When you spend all of your upgrade points on the gun (War Thunder M1128 STRIKER)

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Source: PhlyDaily

When you spend all of your upgrade points on the gun (War Thunder M1128 STRIKER)


  1. Trung Kiên Hoàng

    0:12 Good Boy

  2. can I ask something that I never understood? Phly at the beginning of the video (even in the previous ones) did something that I didn’t think could be done, that is, using the rangefinder the range of the cannon is automatically raised by raising the cannon, now I wonder is there a key / modification of the tank in particular who allows you to do this? What is this thing called? I have never arrived in high BR so I have never experienced anything.

  3. Top tier is so booooooring!!

  4. That is an accurate depiction of what happens to a Stryker whenever it goes on terrain steeper than 3 degrees.

  5. Isnt it the M1128 *Stryker?
    smh phly you are actually hitler

  6. That Bad Obsession Motorsport “Get the Funk Out” intro music.

  7. Hey Phly, I had an idea for a new series.
    It would be called „how high can we get?“ or sth like that, and basically you take sth way above its BR.

    Also I would love to see the concept 3 yeeting some tiger2s

  8. this fool has gaijin hacks just to let ya know why he seems so good watch em clip @4:27

  9. The Ugly Dumpling

    Day 1 of asking Phly to answer why he doesn’t participate in the battle pass

  10. How did he miss the IT1

  11. New challenge? Only allowed to use w and d for navigation and a standard two button mouse with a scroll wheel

  12. prodrifter196 meep

    Thanks bro for the content your videos always cheer me up and put a smile on my face

  13. What br is it again

  14. how do you use quick commands?

  15. I just realized you can measure how good a vehicle is in warthunder by seeing calculating (Fun – almost fun moments)/battles.

  16. KV2 = OP

  17. I_BelieveYouHaveMyStapler

    How do ya’ll stay engaged with this game? It was super fun at a point but the last couple months have felt like beating my head against a wall, with occasional smile breaks. Just got to 9.0 USA and its like play a few minutes then get camped out continually… Better to stay lower? Pick a different country? Or this just is what it is?

  18. gunsnrosesforever100

    1:38 I too have had a stroke before, don’t feel bad

  19. I really love every intro in phly’s videos

  20. Hey how do you scout

  21. Challenge: play without W and 2 keys and try to get as many kills as you can.

  22. What about mobility

  23. Meanwhile account name: *ShheeeesshhhDaily*

  24. Wow somehow you got worse at this game :dddd

  25. Phly the lack of south african high tier gameplay make it look like they are not worth playing! 🤔 ( The lack of tea-gameplay overall not to mention! 😉

  26. “Higher you go, worse it gets” +1


    Warthunder meta in the nut shell.

  28. Matija Zdravkovic

    Me on 5.7 getiing long range maps and never geting any thing close

  29. Helpful tip go right so you can look left without the exhaust port skull fuck in you

  30. Poor wheely boi slowly slipped into the water and was never seen again

  31. ja nie wiem stary

    day 6 of begging HighBRDaily to fly the He 112-A0 cuz it can penetrate literally everything at its br

  32. how do you do that with aiming????

  33. This vehicle is what I call “Absolute-Hammered-Dog-Sh1t”. It can’t get up a hill without momentum. The exhaust creates a blind spot when moving at the 2-3 o’clock position. And almost NO depression of the gun. Small amount of ammo so it’s good that this vehicle doesn’t last for very long. Otherwise you’d be screwed in a long duration engagement. Plus the sound of the engine has a way of getting weird, IDK but it seems like it gets displaced and makes you jumpy when you hear it as it makes you think somebody’s moving near you. That first match is pretty typical of US teams that face off with Russia and especially Russia/Germany together. It’s a camp fest on YOU after about 60 seconds.

  34. Dumbest place for an exhaust?

  35. Bruh his spawn points left were 666 pog

  36. 20:15, Me trying to be successful in something new

  37. damn modern mbt battles must be actually fun, automatic range adjustment, bruh, wish we had that back in BR6.3

  38. Warthunder! its almost fun!!

  39. 10:05 Hans shot first

  40. Day 114: Play the BF109-K4, its been years

  41. oddly enough this vehicle is a hot piece of garbage. the M1128 MGS has been replaced and for very good reason.

  42. Yo Phly, subscribed, belled and a member and I no longer get you on recommendations. YouTube’s up to its shenanigans again. Just thought I’d give you a heads up.

  43. 20:32
    Make’s me remind about the LAV 25.

  44. big like only for the intro :’D as well make this keyboard W and Mouse thing a challenge.

  45. Jokes on you I use a controller with strange mapping and has no knowledge of maps I constantly play.

  46. Phly the very honorable H6K next please?

  47. day 223 now where you have played the old and rusty Centurion you might have a look at the Ultimative Centrurion the STRV 104 with a J29
    sry didnt saw it in time shame on me

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