Where Should You Bring a Top Tier Medium on Abbey?

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Source: LemmingRush

Hey, Livestream for tonight cancelled due to it being my mothers birthday.


  1. Nice map vid lemming. Always good to hear different views on map positions
    and tactics, but the best advice is always have the common sense to leave
    or run away if it doesn’t work or gets too hot.

  2. Excellent commentary as always LR, and WP Bill Nye…. how lucky did u
    think you got with no-one behind the 34 or arty rebalancing for kemping.

    Bags2247 NA

  3. Awesome analysis and replay! I learnt a lot! Good work! =)

  4. Good stuff, far too many people are obsessed with the lake road which is
    basically a dead end with no map control. A guide from the North spawn
    would be good. The current meta for meds seems to be to go the back of the
    abbey, rather than in it. Which does kind of surrender the 2 line. A vid
    for “what to do in a heavy on Prokhorovka” would be nice.

  5. well lucky that most of the enemies were super idiots :d

  6. This series is sick, more of these please :)

  7. hello pls could you do something for big heavy tanks in open maps? like
    germans i dont really know where to go in malinovka and fiery salient (no
    covers in this last one! if i am lucky enough to be in the right team and
    with no arty sometimes i manage to go in the village but soon with new mm
    update this won’t happen pls help make a video on this)

  8. What are your opinions for paper mediums like the amx cdc or Leo 1? they
    cant brawl as effectively due to their amour

  9. lmao I got banned from qssf ts because I played an su100 in a skirm xd

  10. Jason Moreland (Digitalrecline)

    very good breakdown. will use this next Abbey game.

  11. Your tactics might work on this map assuming that the hole team is not
    gonna go to the middle or on the other flank and let you alone and you can
    afford a lot of APCR to face enemy heavies .

  12. Awesome upload Lemming! I’m a fan of your calm and your collective way of
    presenting the information. Keep it up!

  13. If you’re able too I’d like to see more content like this. As a 2500 recent
    player I know what’s going on but sometimes get swamped on how to play
    corridor maps. I’m curious on how you would play it from the opposite spawn
    really, that’s the kinda stuff that stumps me

  14. I love my t-44. What tier 8 prem medium tank should I get? The t54 mod 1 or
    the t44-100? Or any other premium tanks that might suit my play style.

  15. Grayson Scott (vPheenX)

    If this were me the arty would’ve 1 shotted me from behind when I pushed
    the T34

  16. Fuck school; i found a new teacher here. :D

  17. So basically what this video shows it’s that 70% of the map is useless like
    almost all maps. The map creators must be retarded idiots.

  18. every time someone releases one of these type videos, I have to find a new
    position because there will be 3 tomato players pushing me outta the way
    and in this case not knowing how to use the position

  19. Help Me Reach 50,000 Subs With No Videos

    “Meyap” :D

  20. please do more of these. I have an issue with Abbey, and this video really
    showed me what i should be doing. I always go mid and try to brawl it out,
    but now I see that that is extremely stupid

  21. If you have the man power you can actually take the 9 line by force, I do
    that often enough when the team comp seems decent enough, usually don’t go
    for that when their are too many heavies on the enemy team though

    excellent video explaining excellent positions

  22. Hey, great examples of why to use the 1-2 line! I would have like to see or
    hear why NOT to go the 8-9 line tho too. Otherwise, keep up the good work
    and hopefully you’re on my team on the battlefield ?

  23. joesph stalin 1945

    No more picking on lights

  24. joesph stalin 1945

    Rip t54 heat spamming in abbey

  25. I noticed that in most maps in wot right now, there’s always one lane which
    allows you to push quick with mediums, a lane that is a no man’s land that
    can only be rushed through in late mid game or end game, and a lane that is
    for slugging it out in brawls, and it gets kind of repetitive. Pilsen.
    Abbey. Malinovka. And a number of other maps.

  26. Awesome vid, perfect explanation of what was happening

  27. Awesome video. I think more of these are a great idea. Also, I assume those
    positions would work in reverse, starting from the north spawn?

  28. Great video


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