When Your Tank Is A Giant Revolver

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Source: Spookston

One of my favorite tanks in US tech tree is the T54E1 medium tank, which combines the hull of an M48 Patton with an oscillating . The T54E1 has a nine-round drum autoloader fixed to the turret's vertical portion, essentially making it a giant 105mm revolver. Gameplay with the T54E1 is pretty enjoyable and I would say it's worth buying just for that, but if you're expecting to get high win rates with it, lower those expectations. You get uptiered constantly and have to slug it out with the plethora of powerful Soviet / Russian tanks in that battle rating range, most of which are stabilized. Gaijin could probably lower it to 7.7 and it wouldn't cause trouble.

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Songs used (in order from first to last):
Command and Conquer: Generals – Various USA Themes
Halo 3: ODST – Rain (Deference for Darkness)

Sound mods:
Epic Thunder (Pre-release)
Gunner HEAT PC Crew Voices Mod (Personal, go play the game: https://gunnerheatpc.com/ )

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  1. 2:21 wouldn’t voice chat fix all of this, people actually do things when someone physically tells them to.

  2. day 10 of asking spookstone to play BAKAN 1 C

  3. Driving around with a Big Iron under his seat.

  4. We found it, the biggest iron

  5. When you made that video about the Somua and recommended it, you were completely the reason why I bought it and it’s now become my top 3 favourite tanks. Now that you recommended this, I will follow up and trust you. Thank you again for the videos and good info!


  7. Can you be a little more political maybe? Just complain about inflation a bit maybe, or say you don’t think US national interest lies in having Ukrainian bases.

    Your channel isn’t demonetised unlike every other channel I follow..

  8. Please play the Olifant Mk 2 🙂

  9. i wonder why u dont take the normal AP shell? its supposed to have a much higher dmg output + the penetration is def enough to get through everything reliable.. pls correct me if im wrong cuz i didnt play wt anymore for a while now

  10. No no fucking way more oscillating tanks are a god dammed bad idea ,they are broken as fuck with volumetric making them literally unpenetrable from behind and shattering rounds so often that makes almost futile to engage from behind.Broken mechanic ,and broken models specially this tank…that’s my opinion ,but yeah snail wants money not human rights so idk

  11. Literally every game (R plane) as of the last 2 weeks has been getting instant killed, specially with boosters… When all i needed and was trying to do was get 1 simple tier 2 assist…. Just done with this game for a it… Next Battlepass seems uninteresting
    9/10 games in R tank was like these games… Trying to play mid US, Germ, Ru$…
    And yep downtier the team stomps and I get no points, uptier just becomes spawn camp


    i have this tank and i always using APDS because of greater muzzle velocity, can go through more modules of the vehicle than HEAT which can be stopped by a dead crew, and most importantly it can fly through bushes, trees, fences etc which is very annoying for the HEAT that exploded by random stuff so you can’t even hit the target at all.

    I also noticed that the FoV on T54E1 is much wider than most vehicle, i personally do like it and wish more vehicle have such camera FoV.


    Yeah it’s weird the french auto-loaders with 120 mm gun are 7.7 but this thing with old technologies like NVD, rangefinder unstabilized gun etc is 8.0.

  14. Perhaps the recoiless rifle lights? Ontos, R3 106, T114 etc

  15. I killed one of these with a single Mk108 round from a Me-262 Jabo I have no clue how it happened bit the tank ERUPTED when the first bullet hit him

  16. Going 10/1, barely failing to get a nuke and losing because the team decided to be virtually afk sniping at another point is the peak WT experience

  17. Jerry Miculek reference at the beginning is phenomenal lol

  18. few videos ago you said you should play some Japanese tanks, so what about something like STA-3/Type 61? if you want something smaller you could also fit in Type 60 with rifles for example

  19. Can you make a video of the M60 AMBT

  20. What battle ratings do you feel Americans surpass Russia and Germany. I just got to the 6.7 American T34 heavy tank and I am struggling just to unlock the fire extinguisher.

  21. players who using Z in game need perma hw ban asap

  22. Lector-Dogmatix Sicarii

    Only a deep 50’s tank against turbo end/post Cold War abominations. Nothing to see here. MatchMaker working as intended. Ignore the balans Wumao’s at the same BR. **nerfs US Shermans again**

  23. C&C General USA OsT

  24. I uninstalled this game because it’s full of Russian hackers. Gaijin is crap.

  25. 2S38 coming in the next patch, what’s your thoughts on it.
    At this point I think gijin is just trying to kill their game.

  26. Don’t buy apex pc, they are terrible and cost way to much for what they’re worth. Just look at the specifics

  27. You got to love back in the day when the t54 was released you could upper front plate pen a Russia t54 with solid shot

  28. I know you just played USA but i was wondering if you’re up for playing the M41A1 Bulldog, Not the M41D china version, i watched the video and bruh, but anyhow just wanted to see you play the Bulldog see your thoughts on it

    cause mini story my line up consists of mostly heavies and an m18 and was struggling getting past 400k SLs until i decided to buy the Bulldog as an extra vehicle to spawn in, and yeah it was pretty difficult to pen other tanks until i got APDS and have been using the Bulldog as my first spawn ever since cause i personally find it an amazing vehicle with it, now im slowly making back my SLs that i spent on.

    also is the size of the bulldog accurate in game cause everytime i look at another tank, namely heavys, the bulldog is pretty ”wide” for a light tank, or maybe that’s me being an idiot

  29. you gave like 20% as you dont take a lineup

  30. I love this and the T57 heavy and just recently got both on WoT, such great tanks, and I see it can be as well in War Thunder, the only thing I’m not sure is that I heard the issue is the T54 in warthunder is too high of a tier where it does not do well unless it’s a down tier, and I’ve heard people say it shouldve been at like 7.0 or such.

  31. What is los?

  32. You need to make a video on the new Russian ifv it is extremely stupid.

  33. I love the T54E1. Greatly enjoyed the whole oscillating line in WoT (ik different) and I would love to get it in WT but Spookston is also 100% correct in the 8.0 US line being an aweful grind. I wish it was 7.0 so I could pair it with my T29. Would make me soooo happy

  34. I’ve also noticed the FOV or camera in general is way more zoomed out on the T54E1 whenever I play it, it’s one of my favorite tanks to play in both War Thunder and World of Tanks. It’s so much more satisfying to play it in War Thunder though because at least half the shots don’t bounce that often in it.

  35. 5:16 I got a ricochet on a point-blank, near-perpendicular side shot on a DF105 with 84mm APDS. Very unbiased game!

    5:35 I think the guy you were engaging fired slightly after you did and the shot didn’t appear because of the timing, or something like that.

  36. Soviet UFO Object 279 when?

  37. Please I beg of you to play the AMR.35 ZT3 you can title this video as the French L3 or something (day 11)

  38. Did you feed the snail?

  39. Idk if this is how it should be cuz it sounds like it shouldnt, but Ive noticed the happening of if their turret is turning, they bounce more than they should somewhat recently

  40. Yeah whats up the zoom on some tanks? In japan the small Type 60 is so close to the “camera” and the ST-A1 is so far away, it makes no sense

  41. OMG i so hate it when you team does nothing… You push and instead that they see that and also just go for it is so annoying… Sometimes they just stand there and stand there and stand there forever, not moving.

  42. I have to stop so often because sometimes my own engine sounds like something behind a house and then i chase that sound just to find out that its my own engine doing it

  43. They are cool. I love the T 29 because it looks like a alien tank.

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