When War Thunder does something π‘πˆπ†π‡π“

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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder German Type VII submarine gameplay.

Battle of the Atlantic: Ships Against Submarines with German WW2 era u-bot Type VII submarine.


Intro: Analysis Achieved – LIVINGFORCE
Wonder Boy – Syncro

Background: Made in Taiwan – Lupus Nocte
Moody Soundscape 1 – The Turquoise Moon
Breeding a Monstrosity – LIVINGFORCE
Francesco DAndrea – I Am Not Your Doll

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. Silent Hunting is fliping cool😎

    100% this is a test before we’re getting subs ingame (maybe in next update), and I’m all for it. All the mechanic are in place (except the battery life?). They seem pretty much ready.
    I hope the devs are thinking about the new gamodes for naval.

    What do you guys think about sub “event”(test)?

    • helll yeah, I like the idea a lot and i think itll be a nice change, finally i wont get clapped by just boats in naval

      Also, the space in the german naval tech tree is probably there for the subs

    • γƒ“γƒƒγ‚°γƒœγƒƒγ‚―γ‚Ή

      Could it work for current naval game modes? I’m not a game designer but it feels like a good counter to big battleships, giving destroyers a role in higher naval tiers. Rock-Paper-Scissors kind of thing.

    • Awsome video! I hope they will actually add subs, so that war thunder is somewhat enjoyable again. This is also the reason why I started DCS now since war thunder is so unenjoyable right now (I don’t think I will ever come back, and if probably only for naval). Anyways I love your content, keep it up and greetings from germanyπŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ

    • We dont nessescarily need the battery. This modell has a snorkel. Which basicaly gives the diesel engine a chance to run at periscope depth. (If you loook at the port side of the conning Tower, towars the bow. There it is) battery yeah..in EC if i need to be stealthy for a long time, im curious how they will implement it. Also Oxigen and stuff.

    • i hope gaijin add anti submarine aircraft or maybe playable small aircraft carrier it will make naval battles look more accurate and fun game
      but i think they gonna add bismarck or yamato battleship first

  2. Use german crew voice, it sounds better

  3. I can say this is only a test for the matches to see how the players really want them, so gajijn has to think bout if of “Submarine Update” for the big update after new year annesivery, soooo yeah… submarines may definitiv coming soon.

    Dont ask me, this is also an LEAK.
    Yes. War Thunder most retarded friendly-game. It’s free-

  4. Marcelo Castellain Maba

    U-Boat + Dollar = Perfect

  5. Joshua Villa Agustin

    I think that mission was similar to the movie greyhound, fletcher class destroyers convoys merchant/supply ships in the Atlantic.

  6. Fulgrim the Phoenician

    Better than any fucking submarine featured in World of Warships

  7. It’s eerie, not eary XD

  8. Subs are cool

  9. Not entirely right, Submarines are too easy to detect even when you at 60 depth and moving slowly. They gotta fix that.

  10. You should try the game Wolfpack.

  11. Well still wont come back after all the shit they pulled

  12. typical gaijin cringefest, thanks for wasting my time YT recs

  13. Preposterous premise.

  14. Bro I’m hoping we get subs on console I’m loving this game mode

  15. Mmm I like the ample TPB references

  16. I’d say the greatest thing they did with this event was
    1. The rewards were incredibly easy, 1500 points on each side meant maybe 2 games to get one side’s points
    2. It was extremely satisfying to both depth charge people and to escape being depth charged, both sides could win the game depending on skill

  17. I play a good bit of naval on WTM, and the subs are honestly busted if you play them right. I’ve found a strat, that at least while in rank 3, makes it obscenely hard for cannons to hit me while remaining at periscope depth almost the entire time. So long as I’m not being focused and I do it right, i basically cant die. I don’t play naval battles at all on desktop WT, but I know they are different, just not by how much, so if the cannon aiming system is different it’ll likely be much less busted. It doesn’t help that on mobile you can carry like 100 torpedoes and spam them.

  18. I edge to your videos

  19. Well, there were plans to create a Battlestations:Pacific multiplayer version but Eidos/Square Enix voted to close the studio… πŸ™

  20. Didn’t uboats have front and rear torpedo tubes?

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