them already, but there seems to be a scammer commenting on this video offering people prizes.

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  32. When other players carry QuackyBaby 😉

  33. Honestly I doesn’t have too much of a problem with the WT E100 coming back. I sort of even enjoyed it, spending my time in my FV215b 183, trying to reach those barns with a nice HE shot, before their hitpoints melt to a to low point of “interest”.

  34. Getting an ad for safeboost offering marks of excellence on this video. Lol

  35. Maybe not a Waaagh, but he brought the the dakka of a Waaagh. Keyser Soze is from the movie “The Usual Suspects”. Good movie, totally worth watching.

  36. Stop exposing yourself QB.

  37. Kaiser Soze was the pseudonym use by the obscured mastermind in the movie The Usual Suspects
    starring: Kevin Spacey, Gabriel Byrne, Chazz Palminteri, Stephen Baldwin, Benicio Del Toro, Kevin Pollak and Pete Postlethwaite

  38. i think the main reason it did not effect the MM is because you could not platoon with them. 3 of them in a plat would def make a difference

  39. For me the real problem was Progetto 66 player and his kind of selfish people.
    He waited on base line until south flank lost. If he could hold them little longer you would make another 5 shells and maybe would have been won the flank.

  40. I’m german speaking and “Keyser Soze” is definitely not german 🙂 But if you just say it loud it sounds like “emperor gravy” in german.

  41. It is criminal that you have not seen Usual Suspects. Watch it. Now. Thank me later.

  42. So keep the WTF E 100 and get rid of the STB-1 ?

  43. You play it so we don’t have to. Thank you very much!
    I didn’t even bother with my rentals for the Wafflerenter credit sink.

    P.S. Kayser Soze is a character from the movie The Usual Suspects.

  44. the wte100 is like a fv4005 from blitz

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