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Source: DOLLARplays

British fv4005 stage 2 gameplay in War Thunder. It has the biggest, and most powerful HESH round in the game. We'll be using fv4005 agains't ww2 era tanks(mostly)


Intro: Rue De Jaffa – A.M. Beef

Background: Two Sides – Martin Klem
Metamorpheus – Hampus Naeselius
Gone Surfing – Sixteen Wheelers

The King of Thieves – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
Spendin' Time – Martin Klem
Valkyries of Valhalla – Dragon Tamer

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. HESH damage is strange right now. Very unreliable against bigger tanks like panthers, tg2’s. I would expect 21kg of tnt to do more damage.

    Anyway I wish you guys a nice weekend 💪

    • FV 4005 is my most played tank, I have over 500 kills on it now. Gotta say its pretty good MBT.

    • Matheus Arruda santos

      bro, i have found how the solution for that, SHOT UNDER THE TANK! IT AWAYS WORK!

    • Everyone go naval RB and report those botters. Wipe them out!!!

    • Vincenzo Brasiello

      you meam BESH

    • I ground the Vickers MBT (Mk1) was “new”, had a couple of weeks with it working nicely then the nerf hammer came down on the HESH rounds. The breaking point was expending a full load of 105mm HESH at point blank on a crippled T-54, I could track it and run around it to avoid it’s gun – but that was about it, haven’t bothered with HESH ever since.
      Nice to see you having some success with 183mm HESH at least. 🙂

  2. Wait
    Gaijin listend for that report option?

  3. Music at 15:26

  4. I have never seen you ever get angry, and that,s the biggest accomplishment i have ever seen with WT. Also i always thought Hesh was bad has it been made worse recently?

  5. Lets play sherman familly mr dollars

  6. 5kg tnt from aircraft bomb = dead
    21kg tnt from tank shell = tis but a scratch

  7. That last second goddamn tiger P man 😂

  8. The Imperfect God

    11:07 AT THE CUSP!!!!!!! 😵

  9. lunch break and a dollar video = awesome.

  10. 1:32 your videos dolla… XXXD too much!! i love it.
    the way how you let us feel what you feel in this momentXD bruh hahahahahahaa😂👌

    as a KV-2 player i know exactly what you feel during reloading(or like you- gun breech problems)
    BUT if the grenade is ready… oooh boy; good luck to the enemy 😈😤💪

  11. Which do you think is bettwr between this and g6?

  12. Why are English tanks just not allowed to be good? I’ve tried and tried to use the mk2 because I got it from the battlepass and it just doesn’t do any damage

  13. Have you played the YAG-10 (29-k) yet? That thing is too much fun and derpy as hell

  14. 10:37 I never knew war thunder made it possible to see the HEAT jet

  15. this is a Kinderwerfer or Star Destroyer as we call it in german

  16. 10:38 the heat round exploded on the tree and still killed the panther xD

  17. hey how’d you get that maori emblem for your tank???

  18. If the fv40005 is at 6.3 why not the maus there are tanks at this rank that have heat fin stabilized. Recoilless tanks with grenade rounds that pen 340 millimeter that move way faster than the maus at this tier. At current tier 7.0 or 7.7 it becomes moving target for atgm tanks and armor piercing fin stabilized tanks and sabo firing tanks 😢😢😢. I wish it drop to a tier where it’s usable 😢😢


  20. I HATE this FKING BUG when tanks are not being rendered when smoke is launched. every update is coming and going and coming again!!!!

  21. I wonder … do you stream dollar ? on twitch or youtube ? could be nice to see you and have a good time 🙂

  22. got to love that British big brain 🧠

  23. If you are using FV and see a tiger, shoot at the tracks bec it knocks out the whole crew

  24. I came on here fully intent on watching some rainbow six siege content and saw this and went OOO this it better

  25. That’s just stupid. 7kg of TNT in HE round are working much better at that BR comparing to 21kg of HESH

  26. Nathaniel wowchuk

    🅱️esh is either a Nuclear bomb or an airsoft BB

  27. They patched my M163 and all my 8.0 are 8.3 now

  28. The KV-2 and the FV4005 are fairly similar as far as tank designs go…

  29. They need to lower the repair cost, this thing has so many weaknesses it’s crazy

  30. boom goes boom

  31. Gaijin: GRIND EVERYONE, GET MORE VEHICLES, GRIIIIND. Also Gaijin: *nerfs every fun round/vehicle in the game*

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  33. George Chatzikostas

    OOHHH I hear chuck chuck chuck chuck chuckk. Hahahhahahahahahahahah bro i love you <3


    The HESH looks very sad now

  35. i started the game yesterday, people only playing germans tanks or what ?

  36. Buenas ediciones de videos.. me alegra el dia… yo aun luchando en rango 2. Ajjaja

  37. Many Shermans were harmed in the making of this video. RIP 🙁

  38. xenomorph6-_ gaming

    nice 🔥🔥

  39. The bot report feature doesn’t work, I asked a Dev

  40. Cobra Pirate de l'espace

    This tank is a big pile of shit. It is huge and its ammunition produces random damage.

  41. HESH tanks are the most frustrating tanks to play

    I feel you pain…

  42. In WT HESH is TRASH. I would strongly suggest taking the APDS instead & try to aim for the gunner + breach.
    Or just skip the shooting Barn completely.

  43. Can u say “flak” everytime when u need to say “fuck” is not baneable for community rules yt and it works on warthunder video content ” greetings bro” 🧐🐌🌚👋🔞.

  44. When this thing does work, God help you as your being hit by what could be classified as a naval gun.

  45. The 183mm HESH round was actually tested against leftover Tiger IIs from the war. It did more damage than this

  46. From what i have heard, when they introduced the sturmtiger they nerfed the potency of overpressure, probably so the sturmtiger couldn’t splash kill anything in the game with a miss the size of half a small cap circle. I don’t remember who mentioned overpressure’s possible/real? Nerf tho.

  47. The italians have a hesh at like 1.3 or 2.3 or something stupid like that, it use to have 100 mm of pen but now has 75mm

  48. help i have a bug where my enemys shoot and see me

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