Where the HELL IS MY TEAM! – War Thunder Gameplay

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  1. You want to hear a joke? German Armor.

  2. baron plzzz play the venom

  3. yea do more baron

  4. what is usename in warthunder?

  5. Baron, I was wondering if you knew that Warthunder has in Japanese tank
    models. I’ve seen them in Air Battles, the Libya desert map I think, with
    the massive port and city. It looked like a Ha-Go but i was wondering if
    you had an idea on them.

  6. would love to see some fighter gameplay

  7. ɔOO⅂ ⊥ƎX⊥ ⅁ƎᴎƎᴚ∀⊥Oᴚ Oᴎ⅂IᴎƎ

  8. to be precise the UK designed the aqua tanks for D-DAY but somehow the
    american’s managed to dump them 1 mile out to sea and only 15% of the
    manged to get to land (its also why america sustained so many losses and
    had to be saved twice). how do you disobey british instructions and dump
    them out 1 mile from were they were meant to be dropped just because you
    think your ships may get hit by guns! the fucking ships would only get hit
    by fucking heavy artillery and the german’s dident have many of those and
    if they were to shoot they would hit the ships defending them!

  9. How about baron taking out his #1 favorite tank

  10. The title of this video is me, every tank battle.

  11. It’s 1.0 bro
    Don’t ask “where is….where are…..what is…..” Or any thing xD

  12. TR-580 <- A romanian tank.

  13. i wish i had his ping

  14. to fix the BR you need to add more tanks

  15. your funny man

  16. do more heroes and generals baron

  17. I think they need to include a 1/2 tree for the Japanese even if it
    initially stops at around BR 5.0 or so. Feel guilty when I cycle through
    the other nations and they miss out.

  18. In my neighborhood we have a LVT in a park and let me tell you… it is
    freaking humongous

  19. Play the T-34/85 (or your choice of superior-for-it’s-BR tank), but with
    all modifications disabled. Join the rest of us in… THE GRIND.

  20. MOW Mondays
    tier 1 Tuesday
    tier 2 Wednesday
    tier 3 Thursday
    tier 4 Friday
    tier 5 Saturday
    Top 5 plays Sunday

  21. Tiger 2 (P)!

  22. 10.5 cm tiger II plz!!

  23. plz play the forest again I love your vids about that game but you stopped
    playing and you don’t even say why

  24. try playing ‘This war of mine” , it’s an interesting expirence

  25. would like to see the t-34 prototype. never seen this tank

  26. play the SMK because it the sea destroyer of the land! :-)

  27. French and italian tanks and planes are needed in this game

  28. The Last Samurai (TABS)

    2 lines of samurai (even spacing)
    2 groups of bowmen (1 one LEFT other on RIGHT side)

    1 line of muskets (maybe 2)
    2 cannons in replace for automatic machine gun

    Add or take as much as u want to have better experience

    Maps…the Plain fields is the best…but for recreation purposes do Japan

  29. that world of warships advertisement tho… the feels

  30. Plz t-72 chazek tan destroyer

  31. ok baron idea lvt vs bv 238 the bv have to fly low do

  32. what about playing the Russian land battleship SMK ?

  33. Play the IS-3. It’s been way too long.. -_-

  34. are you kiddin me an LVT the first tank you will get in american tanks

  35. Can you play the armored KV-1E??

  36. Can you please tell me on what do you bind your binoculars?

  37. IS-2 Joseph Stalin beast!

  38. Would be great if WT and WOT got together and had a tourney where WT
    players could fight WOT players.

  39. Destiny rise of iron expansion just came out…soo maybe alot of them
    playing that?

  40. mauricio hernandez Hernandez

    how can u apply a user made skin into a tank I tried it doesn’t work can
    somebody tell me how

  41. Baron Baron! take out ze sd kfz 6/2 and use it to show ze othe panzers ze
    stonknis of ze halftrak AAs

  42. tbh, i dont really like the low tier gameplay… could you do a bit more of
    the high tier?

  43. play t 28 russian another land battle ship

  44. Wth Baron.. no new H&G Videos, even though with the latest Updates, which
    changed a lot and actually it is now officially out of Beta? Gogo Play
    Baron lol

  45. Welcome to War Thunder.Teams of bots.Why you even enter the game retards?
    Go play Tetris.

  46. Why doesnt he play with phly anymore?

  47. Where the hell are those reinforcements!
    Reinforcements have arrived.

    points for anyone who gets the reference

  48. Play da Sturder Emil!

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