When You “Flatten” The Russian Bias – Object 775 – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

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Introducing the most meme looking tank in War Thunder, the Object 775! A literal pancake of a tank that can be unbelievably broken!

00:00 – What is this “Flat” Tank?
04:41 – Justin goofed..
08:36 – JUST WON'T DIE
13:58 – ERA Scares me…
17:48 – Speedy lowrider
19:14 – All angles
22:24 – Is it ?
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  1. Well, yet another horrificly undertiered russian wonderweapon. Every Update the same, is this a project to get the RU winrate over 85% or wha?
    But your videos are amazing justin, great fun to watch 🙂 keep it up man

  2. I can make most vehicles work, I’m struggling with this one at the moment, it has good armour and is small, I’ve been mostly playing it front line ish but I think I must be doing it wrong

  3. You can go even lower, this thing has hydraulic suspension

  4. When a funny meme prototype has more kinetic protection modifier than leclerc, Merkavas and challengers … type 10 … ariete … idk where the list stops.

  5. its on normal tech because its russian, while other tank that mass produce is on event or premium, guess this game is pure russian bias, just saying…

  6. Saving 600SL on crew modification while having 227M SL 🙂

  7. that tank hurts my eyes soo much.. its too flat

  8. “Don’t do what I did” – gets 6 kill game.

  9. Can you do a Video about the Tiger Had Block 2?

  10. He is too Pancake, to die!

  11. can’t believe i was in this video going against you!

  12. great qol patch

  13. The fact that the crew replenishment modual is even in the modification tab is stupid

  14. That is a biiiiiig bug in game

  15. this thing reminds me to kv220 and it-1, this thing is broken

  16. I subscribed but I don’t know why your new videos doesn’t show up. It is so weird!

  17. Will the golden eagle app ever be on Apple?

  18. komisi anti korupsi koruptor di hukum mati

    Next gen zsu 57

  19. Most scariest 😂

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