When Your Tank SUCKS in World of Tanks!

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It’s easy to look good playing OP tanks in World of Tanks so here’s my top tips playing the WORST tanks around!



  1. Fine I’ll sub

  2. I quite like this tank. Played it only with the single shot and got a 63.5% win rate on it along with a 2 mark. One point, the HE is actually slower than the HEAT and AP at 338m/s instead of 630, making it possible to lob over cover at longer ranges, like a cruiser II can.

  3. What do i do if my tank sucks in Wolrd of Warcraft?

  4. This bush is broken since years

  5. I’m not arguing that the SP I C is a good tank, but a tank could have a low average WR because good players tend to avoid it, for whatever reason. I think player skill is a greater determiner of victory than the effectiveness of the tank. In some lists, tanks I consider quite good rank very low in WR. It could be that they are simply unpopular or ignored among seasoned players.

  6. rip post-nerf SP1C. Was a riot to play with the autoloader; enemies actually had something to fear if they were missing some health and you got around their armor to plug that 720dmg into them.

    Now…it’s just a fat generic light tank with nothing to make it stand out aside from its utter mediocrity.

  7. Remember when this tank had a 3 shell auto-loader… Pepperage Farm remembers….

  8. It’s been a hot minute since I played wot but I remember adoring this tank. The 90 on it let’s you punch above you weight it’s all about peeking them when they’re not prepared. The whack a mole gameplay.

  9. What Win% would be expected if you committed suicide at the start of every match? Probably varies by tier, yeah?

  10. Labyrinth reference made me smile.

  11. I much prefered the Aufklpanther over the SP 1C.

  12. That S1 was a king.

  13. I used to watch a guy on youtube every now and then and he spent most of his time typing and telling others what to do like he’s the only one who’s ever had a good idea. it’s more than refreshing to see you fall back to help the s1 even though you didn’t agree with his play.

  14. SP1C–>Seriously Pathetic 1 Crap

  15. Can you give the ST Emil a go if you want to truly play a crap tank. You guessed it, it’s German as well

  16. Back in the day I played the sp 1 c for the leopard XD

  17. When you play any other shooting game and return to wot, after yrs of playing wot, you get that unmistakable feeling of not being able to do it anymore. After 10 yrs, I’m at that point.

    The fact that armor plays no role, that weak spots are irrelevant and that prem ammo is the norm for any lvl – that killed the game for me.

  18. i used to love this tank with the auto loader and for some reason i was able to put a gun rammer on it

  19. I would argue that the Chi-Nu is the worst tank tier for tier. That tank is not good at anything except making people playing it furstrated.

  20. This tank was great and fun when it had 3 shell magazine, unlike Pz. Slf. I c :[

  21. Oh hey, the only Light German tank I currently own and haven’t played for like two years in the thumbna- oh.
    *Oh no.*

  22. A good player can make any tank shine. The best tanks to play are the ones that don’t hand everything to the player, including the SP1C.

  23. I’m telling all my bear friends about your honey pot thieving ways

  24. i hate WG powercreep-shit

  25. Camo and spotting is wack af sitting still not moving with camo net and good crew and a heavy tank spots me across map or a MAUS can shoot in a bush and not be spotted 😤😵‍💫

  26. Am I the only one to think those kid of game are more interesting than watch someone go 1v5 with a op tank?

  27. I feel like QB hadn’t eaten his crumpet with honey yet before filming this video.

  28. We want to talk on the horrific e100’s shells velocity of 700 m/s at tier X?

  29. it should get the blitz autoloader. that makes it so so fun

  30. the bear analogy is wrong, bear go for bees that aren’t born yet. its high in protein when eaten – bear does not want honey.

  31. You talk about “Win-Rate” as though it has something to do with individuals. If you are on a bad team, you lose no matter how good you think your are. And, let’d be real – these games are all fixed and you’d be a fool to spend money on this rubbish.

  32. like in the console version different bushes have different camo ratings

  33. When I play it’s not usually the tank that’s the problem.

  34. I miss “unique” light tanks like the 59-16 and the SP 1 C. Having autoloaders made them unique in their tiers, even though they weren’t that good.

  35. Wow look at you trying to play a scout tank like it’s a medium! 😒
    Here’s a tip, scout in scout tanks. Either hide in a bush passive scouting or drive like your strung out on crack active scouting! In each case, don’t fire your gun! Funny how that’s what I do and have great games in my SCOUT tanks!

  36. And me craying with t54 with tier 7 canon need to grind 50k xp for next canon and you get tier 10 match 🤦

  37. Had some of my funniest games in this tank

  38. 07:22 “…Fake bushes…”
    Nice nickname for the game 😀

  39. Seeing the SP 1 C next to the E25 made me think about a mini panzer division

  40. I love the way all his shots are hitting at the start. This tank is so inaccurate its unplayable

  41. I think, if you mastered this tank it evolve to a very nice light tank 🙂 same with HWK12… only Rhm PzKw is shit 😀

  42. my favorite tanks are Panther 88, 122TM and BallBreaker, but i only have Panther and around 1600 games on it i really feel like its one of the good tanks. not flexible but have its own playstyle. also i dont use premium ammo.

  43. SP-1C is a bad tank, but i love it, kept it when i progressed up the tech tree. even managed a top gun in it, even though i suck.

  44. Came for the tanks, stayed for the random bear facts.

  45. HEY QB, I have a serious question about another matter. DAILY DEALS. Great idea that WG came up with BUT, I have had three days now where a deal that I want to buy says it is not available. NOW, doesn’t take a very smart man, of which I am not, to figure out that if you offer an item, it should be able to be bought or claimed. I contacted WG support and the response was make sure you are signed in and the Items must be available in the premium shop to be able to claim the deal…… SO, If you go to a store and see a brand new computer that you really want and it is at a GREAT deal the store HAS t o sell you the computer or face some stiff consequences False advertisement, bait and switch and the like…. Have you experienced this problem. Shouldn’t WG have an algorithm that checks to see if the item in question is available to buy BEFORE the offer in the daily deals is made??? I have had as many as three of my five cards, at one time, not available after I wanted to purchase them…. WHAT GIVES???? Do you have any insight? Thanks for the opportunity to rant and solicit an opinion…

  46. Play the ARL 44 tank 🌺🇯🇵🌺💎⚓💎🌺🇯🇵🌺 and for one reason … The of the ARL 44 is great and dissent amor

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