When World of Tanks Pushes You Too HARD!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks has been me recently – time to push back against it in Astron Rex!



  1. Lol I just saw this advertised live on a TV commercial actually for world of tanks and Arnold Schwarzenegger was advertising it hahaha

  2. It’s even worse than losing when you lose because every tank that shoots you from the enemy team is using GOLD ROUNDS in Tier IV, V or VI battles, and that’s usually a good 5 or 6 tanks shooting you.

  3. Lol when your sweater then a beached whale

  4. Communication is key. Yesterday I was pressing help every possible second, spamming the chat as possible and I managed to win 90% of those games. And here I was thinking players press Help without any clue what is going on around them seconds before they die. Learn from me, press Hellp all the time, spam it and you will win.

  5. Manipulative MM and RNG!!!

  6. awwwww is quicky payby having a bad day?

  7. Motocicleta Potrivita

    110% brains. Most players focus on kill and damage for themself instead of going to help the team. 90% of them dont use minimap and if they go to a location, they are unable to relocate.

  8. I’m at 60%+ win rate with the Somua. A complete fluke for sure. I’m sensing 30% win rate days coming to balance it out. Much like those Holiday loot boxes that promise so much, but deliver so little. I wish I could sell all the freakin’ manual fire extinguishers I’ve gotten from those things.

  9. It looks like nobody want to communicate these days in the game.There all def or drive like a lemming train together at 1 side..

  10. me who played 20 games 4 wins…….. lets goooooooo 4 wins babyyyy

  11. I’m on 48,6% out of 7500 battles, but sometimes the MM is a piece of sh1t. Last day 7 out of 15 play ends up with 5:15 loss. An this is all the time on weekends. After the game sometimes I check the players. A lot of time we play against 50-52% players (who has 10k+ games).

  12. Im free to play, playing teir 7 tanks and win rate over 50% finish usually the top 5 or better

  13. The MM has been particularly difficult in recent weeks; it’s as if I’m not playing for the sake of “having fun,” but rather to restore my win ratio to normal levels (52- 55%), despite becoming tilted in the process.

    • Absolutly the same for me. Normal winrate ~58-65%. Winrate lately 45% … what the f…

    • Unfortunately the holiday events bring back every lemming who was just doing IRL things and not playing wot, and that means they are joining for fun while we’ve been here the entire year and it’s a lot more difficult to do something when people don’t know basics.

    • I completely agree, I’ve always believed WoT has rigged MM/RNG algorithms and that prompted me to do a lot of research to include reading some pretty well documented investigations and that was 8 years ago. But lately, yeah it’s been particularly brutal/obvious. I’ve also noticed the game has been less fun, a lot of players seem more aggressive, retaliatory, etc. Could be the disintegration of social skills secondary to lowering standards of morality, lockdowns, breakdown of social norms and so forth. Regardless of the cause, I’m doing my best to relax, take it lightly and enjoy myself as opposed to taking it personally.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      Not that anyone asked but mine is going up at 56%+ last 30days. I did not get any better just spent some money on the game

  14. Hell yeah i like this thumbnail

  15. Warcrimes Incorporated

    This is one of my favorite of your videos in ages! Great work.

  16. Constantly clubbed by the Skoda 56

  17. For me, who has 54% win ratio overall and had 60%+ the last months christmas time is pure horror… I got everything I wanted from those boxes and now I will take a break of this game until next year… there is no tank that makes me play the game with 33% win ratio these days… no matter if I have 1700 or 2700 wn8 in those games.

  18. You always make me smile, have a good Christmas and a happy new year!

  19. Gold ammunition is ruining the game.

    • @Skullost So it makes the game better by making it more skillbased instead of relying to armor.

    • @VioletStatPedder – ? No

      Explain, HOW does it make it more skill based?!

    • @Skullost RNG affects the outcome less leaving more room for skill. Thus it’s more skillbased.

    • @VioletStatPedder – So you are telling me that, by removing everything that requires skill, increases skill…

      I will never agree to that.

    • @Skullost No, I didn’t say remove what requires skill. Do you have a reading comprehension problem or was my comment that unclear?

      RNG is not skill. Throwing a dice doesn’t require any skill. RNG is the opposite of skill. The more the game relies on RNG elements the less impact skill has. Chess, for example, doesn’t have any RNG. It’s much more skillbased than throwing dice. Now, if you added RNG elements to chess like pawns failing to take another pawn 50% of the time you would make the game of chess less skillbased.

      I want to make WoT MORE skillbased. Reducing the effect of RNG makes the game more skillbased. One way of reducing the effect of RNG is to shoot premium ammo. Shooting premium ammo leaves more to the skill of the player and less to the RNG thus it makes the game more skillbased.

  20. last 3 sessions: max 40% WR every session. This game is getting closer to a delete from my PC.

  21. Retropaintball clips

    Wargaming have pushed players to hard since 1.0 economy wise. Holiday ops are more or less a scam and black market is gonna be even more of a scam.

  22. Average Stegosaurus

    Seems like im gonna grind to leo pta over the holidays. It might not be the best timing to play paper tanks considering the calibans. I got the m48patton and half the field mods now & Leo pta is an interesting line aswell

  23. Holiday events, influx of semi-retired players, influx of premium tanks, arty nerf, he nerf …. yep its going to be hard for a while. My WN8 and win percent have drop in the last 1000 battles.

  24. The quality of player these last 2 years has definitely taken a huge downturn. 8 losses in a row is common now, and no one cares as they camp the back line hoping for the carry.

  25. i want my king tiger back… WoT did me dirty 🙁

  26. thanks for this. but can you help me use tier 9 Patton? I really like ur videos!

  27. Have u ever considered NOT using CVS and maybe thats why you’re getting such low wr? if u played the tank with human equipment maybe you’d find you would win more games.

    • Once you achieve 460 m+ view range CVS is way better than optics unless you’re trying to spot stationary non large targets such not in bushes.

  28. On the NA server the camping has become just stupid.

  29. today i got in a teir 10 match, and i was going up against a chieftain and a 279(e) and the only reward tank i had on my team was a bloody carro 45 T. that got to be fare right?

  30. Alexander kjellberg

    Iv had crap win ratio true this whole christma time. Im normaly at 62% in my t 8-10 i now had some days with 40% even had a day with 20% even tho i average 2.8k dmg/game lol.

    Idk what happened but the game feels soo weard players vsmping in the weardest poaces etc.

  31. This video really boosted my spirits man. I’ve been really struggling the past 2 weeks to not tank my win-rate. It feels like no matter how hard I try it’s loss after loss and the only wins come after I get killed too fast. It’s good to know you have those kind of weeks as well.

  32. gold rounds make this game unskilled friendly and make the people who study their tanks and play them as they were designed pull our hair out.

  33. WG forgot to add QB into their updated preferred MM list … welcome to WG’s “stats balancing system” … for average Joe, like me, it is very normal, that WG drags you down when you start doing too good. I would suggest to start sharing screenshots showing performance stats along with win ratio over such periods.

  34. I’ve been playing 8+ years, 122 tanks in the garage, 52 are premium remaining are all elite and I must have another 150+ unlocked but not purchased or sold previously. Last year I set all my tanks with < 50% win rate as primary. I worked my butt off and raised around 15 tanks, and that left me with only 12. I'm currently learning everything I can about those tanks, setting up the equipment, map positions, etc and platooning so that I have 122 tanks at 50% and above. That means of the remaining 110 they are mostly 52% - 64% WR. Unfortunately these 12 remaining tanks like the T-103 are not very much fun to play and have cursed MM and RNG. The kind of games where you can be kicking ass all day, and as soon as I select one of those 12 tanks I get massacre games over in less than 5 minutes with no hope of carrying. I will call it: Cursed Tanks The Road To Perdition/Redemption.

    • Test_name Test_surname

      not sure about your whole blanket speach.. but I have noticed I also have like 5 tanks that take all the loses and are at about 45%. weird isn’t it

  35. Always nice to have 3x fun police on every side. It kills every decent gameplay!

  36. Your complaining about a 50% win rate, I’ve got 62% win rate and about few days every month I’d loose 20 games or more in a row becasue of rng and loosing constant 15 3, and yes it stopped me playing wot so stop complaining, u get so much more luck then anyone else I’ve seen and that’s because your a content creator so wg buff your rng on your account.

  37. QB: Wait friends, I will spot for you
    Also QB: farms all the damage

  38. Stefan Ditlev Jønsson

    I has happened to me too, and I’m FAR from a 60% win player, I’m more like a 50-51% but my last week has been awefull. Yesterday i had 21 games and only 6 wins.

  39. with the 15:5 simulator, it feels like I have no real influence on my win rate, I’m just an average casual player and can’t carry when everybody on my team starts dying

  40. I’m glad you understand how painful this grind can be. But imagine you are playing stock tanks in that exact situation. It just sucks that you cant even carry a bit most of the time

  41. we dont need see u with low tank pls

  42. I think WG turned on bad rng for me over the last week. I’ve been set on fire much more than usual, bouncing “easy” shots, missing fully aimed shots (worst was my new Skoda missing 2x on the back of a t26e4 from about 20 meters,while fully aimed,both shells just going to the outside of the aim circle). It’s been frustrating for sure.

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