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Today we’re going do everything that we can to this game World of Tanks in the one, the only, the BAT CHAT!



  1. i widh the less worthy humans from east europe coukd get banned easier.. they only destroy the intelligence in the game… we all think like that in the first world

  2. Quicky baby you should play the t110e5 it was my first t10 I’d love to see how you are playing it

  3. I prefer Nutella on my toasts. It’s really tasty especially when you’re at a restaurant that serves Nova Lox and has run out of vanilla schmears but has Nutella

  4. Leberwurst kommt auf den Toast!!!

  5. I don’t know, QB, but I think we all complain about 15:3 matches and how MM sucks and so on and so forth, but what I often see is that, as soon as we get an even match, people panic and cap. If new, unexperienced players learn to cap they will never learn to play and progress. We should think about it a bit…

  6. Off the Gun of Bat cat was written (i dont speak Arabic) (لا تكلم بالوغة عربية) 😂

  7. Why is “I don’t speak Arabic” written on the side of a frinsh tank gun barrel ?

  8. Glad to Watching

  9. Marmite is next level nasty

  10. This is why i recently disabled encounter… all these cap monkeys “i Play for win haha ha…” these capping monkey kids are always the sub 50% morons for some reason (most likely major brain damage) happy to go out a game with 0 damage

  11. Sorry to interrupt your comment QB but people listen to you because they know you they never help other teammates especially platoons are nightmare for the team.

  12. You should have a go at blitz, try and see the differences

  13. Quackmister, have you noticed that WG has not put on the consumables on discount for a bit longer than usual?

  14. marmite and vegemite supremacy

  15. QB, go to tanks gg and equip a turbo to the kranvagn then replace it with additional grousers

  16. Yessir – the “buttered side up rule” is one of the corallaries to Murphy’s Law = “The chance of the toast to land with buttered side up is inversely proportional to the cost of the carpet.”

  17. The contents are just too great and consistent! Love it so much.

  18. Play to win – Interesting concept. More and more, I ve had games ending in a draw because the last few players (especially camping TD’s) are just happy to sit back and let the timer run out. Eg yesterday, the enemy had 3 near full strength TD’s that were defending their cap just sit there, whilst all we had left was 1 damaged arty.

  19. Peter KJ Richter - *IMHO*

    Marmite??? ewww

  20. محمد السعدي

    لا اتكلم اللغة العربية
    “I don’t speak Arabic language ”
    the writing on the gun but there is some spelling error it’s from wg after all 😅

  21. Does IKE still play WoT QuickyBaby?

  22. Played on that spawn this morning, hill is the win in that game mode usually, i had a good battle and won

  23. Sorry QB, but Marmite is soft…. True devotees eat Vegemite, the king of Unami flavour.

    I hope you were gentle with Ike and only put a scraping on the toast. I managed to convert a number of American friends to Vegemite by being sensible about the introduction and warning them it would taste like the lovely little bits you get in a pan when you fry something like bacon. Converting Yanks to Vegemite was truly winning!

  24. That cap tasted like pumpkin jam.

  25. tough guys eat vegemite QB. Time to move up)). In comparison marmite is very sweet.

  26. 257 also crashed at the same spot

  27. Im only 4 minutes in and so far we’ve had a two progettos and a leopard just yolo in front of everyone to get a few shots off. No tactics. No wonder there are so many games that end in under 4 minutes.

  28. I like how the commentary is so chill, while watching this game live on twitch, QB had all kinds of emotions. It was hilarious game 😂.

  29. QB’s commentary on food is definitely going into the next greatest moments video

  30. 9:36
    لا اتكلم باللغة العربية
    I don’t speak Arabic

  31. 9:30 – i’ve had more than a few games where a tank being destroyed after cap was ‘completed’ has removed whatever amount of cap points he had accumulated. A rarity to say the least, but it has happened.

    Edit: Marmite ftw!

  32. Fun fact: An alternative to Marmite is Bovril, the former is plant based and the latter is based on beef stock. Nice game though

  33. Winning is when I’m pissing myself laughing…..

  34. For those who wonder about the translation, it says I don’t speak Arabic on his tank gun 😁

  35. Ur an anteater, Quicky!

    I’m a wot?

  36. on stream this was quality

  37. Yo QB, Marmite, hint of ketchup and Cheddar is the best combo mate, try it that way. Screw Peanut butter lmao 😀

  38. V-E-G-E-M-I-T-E–4–L-I-F-E-!-!-!-!-!

  39. Fatchat ahahah

  40. googled marmite and it sounds disgusting. you can keep that, limeys.

  41. Rotation mechanism + VertStab are multiplicative and therefore the bonus is less than what is shown.

  42. QUICKYBABY EATS MARMITE?!!! As a New Zealander I gotta say I am so proud😊

  43. 1 years since i am strugling to increase my win rate.. stil the same.. 48:% .. loss after loss,, today from 11 games won 3.. such a beautifull gaming experience every day

  44. Nice combat cap!!!!

  45. No crew shown or set up so top 7 level crew and full equip set up too. If we see it we know how he does it cheater

  46. So your Norwegian friend ate dead ants before to know how it taste?

  47. Ike! Yes. In today’s stream, can you tell us briefly how Ike is doing? Hope you are well QuickyBaby and thanks for the content.

  48. when wallet is everything in world of tanks 😂

  49. marmite is nasty

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