When your BIGGEST ENEMY is your own transmission | HEAVY TANK DESTROYER FERDINAND

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When your BIGGEST ENEMY your own transmission | HEAVY TANK FERDINAND


  1. Translation:
    Many hard working hands made a piece to the end of the 8.5.1943
    Free to repair for Siemens
    Porsche and Siemens are also done.
    Ferdinand. So he is called and who bullys him gets bitten
    The baras-nightshift has ended
    Und readable nonsense

    The pope lies his hands over you
    Something about a bull and a tiger.
    Rest is unreadable

    Left side:
    We come from Berlin and gave the ostmark our hands to make this beast here and now the work is done to the front the Ferdinand rolls to save our fatherland and berlin wishes him best luck
    We will win through our tiger

    Hope it helped 😀

    BTW, I really wanna see a rakjpz2 video sometimes. But it’s just a suggestion. Great video

    • Wo ever liked this comment probably thinks I’m a smartass and yes I am a smartass

    • @Simon Wiesner I liked it because I missed Vienna in the Translations and Transcriptions, too.

    • Still Eulenspiegel, seine Hochwohlgeboren von Huy

      And some wise-arsing: Ostmark = Austria
      Hence the fraternal hand-reaching. Which means assassinating Dollfuß and Putsching…

    • The “UNREADABLE” on the back says: “It was nice, that’s the last one, now we’re going home and partying ???” – I managed to find some Original images online where the quality is better, looks like Gaijobble also got it wrong.

    • @PhlyDaily 69 likes sorry, must not ruin it, Phly love intro ☺️

  2. that sherman at the beggineing is AN ABSOLUTE chad

  3. I think that the text on the right side should be a little passage from an german dialect song text.
    From Wolfgang Ambros and also sung by “Peter Alexander”
    Erst wenns aus wird sein mit der Musi und en Wein, da pack ma unsere Zwetschken ei und fahrn heim.
    I think for you it make no sence, but it means:
    Only when the wine is empty and the music stops playing, we pack our plums and go home

  4. my fav tank in war thunder

  5. Wtf Ferdinand is 6.3?
    But people say Germany suffers :/

  6. That intro was…something

  7. I love the Ferdi, I never play it (20k repair cost -_-)

  8. 14:00 his name really is MyBallsAreFat

  9. Can we got flee complaining about warthunder asmr?

  10. Hey Phly, try out sprocket, so you can make a tank like your clip art! Would be a funny video!

  11. Hey phly, any tips on what to play to get loads of money? I’m struggling with like 60grand at an average of 5.0 in every country

  12. Translation: “WHERE IS FEGELEIN!!”

  13. The most Thing you should be feard of is the IKV 103 cause they got on 5.0 400mm of pen

  14. Phly what is the name of the movie you used for the intro?
    Love your channel by the way.

  15. your friendly neighborhood lizard

    When flak 88 gets shot the other German tank be like Germans thogether strong

  16. (A few seconds after the speech about importance of being first) “…Cause you ain’t first, you are second which is still really good.”

  17. Does music on clip start comes from matrix?

  18. Day 29: play the Lorraine ca

  19. Its just ah jagd panzer Version of maud

  20. I wish the dickermax and the stug g were not so squish in the tank assault mode against AI….really wanna grind out the mods without being squished

  21. Everybody knows!
    Everybody wants!
    Everybody wants the ,,Everybody” song back! Like the good old days :))
    Attempt No. 1

  22. Biggest enemy is gaijin and their mental illness

  23. Im German so it is quite easy for me to read the skin😂

  24. Set the side of the mountain of fire.

  25. Day 3 of asking Phly to Play the SBD3 with the gunpods

  26. the fact that sherman emerges in that smoke before meeting it’s demise, mf comes out fighting

  27. 16:17 That guy must have been T-4-2ing so hard

  28. As a German I can honestly say this translation sucks.

  29. 6 virgin German tanks vs one chad Jumbo

  30. Not gonna Lie Phly I saw your face for the first time the other day…I was exepcting you to look like Joe Rogan…its the voice man, your like the white Morgan Freeman, I could listen to you talk for ages. 😂😂😂

  31. PHLYDAILY HAS TO PLAY SPROCKET TANK DESIGHN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let him know of the game

  32. Ja ich kann das lesen

  33. Day 20:You should try the Japanese 1.7 Ta-Se. It’s a Anti-EVERYTHING DESTROYER .🙂

  34. phly can you do a video on sprocket ?

  35. What was the movie

  36. the last ferdinand

  37. uuuuhhhhhhhhhh phly that was a 75 jumbo not a 76 jumbo meaning he stood even less of a chance of killing you guys to add to the low chance he had already although it does demonstrate the ability of german mains of killing jumbos which means it should definitely totally be uptiered

  38. Stathis Papadopoulos

    Fun fact, there is a whole on one of the plates in the front hull of the ferdinant to the left side. This means that only one plate protects that part and it has 100mm of armor. You can pen this thing with a 75 if you know that spot and it isnt small either it is like 20+ centimeters in diameter. You can see it by going in protection analysis and hovering over the back plate of the front ( the second plate ) and you will see it has a whole on the left. Few people know this. You probably wont get the gunner but you can kill the radio operator and driver, set it on fire or even take out the engine.

  39. who the fuck did ur thumbnail? its so haleriuous

  40. It’s so funny the way everyone piles in on the R3 you disabled!!

  41. 24:19 I love how a 100mm plate with nearly no angle can bounce a long 88mm ;-D Thats basically GAJIN

  42. if archduke franz ferdinand was as well ‘protected’….

  43. When your BIGGEST ENEMY is your own -transmission- repair cost.

  44. so now Jagdtiger as u promise ? ;d

  45. In the intro you somehow didn’t pen the Sherman lol. Gaijin’d

  46. When I first glanced Phlys cursed thumbnail I thought it was a FCM36 PAK40

  47. Shermans:FURY!
    tiger and ferdinand: no wayyyyyyyyy

  48. Top to bottom left to right:

    Viele fleißige Hände schufen ein Werk zu Ende den 8.5.1943

    Many laborous hands created a work to the end the 05/08/43

    Fertig : Frei zur Reparatur für Siemens

    Done: Ready to fix for Siemens

    Porsche & Siemens sind auch fertig! Donnerwetter

    Porsche & Siemens are done too

    Ferdinand so heißt er, wer ihn neckt den beißt er.

    Ferdinand he’s called, who teases him he bites

    Das ist der letzte

    That’s the last one

    Halt die Luft an

    Hold your breath (shut up)

    Ferdinand Du Bär Du gefällst mir so sehr.

    Ferdinand you bear, I like you a lot

    Die Baras Nachtschicht ist zu Ende

    The Barras (military) nightshift is over

    Erst wenn’s aus wird sein mit der Musik und dem Wein da pack’ mer unsere Zwetschgen ein und fahren halt o.

    Only when the Musik ends and the wine then we pack our plums and drive off


    Der Papst hält gütig seine Hände über Dir, +__-(5&& aus der Tiger auch &(-$ Stier

    The Pope benevolently holds his hands above you -(-_&+( out the tiger *’;&_ the bull too

    Schön war’s das ist der letzte jetzt fahren wir nach Hause wie ??? Biste

    It was fun, that’s the last one, now we drive home how ??? are you

    Left Side:

    Aus Groß Berlin da kamen wir und reichten der Ostmark die Hände zu schaffen diese “Bastie” hier Jetzt ist das Werk zu Ende Zur Front rollt nun der “Ferdinand” zu sichern unser Vaterland und unsere Wünsche besitzen ihn “Voran zum Sieg! Das wünscht Berlin und auch Wien!

    From Great Berlin we came to join hands with Ostmark (Austrian core country) to create this bastion here now the work is complete to the front now rolls the “Ferdinand” to secure our fatherland and our wishes go with him “forward to Victory” wishes Berlin and Vienna too

    Wir werden Sieger durch unseren Tiger

    We’ll be winners by our Tiger




    Ferdinand _+-&_ voraus

    Ferdinand _&–_- ahead

  49. How do I use a aircraft in the USSR tech tree and use a tank in the USA tech tree

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