When Your Team ACTUALLY Works Together in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – T-55A. Today 're going to make a plan, and the unbelieveable happens, the team actually works together!


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  1. You mean AFTER the war went down not BEFORE I hope?

  2. I love the tank but it curse for me that rng hate me badly or if I do well the team dies so fast I barely play it

  3. all games in a nutshell

  4. Me: come on team , work together 🙂
    Camping lights, meds : F*ck you !

  5. Quicky baby talking about power creep.
    Me: ‘point at tiger 2, panther, panther 2, 110 and many other tanks (95% of which is not russian).

    Me: QB, u still wanna talk about power creep on premium tanks? U are drunk mate, go sober urself up.

  6. Why does QB have mods on for livestream (xvm-stats) but then he turns it off for YouTube videos?

  7. Quang Đăng Phạm

    There’s a thing called team ? :0

  8. After that video, I think I’ll change my in-game name to Crazy_Suicidal_YOLO_Monkey and see who follows my in-game suggestions.

  9. Wish this happens to me

  10. Does this have Soviet or German RNG?

  11. 12:29+ = I DIED LAUGHING – GAHAHAHAHA~!~!~!

  12. I might be a yolo monkey but I hold the opposite flank that the lemming train left open like a boss

  13. the t55a is not too strong only good players make is strong a turd can play a reward vehicle and can get rekt but a good player rekt others by playing smart as simple as that unless it is a 279 e which let mention “totally needed a buff”

  14. Interesting that someone playing on the EU server took “Poshybrid” as a handle…unless they’re from the NA server and have given up!

  15. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs

    lol, why remove the lucky medal?

  16. Random team actually works together…

  17. Anyone else notice the enemy T92HMC was stream sniping? ?

  18. All the people acting surprised by team play in WoT, yeah usually the ones that yolo die in a scout tank, or bump and grind your heavy so you miss shots.

  19. Overpowered reward tanks are just ruining this game. Yesterday I played a tier 10 battle, with IS-7 and E100 on my team as tier 10. The enemy team, however, has the T95 and Obj 279e as their top tier.

    Trust me, It was a really “fun” battle to play!
    NOT A SINGLE FCKING TANK can pen them frontally on my team. Nor could our tier 10s hold up against their premium rounds.

    WG says the reward tanks were only to be obtained by a few people. But they are in almost every tier 10 matches(on NA server).

    The tier 9 reward from frontline mode is a good example of how they should make a reward tank. Give them special traits. Free large repair kit, free repairing after a battle, etc.

  20. maybe you should focus on team work in this game, and how to tell if someone has a good idea or is blowing smoke up your ass?

  21. Best to use soviet tanks to complete german tanks mission , damn

  22. With regard to wanting the reward tanks to be slightly underpowered, since for the most part only the best players will have them? If that were the case, would anybody care to grind out the missions? People are willing to go to the effort of getting these tanks because they’re stronger than average.

  23. Gschwin Game Jumper

    Quickie baby plz can you play blitz and or do a vid on the tier 8 premium american tank

  24. I wonder if pushing a team mate off a cliff will count as a team kill in the next patch, might be a way to get the lucky medal still.

  25. Its called a “reward tank” for a reason though, nobody wants to grind for hours on Campaign for a crappy tank.

  26. Stjepan Đogolović

    I’ve got this tank for a year. And I like when QB says only the best players are able to get it. Cose I am really not one of them. It feels good.

  27. So you mean, never…

  28. when will wot be dead and quicky baby have to get a new job cuz we all know it is dying dont you dare try to say its not doing horrible

  29. Wait….Claus kellerman has his 279e before QB had his? xD

  30. “buffing all the reward vehicles”. QB the stug 4 and t28 HTC would like a word with you

  31. Shined on the blue guy?

  32. RASHA!

  33. Tharaka Wijerathne

    Looked like enemy arty was stream sniping

  34. *teams can work?!*

  35. Lucky is is being removed next patch? That’s what really caught my attention. Why is that?

  36. QB: “When your team actually works together in World of Tanks…..”

    Me: “Well then you need to email Guinness World Records, because to quote Valery Legasov; you are dealing with something that has NEVER occurred on this planet before……”

  37. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    Do people still play this game?

  38. 0:17 Before the war went down? What kind of war are you talking about? There was no war between the Germanys and there was also no war when the Soviet Union broke into pieces.

  39. Russian bias devs, what do you expect? buff the soviet while rebuke the others.

    Teamwork in ASIA server will only happen once in a blue moon.
    I also played in NA and players there are more decent than in my server. I haven’t seen any HT nor LT who camps like a TD while in ASIA, that’s a normal thing even in tiers 8-10.

  40. Quickybaby is the only one not getting nuked in those bushes in the middle of the map 😀

  41. Before what war went down, the cold war?? Hardly material to call a war….

  42. QB write to Wargaming to make Squad for 15 player and there may be more team plays.

  43. Team play is so rare it sticks in the mind, as does having a game that lasts longer than 3 or 4 minutes at 15 to 2…

  44. 12:10 haha

  45. 5:00 i got to say.. That the stupidest thing ive ever heard in a while. So what you say is that players that dont spend money in game and grind their asses to get that reward vehicle are gonna be at disadvantage.

  46. its either having a rofl stomping team…or getting rofl stomped.

    and always some fucking idiot teamkilling or griefing.

  47. next time write “WHEN” extra fat and extra large

  48. Still have very mixed feelings about the removal of team damage. I’m not sure that’s going to make me reinstall

  49. change nick to Sneky Baby:)

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