when you use ammo as armor | JaPz.K A2

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  1. Phly actually makes random burps into funny content 😂

  2. Day 339: play sherman at high br and pretend to be a destroyed sherman

  3. they put argentinian flag but german name (?? that looks like a “SK-105 Kürassier”

  4. Not only does the Jewish tank stop on a dime it will stop and pick it up. 😐

  5. Wow those big juicy maps! So awesome, compared to WOT or AW this maps are so huge! So good maps for fast and modern vehicles, i think its even too big, smaller maps would be better, i dont have time to drive to battlefield with 30sec, they should make smaller maps and remove those big maps, stalingrad its too big for example, they should add something like Shipment from Call of Duty series, its perfect size map for modern vehicles in WT, gayijin pls smaller maps like 10x10m, i just want to spawn and kill :/
    Also buff CAS in the game, ground RB/SB are too much ground, only 80% kills are from planes/helis, nerf tanks, make them costs 30k lions when heli 5k and planes 20k, everyone knows helis and jets are cheaper to produce than tanks! U dont know gaijin? its like 1000 ka-52 in russian army service compared to 12 T-80U.

  6. you havent done the leo 2k since 2018. fix this

  7. what was that laugh XD 4:16

  8. Don’t look right hahaha

  9. New to realistic battles how do you automatically go to the set range after using the rangefinder rather than slowly increasing it by 50

  10. Unga bunga Phly is just so goofy, I love him.

  11. You should do an F-84 jet episode.

  12. Damn Chinese players with their Z

  13. Day 1: play literally anything in air rb. Turning into more tankdaily than Phlydaily, today is even Phlyday 💔

  14. Prydwen A. Skeeter

    Frence tanks is good as well if you can surpass “B1”

  15. Ammo is best armor

  16. its like a tank powerwheels

  17. It has a concept of French tank

  18. Spartanladkenny78

    Apfsds…4 second auto loader… Thermal at 8.3
    This tank is OP!
    I usually get only one or two kills per tank but with this one I have had several 9-10 kill games

  19. sebastian tramontana

    phly, l really like you video’s but this game is doing my head in, lm sick of getting snipped from across the map, and it’s no longer enjoyable.

  20. Nono it did make sense

  21. You’ve never made a video with the Tu-1

    I Love your content very much

  22. Phly, you really need to do a tips and tricks video. You have the best tactis!

  23. Dont fix it, dont fix it… But fix the BTR’s in the background please.

  24. Mario.Avramescu Official

    That burp 💀 😂

  25. Your Avarage, Low tier Pilot.

    Pure monke energy

  26. Is it just me or was the AMX 13 turret used on a lot of vehicles

  27. I like how you just casually put Tigor in that basket =)

  28. Using ammo as armour – 6.0+ brit tanks all agree

  29. Can you play the concept 3 ? Its so handsome and looks so goood

  30. Why are Phly’s enemies always blind and deaf, and meanwhile I’m playing vs. Rommel and Patton from the afterlife 🙁

  31. What setting do I need to change where the gun site auto adjust to the range. I got it worked out to do it manually but not automatically.

  32. My favorite videos are the ones where Phly absolutely loses his goddamn mind. This is one of my favorites. 😄

  33. Hey guys, I found this vehicle that is pretty good. let’s bring
    attention to it because it has killed me more times than I like so that
    Gaijin nerfs it or moves it to a battle rating so that it is worthless
    so I do not die as much for my videos.

    The repair cost is already 8,400+, don’t make things worse for those who
    can’t afford it. It is not as good as you portray it.

    You say in your video that you “hardly see players kill me with it” and
    then also say that players kill you by it “over and over and over again”
    with it. So, which one is it?

  34. Day-7 of asking for a T18b (57) Video.

  35. Ammo armor? You mean that thing Brits decided to have on all centurions?

  36. Day 137: Phly, you should play the Hampden TB Mk I. High-yield, low-tier bomber goodness

  37. Phly can you please play the tiger II H with the He 111 H-16 it has a bigger bomb day 1

  38. Mono’s Animations and Gaming

    Concerning the first battle: Object permanence is the concept of an object’s existence despite not directly viewing said object.

  39. 4:13 dude has fucking Z on his tank, camp the shit out of him

  40. The problem with that vehicle is that as stock it super sucks. Like it’s just super bad. The engine is extremely loud (and you can’t fix that), the suspension bounces up and down like one on a trampoline and the shell you fire as stock is heat which explodes on any branch or fence you hit. Also it’s slow and sluggish until you get better engine, transmission and tracks on it. Also it only has crew of 3 which dies always to the first hit because 2 of the crew is in the turret made out of paper. And 50 cals kill that thing from the side.

    So you have to just sit back and camp in a bush with your barrel sticking out and be quiet and wait for someone to pass you. That way you can actually stay alive in that thing. And I think that camping aspect and the fact that this vehicle just plain sucks as stock, are the biggest factors why people don’t play this as much.

    But when you get the better suspension damping, APFSDS darts and the laser rangefinder, then this vehicle starts to be good and it keeps getting better when you get more and more upgrades on it. BUT it still is extremely loud and dies to a machinegun fire…

  41. Микола Малей

    Ей містер! Не повторяй по 100 разів оде і те ж саме… Буду дуже вдячний)

  42. Martin Sonnleitner

    That this thing is in the german tech tree with the Flag of Argentina is weird…

    fyi; The Jagdpanzer KÜRASSIER SK-105 A2 is an austrian development by Saurerwerke (later Steyr Daimler-Puch) and was used in the Austrian Army till the early2000´s.

  43. Im starting to think I should have grinded the tank destroyer line..

  44. couldve spotted the wma and helped your teammate not die, but too busy making dumb noises.

  45. This was hilarious 🤣

  46. Gear shift in this tank sounds so cool 😀

  47. every bad game you play is an exhilarating win for your enemy

  48. Emergency Room Andy

    Phly, play the T114 again or I’ll cut-.

  49. Poor teammate he told you not to go in there. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  50. best vid u made recently ty bro

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