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Source: QuickyBaby

Today BreatheAir__ and Foshyyasek, WoT veterans, are going to show PERFECT teamwork in !



  1. Great video will watch later today

  2. 1st comment. No views.

  3. Let go

  4. How can 4 people be first

  5. never been this early

  6. If only random teammates were that coordinated.

  7. only top g uses rotation device

  8. Yesterday already seen on Toptier Replays. But your commentary is worth warching it a 2nd time.

  9. Qb are you going to do any more best moments?
    Not seen them in a while, I personally love them.

    • dgeneratio1 [Dialga88]

      He said on stream that they wasn’t getting enough views due to youtube not to push them out vs the time that Tanya puts into it. They could be one in the near future. I can’t remember the timestamp but it was during his poll tanks.

  10. Manticore was probably out of ammo, still a nice move.

  11. I just smash my fist into my chairs arm rest repeatedly in hopes I break my hand and cant play again…

  12. When I’m frustrated by the 4rth consecutive missed shot I leave the “aiming down sight” mode and I just shake my mouse on my mouse pad like crazy for a sec, then go back to miss my shots because RNG.

  13. U had the chance to name the vid “Team work makes the dream work.” but didn`t take it.

  14. LOL I saw this on wot replays 2 days ago

  15. NOTE QB did not get 10k damage himself a friend of mine played his account getting paid for it to do so.

  16. I relieve frustration when I turn the game off.

  17. What an incredible game this was, super fun to watch. I love seeing teamplay like this in world of tanks

    For real qb ban these people

  19. there should be a 10k medal

  20. A lovely tank to play when you get frustrated is the Pz. V/IV tier 5 premium medium tank. just set it up to ram adn enjoy.

  21. Hey quackybaby i uploaded a wot replay obj 430 where i choked a clutch cus my team let me die 🙁

  22. To let out frustration o go and RAM any tank with my e50m, watch out in your maus

  23. Andrew tate fan playing wot?

  24. Yet all my teammates rush mid and die smh

  25. @Filip Ladzinski Bot infestation, should use that one app to remove these comment bot.

  26. I play the jag e 100 to make people feel the pain I feel

  27. Dude’s just taken one of Andrew Tate’s best phrases and made it his username, what a g

  28. Ethan Gavril Moreno

    i play arty for daily missions

  29. average wot player

    I have a game with superpershing doing over 9000 spot asist in tier 10 game

  30. Syahareen Sha Rani

    The only way to express my frustration in WoT is when I take a look at the gun …

  31. I go play my Astron Rex or AE Phase if I’m frustrated.Something reliable…

  32. Serenidad y paciencia

    I stick my frustrations into my opponents’ rear hull armor using HE with my Caliban…..

  33. “Bat Chatillon”
    pronounced perfectly a la francaise!

  34. 5:17 i thought your audio jumped back a few seconds

  35. smashing my mouse against the wall is a very effective way to let my anger out

  36. I haven’t actually played a game of WoT since about 2016, logged in sometimes to get rewards but that’s it.

  37. I have a box of keyboards i got from my last job i break to take my frustration out

  38. premium rounds should be removed from the game

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