When Your Heavies Camp in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I’m playing the ST-II questioning why heavies in World of Tanks!



  1. It always chock me your patience just waiting out the enemy…. maybe thats why i always die so Quick because you take advantage of that 😮

  2. “Today we have one of those games” QB that’s like 99% of games on the Asia server.
    And unfortunately I’m not good enough to carry the team like you did.

  3. I’ve been left to die contesting the hill more than once. I can see why they are “f that”

  4. yo, 113 not is-3. its a tier 9 max game.

  5. Playing wot is like rolling a dice unless if there is skill based matchmaking 73k games vs 3k games totally balanced huh

  6. Fire 30rounds.. Hit 15.. Pen 7.. and this is why WoT is not worth the time to play.. Even QB has an up close 20% wasted round rate, low roll etc, the RNGesus mechanics are just stupidly inconsistent…. SO happy I deleted all WG releases. Hope all who still play it enjoy it though.

  7. Peter Billingsö

    I can understand the heavy also, it’s no fun to play them as everyone is so poor players and press the 2 key everytime they see them.

  8. I hate it when heavies camp at the rear.

  9. Noting special, to learn or see from game0lay

  10. i hate mines map for high tier losing spawn with 3 arties, let the fast enemies take the hill and i will not let the enemy arties farm my hp for free

  11. A skeleton trapped in a man body

    Haven’t watched this yet but I’m willing to bet it encourages bad play because some tanks such as the Tiger are such miserable examples of heavy tanks that they are way better used as roaming snipers than heavies unless you want to throw away your hp and vehicle trusting flat useless armor and low mobility. Heavies are only used as heavies if their versatility allows for it, otherwise they really are better used for area denial and flank support.

    If I don’t see a Tiger or Tiger P roaming the flanks and sniping then I know it’s a trash player who doesn’t understand the vehicles or their strengths/weaknesses. It’s better to learn vehicles and how each one works than generalize playstyle based on class/weight.
    Another example of a heavy that has no business on the front line is the BDR G1 B. If you aren’t flanking or taking massive pot/side shots with that tank you are using it wrong and letting your team down. The long guns for both variants of Tiger are excellent for picking apart enemies at a distance, and with the right equipment even the 131/Heavy Tank 6 can do the same without getting too close and having their armor obliterated.

    • I would be careful about how you’ve worded this statement. It sounds like you’re encouraging camping in heavies? As for the Tiger/Tiger P statement, this is absolutely how you should play most heavies and well-armoured meds, so thanks for the tips mate 🙂

    • A skeleton trapped in a man body

      @Rowan Carpenter I think I worded myself just fine. If someone with bad reading comprehension takes it the wrong way it’s on them, not me. Nowhere do I encourage camping.

    • I agree with you, but i don’t use my Tiger for camping. I only camp when my teams ht are camping. I will not die in the middle of the map alone. Tbh if they want to sit in the back of the map they can play spg

  12. I wish you had more people Subscribe because how I learned to play world of tanks was through you and I appreciate you giving out these tutorials and having fun while being family friendly I don’t know how many years it has been but thank you for the Content.

  13. Been seeing a lot of kind of bad Chieftain players out there. like how do you have a 40% win rate in a tank that its kinda OP.

  14. David Jamgochian

    awesome thanks for the next time

  15. Nice vid QB! Always enjoy your content

  16. ive noticed heavys camping has been a actual problem recently

  17. IS3 in a tier X and IX matchup

  18. from where is that 3D style?

  19. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The real question is why this shitty ass map is still being played with tier Xs. This map is too small and should be played from tier 1-4 or at most tier 7 like Province.

  20. QB u are like the dino of the world of bot i love your content but you need to give us more qualité vidéo

  21. I CANNOT BEGIN to imagine how annoying it is to be in the same game and the same team as you QB.
    You tell everyone what they have to do all the time.
    You spam the map constantly.
    You spam team commands like “retreat” all the time.
    You constantly attack them with salty comments in the chat.
    You constantly type in ALL CAPS on how people should play, and even though you’re a Brit, you can’t spell right.
    My god, it’s like having an annoying 4 year old constantly being hyper active, kicking, screaming, breaking, crying.
    How is this possible. How old are you ?

  22. How about a video on the pz 5/4?

  23. Sardonic Spartan

    This is a very common issues on Bltiz

  24. Hey quicky can you make a video showing the difference in game play amongst other things on all the different servers. I’m Aussie playing on the asia server and often when I watch your game play it looks very different.

  25. I’ve seen so many games lost because hill control is given up so they can snipe from the top. If their chief stayed hull down and that t22 capped with cover fire from 114 and mauschen.. they win.

  26. Don’t think it will help, truly, not much faith in majority of the playerbase I see, but test wouldn’t hurt imo. If WG did something extra for winning a battle. Not sure what though. Maybe will help with some situations, people take a shot so you 2 can peak and kill someone, people actually defending instead of W key across map etc.

  27. One hell of a game…..

  28. tbh i hate players that use heavy tanks in this fashion when i used to play console world of tanks, there was a top teir T29 snipeing in the back while all the mediums and lower teirs were in the front, i was so pissed

  29. Useless team

    Quickly baby: “leave it to me! >:)”

  30. bait the char to cap, and qb killed the rest of the enemy team

  31. Heavies camping is cowardly and selfish, wot console is worse with this issue. Ty for posting this video quickybaby. ppl gotta realize how to play each type of tank and not play like a destroyer in every single tank. Keep up the good work my man

    • you’re mostly right but that map is kinda small, he is not taking the hill (at the start), tanks scouting the hill, too many tanks in one class forcing them to play outside their role… in short heavies playing TD roll works well, especially if there are no SPG knocking them off their perch.
      just think, in real life many heavies had a defensive role (camping).

  32. Quicky Baby, it’s not a Moist-shen


    I’m pretty sure they were sniping at the back of the map cuz DezGamez made a video about using your E 100 as sniper, so probly that’s why.

  34. This is why this game is doomed, without administrators on servers, game has no perspective.

  35. the amount of times qb said is3 i laughed everytime lol thanks QBes

  36. This game shows heaves camping and still being useful. I often find my teams are hiding and being useless. What do you do with that? Why do people ready up for a t10 game with out the skill or frankly balls to play there tank, then be always on my team?

  37. 2:50 113 = IS-3

  38. Great looking skin but im still not gonna pull my crew out of the IS3 II and back in the STII – its just not fun to play

  39. i dont see that as a “camp back”, i see that as a “FU MM” , if E100s would go in front, Chieftain would have a party

  40. literally 44% win rate players for you. they genuinley dont understand certain things.

  41. I won’t lie.. Some days when you’re on a loss streak, you do everything right, but your team keeps screwing you so you just say screw it and go redline. I can understand it, though when you’re in a platoon it’s pretty poor play.

  42. Sometimes, if the e100 didn’t camp you win easily. However if they just rush die doing nothing or do stupid things and makes teammates lose health, they can throw the game. In this case, they did neither, which makes the game harder but can eventually win because they have the health left at the end to tank and allow a good player (QB in this case) to carry. Sometimes you need these stupid e100s to ace

  43. On mines if you spawn in the south , your defense, in the north offenseThe south loses when they try to take the hill, 95% of the time. More BS , bad advice QB

  44. 4711 DMG easy if you camp all game like a selfish ass.Most (unicums) are pure selfish campers no team play at all. And they are the ones crying about a (tomato) team it’s pathetic. I wish WG would remove wn8 and all that.

    • VioletStetPedder -

      How come unicums have better winrates than the “average joe” if they are just pure selfish campers and don’t do team play at all?

  45. That’s the all kind of players in every Asia server which is frustrating

  46. Lol 113 vs IS-3 xD

  47. But lets be honest – if your meds completely fucked up and ignored the hill, where you want your E-100 to go? East side (the best for heavy tanks with weak turrets) is impossible cause you will be shooted in the back from hill. Going in the middle against hull-down Chieftain? That would be a really bad idea… Don’t expect your heavy tanks to carry if your meds fucked up right from the start…
    And yes, I know that E-50 or Char Future are not a perfect tanks for fighting for the hill. But you can say exactly the same about E-100 – it is the worst heavy tank when it comes to fight at hull-down position against enemies like Chieftain. So if you don’t expect your meds to go and fight in unfavorable conditions, neither you should expect that from your heavies…

  48. happy, but not really, to see that players do that to you. I cannot tell you how many times I get players drive up behind me and block my reverse/escape when I fire.

  49. Look at the stats of these E100. The first one has a WN8 of 290 means its a bot or a troll and the second has 795 means its a very bad player.

  50. alternative title: When you have a normal WOT Game

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