When Things get Awkward in World of Tanks…

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Source: QuickyBaby

Things are about to get very awkward in for ObsceneWinter in his Super Conqueror…


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  1. LOL, the awkwardness is coming from the fact why WOT is retarded as a game. Tank goes invisible front of our eyes…

  2. Tanks usually don’t side scrape nowadays because the average effective distance is about 3000m. Usually find a hull down position and face their targets head on because turrets are very slanted nowadays for the usage of sabot because he for the most part is useless other than shaking the crew up

  3. Typical salty unicum scum from qsf. Not to mention apcr spammer. Disliked for showcasing this faggot

  4. Awkward? Imagine two tanks trying to shoot each other while their turrets are jammed.

  5. Aivaras Andrijonas

    What a gold noob…. i was thinking i have a lot of apcr on my S. Conq… but looks like people even goes beyond the 50% of ammo capacity with gold…

  6. A sad click bait from QB, usually nice vids… but this one.. a unicorn firing 60% premium ammo and running out of it… awkward?…yea..sure… like saying i ran out of gas. QB u can do better!

  7. Best decision ever…

    quiting wot!
    Won’t pump that money whore of wargaming anymore to be reasonable competitive!

  8. if he kept last shell a bit longer he could get Fadin

  9. got to love looking at watch time! -_x I think people hear my dull voice and switch off listening to me babble on about history and rant.

  10. Maarten van Hoof

    2,5 times more apcr than normal rounds… I know why i stopped playing long time ago

  11. Hey WOT ASMR give it a go QUICKIE!.LOL

  12. Just one more gold spamer.

  13. oh wow he or she is so PRO! I wish I could do the same.

  14. I knew it.

  15. Alex Krstulovic

    4:56 That is what Claus is talking about every time. GO BACK TO BASE

  16. I would not be so harsh on is-3. Both Maushen and IS-3 did great job flanking this obj 268 v4 and e-100. Without them it would be impossible to win this. They boldly attacked enemy from the side, forcing this tanks to face north, and super conq could use his high ground position. Also note earlier minutes 5:00-6:00 action, and how fast IS-3 realised that he will have low chance to do anything to the front of obj 268, and decided to move safely backwards, and try to flank this object. In fact it was THIS move that forced obj 268 v4 move back, down the hill, leaving strong position on the corner. Imagine that they would stay there, facing obj. 268, dinging his armour, and e-100 would just went to cap. Super Conq would have to push, to get closer range on E-100, and would loose lot of health to camped obj 268. Probably loosing the battle.
    For me it was exceptional example of great random team work. Vary rare. Great situational awareness, quick and good decisions from lower skilled players. I bet max 1 of 50 random players would do this.
    Also note that those players are not that skilled, both under 50% WR, and crappy WN8. It was really amazing to see them do such a great job, play so smart and aggressive in the same time, considering their stats and the fact, that they had to fight higher tier tanks. It would be really cool to see a mixed footage replay from SQ and those tier 8-9 minions.

  17. i think u auto win the game if the last enemy tank is AFK? I think I’ve seen it happen in one of the previous videos.

  18. If he’d rammed first and then shot that udes, he’d have scored his Faden’s medal too :P. The is3 probably disconnected – who goes afk at that stage of a match. I play on the NA server from South Africa and dc at least once a week – usually when I’m on my one in one hundred top tier match up and doing well!!

  19. Jari Gustafsson

    Super Conqueror the historical range target

  20. Gday there QB. I see WG has released a new Australian tank (Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC) in the premium shop. Could you please please take it for a spin and do a review on it ? I cant really afford to buy it but am desperate to see it in action. Fingers crossed that it makes its way into to tech tree at some point for us to grind our way to it.

  21. why didnt he farm a fadins lol

  22. Lol lol lol lol lol lol lol

  23. SGT Morningwood

    elitist gameplay again…… sigh

  24. Only needed to see 3 seconds of the vid to see hes a dirty no skill gold spammer

  25. why bother with the test server, if the testers constantly fail at testing tanks? isn’t the testers the REASON we have all these op tank, in the first place? Tester Fail server is the problem.

  26. MollysMoshing TankCrew

    what an asshole. instant dislike for the way he treated the is3. he spammed all APCR he didnt deserve to win that game at all. what a fucking prick.

  27. Yeah, gold-spamming, +2 Tier and he’s winning? What a surprise…

  28. dislike…

  29. An other gold, pay to win guy gets your attention, I’m getting bored of your movies. That load out is stupid and the match up like this whit this loaded out is insane nooby. Shame???

  30. Funny, as the weak players cry here for a gold ammunition, u can load it too…. ah I forgot that it will not help you either 😀
    Btw. nice carry Suomi perkele 🙂

  31. Ok, I’ve paused your video right at the beginning to confess: yes, I put on your video to help me go to sleep. But don’t take it wrong, you’re not boring at all, but your voice is soothing and my brain stops spinning around my every day to-do list. I’m a very anxious person and listening to you helps me relax. And you’re not the only Youtuber I listen to this way. The rest of the day I listen to you carefully and watch the game. Thank you for the terrible content!

  32. Why he did not finish that TD with last shell, dumbass? 😀 lol..

  33. A good game simply because Bobject decided to go the other line.
    What if 268v4 was on the same line ?
    Well – you wanna bet that replay wasn’t on wotreplays.com ?

  34. Confused_Travolta

    10 normal ammo (with enought pen) , 25 premium and 5 he… again. All those epic replays relay on premium ammo. I’m tired of this shit QB. You really like to promote this kind of playstyle? Oh i forget, you cant pen? Just tap that 2 key… lazy 😛
    Yeah i forgot about super heavy tanks, there are alwyas 20 in every battle…

  35. Sherman vs tiger in a city irl you bet your ass that Sherman’s gonna side scrape to draw his fire until he can get someone behind the tiger

  36. Christopher Reinaldo

    I’ll do the opposite, bump UDES first then use my last shell as finishing shot to get that shiny Fadin’s medal

  37. Don’t see the point of highlighting games by jerks in chat. Why reward their behaviour?

  38. 8:31 look at damage number

  39. once again a gold ammo scrub….l2p
    wish time ran out at the end of the game

  40. Philipus Wijaya

    Sometimes when i watch ur video, i get overslept

  41. As I recall, Tiger crews were trained to angle the front of the tank. Also it was noted the Sherman could reliably bounce 88s off it’s front when at a 30 degree angle.

  42. One of the best replays I have ever seen!

  43. The E100 cannot pen this broken thing with HEAT, and it can pen the E100 with standard rounds. E100 was my only t10 and I just sold it out of disgust.

  44. “Top Gun, Job Done”

  45. MichaelAussie05

    Abusing people over a game great content.

  46. hi Quicky, how can i sand you a my replay?

  47. General Overangle

    He has thrown away a well earned Fadin’s Medal FeelsBadMan

  48. Super Conq RLY needs all that premium ammo….mm

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