When World of Tanks is TOO TENSE!

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Today is about when is too tense! Just like this game I had in the German T 55A!



  1. gg superb play.

  2. nice play but what about going without gold in free account

  3. What a wild play at the end incredibly high skill

  4. That last shot, Skill, that was beautiful work, that’s what really comes after years of playing. Thanks for going in the deep dive. Really appreciated it

  5. That Conqueror Player is literally every toxic elitist player out there…players like that always make me laugh because they act all high and mighty sitting upon the thrones and 9/10 they always treat others with disrespect OVER LOOSING A GAME, like gee..not all battles are victories you know, deal with it instead of whining about it.

    And not only that but 9/10 they don’t really do that much in said game that would actually help the team out to begin with…yet are always the first ones to call the team “useless” or “pathetic” while they themselves sit there on 0 kills and are the first to die in a match because they rushed to a position that can’t be properly covered. We have these useless cabbages in WOWS & War Thunder, literally no different. I’m all for that Jadtiger…good for them, they did their best.

  6. Well-played and well-explained. Thanks for sharing.

  7. lol u could have seen the obj move his gun and realised he wasn’t afk, plenty time to reverse imo but what can I say, great game anyway

  8. The engagement against the borsig was a true show of experience.

  9. That plan against the caliban and 50-TP was great just planing ahead and projecting how long they were to take just didn’t give them enough time.

  10. Honestly, designated target is such a slept on skill. Extra 2 seconds on a target is such a crucial extra information. You could predict if the enemy would fallback or stay with that 2 second window. It’s just that like the old intuition, you either don’t notice or just other skills are just better. Same goes for eagle eye actually, but for a different reason being super situational. Knowing the enemy has a broken ammorack for example makes pushes easier. I don’t like the crew rework, but I want a crew overhaul like equipment 2.0. Just merge these 2 skills together as one skill and it’s at least going to be more useful and popular. Knowing your enemy is key after all.

  11. i have the T55 A. dpm good but armour is wack

  12. Christian Kroemer

    7:30 As a side note, there are actually certain advantages to using the stock turret on the AMX 65t. Sure, you have 100 less HP, 100 less DPM, 20m less view range and worse aim time with the stock turret. However, you can still use the competitive 100 mm gun without losses to the dispersion values, have 10 degrees of gun depression (2 more than the top turret), and the single cupola weakpoint is much smaller than the many large weakpoints on the top turret.

  13. I had the t-55 a on blitz and it dosnt disappoint its just as good

  14. loved the deep dive commentary, it is always so informative and enlightening to see and hear explanations of high level decision making and knowledge of mechanics to outplay the opponents, 10/10 keep it up

  15. I had a boss whose brain was too tense – yeah, “too tense” the size of a normal brain. We would joke that he gave us the “seagull treatment.” He’d swoop in, squawk without meaning, crap on people, then swoop out.

  16. t55a is way better than t54…. cant change my mind.

  17. When I started playing WoT, I had to rely on armor to play. I simply couldn’t play medium tanks like the T-34 (which I was excited about getting because of the dpm) because I didn’t have the skill. Not long afterward, I found QB’s video about the P26/40 and P43. The P26/40 quickly became one of my favorite tanks, with that gun that rips apart opponents with the crazy HE dpm. Skip skip skip and not long ago, I decided to brush off the dust on my T-34 and play it. This time, I performed much better, enjoyed it more, and I’m hoping to get my mark of excellence in it. I guess the P26/40, being a medium tank and all, trained me to play medium tanks. Thanks QB for that video.

  18. wish tier 9 was a sweet spot in wows but cv exist and subs are on the way so i imagine it will continue to get worse gg tho man

  19. I once used 6th sense to tell when an M10RBFM is in a bush (no one else could spot me). I blind hit it twice 🙂

  20. Really enjoyed this one. I have really learned a lot by watching your videos. I am 55 years old and served in the USMC and I learn from watching these videos…Loved Brother keep up the good work!!

  21. it kind of makes no sence that with less armour you would have less speed etc

  22. Last shot was brilliant. Only thing i think you got wrong in this replay, is that i reckon the Conquerer was bagging YOU out with his idiot comment, and his MF one wasn’t kidding at first.
    He obviously thinks he’s better than he is though, his use of the word “Bruh” gives some insight into his brilliance, or lack thereof.

  23. Good match tho I wonder if he will feature the Vk 30.01p

  24. Dude that was so awesome and that’s why I love watching your videos thank you

  25. QB on YouTube: Oh dear, Oh dear, Gorgeous.
    QB on Twitch: You fucking donkeys!

  26. If only we had a word for too tense..

    Oh yeah… INTENSE! 😂

  27. I don’t get it. QB used designated target to determine when HE (QB) was no longer proximity spotted? How does that follow from the description of this perk, which seems to discuss only detecting an enemy tank for an additional two seconds (within a 10 degree range of your reticle)? Unless QB meant that because he no longer could proximity spot the enemy tank, he knew he was no longer spotted. Seems to me one doesn’t need that perk- one could just count two seconds after losing sight of the enemy tank to get the same certainty.

    I have no confidence in the spotting mechanics- moving tanks that appear for 1 second, then disappear always annoy me. I just increase the spotted indicator to 10 seconds and duck behind hard cover when spotted. Whatever, QB’s aiming skill, knowing where the edge of the building was, was superb.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      I guess he meant that by him having designated target (and assuming the Borsig didn’t) the Borsig would be spotted 2 seconds longer for him which would give him an advantage as the Borsig wouldn’t see him peeking around the corner.

  28. might wanna blur the chat at 2:07

  29. 00:53 Pretty sad you’re not terribly versed on the East Bloc (Warsaw Pact) nations of the Cold War, but then you are a “millennial” after all. 😉

    17:26 What is that app and are there templates for it…?

  30. In RL the T-55 has a NBC system and a turret basket, neither of which were part of the T-54. Of course none of that applies in WoT fantasy world.

  31. The T-55A was used by basically all of the Warsaw Pact.

  32. My challenger can switch from .3 to .29 and .28 with food

  33. What a beautiful shot at the end

  34. 16:27 “I wouldn’t usually say this..” Well, whats the big occasions then ?

  35. WOT- Ordinary promotion !!! (Haha 4-8-12000 Damage),you won’t record 1/4 a quarter of what you see here in the game! Don’t buy premium or premium tanks !!! it’s even so unnecessarily the server determines the damage..determines by the victory and Defeat..min Damage opponent auto Victory/Big Damage opponent auto Defeat..You have a tank of 8 levels and are in a team approximately down and thus assembled from level 10 = Automatically win because you don’t have a chance to shoot down Tier 10 = min Damage = victory..If you are on top partitions,Tier 8 Team assembled Tier min 6 = Automatic = Large Damage opponent = Defeat!! Block server..visibility,detection,damage,opponent damage, you can just do what you want: D !! it’s wasted money !! In the game you really have more losses than winnings !!ask a question every day these liars give videos here with such success ask yourself what you play and have you ever recorded what you see here? probably not, so it’s easy to play when the admin adjusts his game mode on the server and they deceive you here. Also note that they only offer you premium or 10 level tanks, where you have huge losses in the game even during the premium, especially if you use gold-i (premium ammo) !!! , for 1 battle minus up to 8-20,000 caches … if not more … hm. In addition, this company violates EU law in the freedom of speech and opinion of others in another language !! Thank you – Niltark, KRUHNS and Kronk_24

  36. Sorry to bring politics here, but my country just donated 600 000 000€ air defence system to Ukraine, with only 2 people approving such action in 5.5 million population. That thing is, we don’t want war but those 2 morons that approved it, sent it to Ukraine anyways and das made us big part of conflict which we were not part of before. I’m sorry for all Ukrainians and Russians for such act of my country, hopefully it gets destroyed asap, before it does any harm on whatever side.. My point is, that nobody is talking about peace in Ukraine and I’m wondering why?
    And if you wondering why we don’t want send any more weapons over here is because we want peace, and no weapon has established peace ever. But only thing they need is piece of paper and a pen. And this is my point, stop sending weapons to Ukraine, and force both sides to establish peace to finally end this suffering in the world.

  37. Wow. Brilliant execution in the end. I would be so lost on the battlefield against your level of skill. 😅

  38. beautiful game!

  39. What a end play

  40. Talking about how the gun is better and then immediately misses the shot in the replay.

  41. 7:25 Does pushing slow vehicles really make a difference on their speed? I kinda feel it doesnt make any difference.

    • It does, usually depend on how heavy the tank that push or being pushed. Like 1-3 speed increased. But no use if you’re an LT or lightweight pushing a T95.

  42. Running2 StandStill

    great vid qb

  43. Awesome..

  44. Masterclass

  45. need 1440p at least now

  46. and i thought he forgot about this match, it was on stream a week ago 😀

  47. You should dedicate a video to designated target. I’m still clueless how this works

  48. Mladen Vasiljevic

    History wise, T-55 was very similar tank to T-54 and there was a possibility for countries that already had a T-54 to upgrade their T-54s to T-55s but its was to expensive as the price to upgrade from T-54 to T-55 was like 80% of the T-55 price. Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia had about 1600 T-55 and T-55A tanks. Some of them are made in SSSR and bunch of them came from Warsaw Pact nations like Czechoslovakia.

    P.S. Great video, I watched the live stream when this game happened 😀

  49. thats nice, but u had the shot when you succesfully feathered the guy anyways

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