Where To Bring Your Medium Tank on Airfield

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. had very alike game, the diffrene being type 4 with 700 hp and me in leo PTA getting ammoracked at full hp

  2. The Tokyo Craftsman

    Great video, I always learn a lot, thanks for putting in the time and effort to attempt to teach us tomatoes lol
    Cheers from Tokyo!

  3. Can you please make an STB 1 video? :3

  4. This is the one map that I always have trouble with when playing mediums. Thanks for clearing things up.

  5. I just really want to thank you for your content LemmingRush. I’m by no means a good player, and i dont have the mentality to truly improve at world of tanks, nor do i play as actively as i should, but your content is always enjoyable to consume, and through watching you i can slowly improve at my own pace.

    • You’re very welcome, thanks for your comment Shallow 🙂

    • ShallowAbyss You can find ways to realign your thinking in a positive way! Positive thoughts grow, but so do negative ones. The brain is immensely powerful and you do have control over your mind. Watching videos like this one are a great way to learn how to improve your gameplay. As you watch and listen to lemmingrush, your brain is learning, growing, and building the ‘World of Tanks’ partition of your mind. Use this fact in a positive way and see your ability to improve, improve!

    • Everyone has the capacity to improve…it might just take a while.

  6. Is there anything better than watching Lemming play? Love love love your videos

  7. I usually bring my tier 10 meds west where you were at the end because I can reposition anywhere in the middle and push into the back of their base eventually if I can.

  8. sometimes i think you take some kind of speed drug before you make your videos

  9. Love the knowledge you share with these vids man! I have become so much better watching your videos and learning to think and be more patient!

  10. You are a map clicker spammer….grrr

  11. Wow, such dynamic gameplay 0.o

  12. Great video LR! Your intro greeting seemed especially chipper and friendly! I am a 4k games played player and never considered using that position nor understood its relevance and importance in terms of map control and defense. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and experience!

    So something has been on my mind lately in regards to gameplay and I wanted to know what your thoughts would be! On premium ammunition, the idea of having a much higher probability to critically damage components and modules in exchange for much reduced HP damage? I think it could improve gameplay by requiring increased knowledge of tank weakpoints inside and out, as well as bring more relevance to crew skills like Preventative Maintenance and Safe Stowage. Furthermore, it could increase relevance of equipment like CO2 Filled Tanks and Enhanced Suspension upgrades. This way premium ammunition use may be more carefully considered by players and discouraged from being spammed in a ‘pay-to-win’ context. I’d appreciate open discussion of feedback and thoughts on the idea!

  13. In before a bunch of people complain the replay isn’t “genuine” due to having no arty.

  14. Even though this games dead to me i still come to watch your vids. Almost makes me wanna redownload WoT… almost(;

  15. A fish with incredibly long legs

    Play an object 430u or a tier 10 superheavy, you cant be too overconfident in top tier battles

  16. Civil war project P.1

    Hey lemming really love your video started watching a month ago and completely changed my play style. I now have marks on multiple tanks including three marks on my tiger 2. I would appreciate however if you could show how to play on Karelia and prokhorovka because I do struggle at that.

  17. Great replay, thanks for posting this video/tutorial…..

  18. wp LR, havent played WOT in a bit, been doing WOWS lately… hopefully will get back into it soon…Bags2247 NA

  19. Yeah airfield sucks

  20. 100% that Tiger 2 player was screaming Hacker ! He’s cheating ! Lol

  21. I’ve suddenly found myself asking in middle of games… “What would Lemming Rush do in this situation”?
    Damn you Lemming Rush! :p

  22. Can u do vids on t34-85 or t43 plz! I find these mid tier meds hard to play(don’t know what to do)

  23. so…what do you do if you spawn on the other side?

  24. I really enjoy your videos. You have the best Tactical videos for WoT. If more people watch your videos and try to follow, matches would definitely improve.

  25. my 140 winrate is 9% lower than my overall, so I need to watch more lemmingrush. plz help

  26. Yep you got this map just right. If only one could make the team not push at the start, it’d be a very good chance to win. Just like preventing people from going to beach on the D Day map.

  27. awesome play dude.. learning alot from you. tnx buddy..

  28. At least one of your blind shot hit something (got at least 200 damage more than the game’s damage counter). That was an amazing game.

  29. I’d lower the gain on the new mic slightly

  30. The Anonymous Idiot

    yo object 140 or object 430u? and do you still stream?

    • it depends on your preference dude 😀 obj 140 is a classic medium and the obj 430 is basically a heavy medium to bully those poor fuckers in tier 8s 😀

  31. New mic? Love the new sound. Very clear.

  32. You can hear the smile at 13:16 :p

  33. decent content

  34. LR is the only WoT YouTuber that has actually helped me increase my stats and become a better player.

  35. I liked the timing on the move from the Primo. I wonder if he knew the SU 101 was south, if he didn’t know and decided to take a chance, or if he just got lucky.

  36. NightSounds ComingIn

    Those people getting IS6 into a T10 battle -.-” of course he is useless. When he does not know that IS6 has pref mm he also does not know how to work with IS6, no matter what tier…

  37. I love your voice

  38. What do you do when 4-5 mediums go to this spot [happens often in my games] and they all just get in the way and you can’t really poke or move fluidly.

  39. hi leming,if its possible,can you do a series that your review and comment on other player’s replay ?

  40. I think you know the way

  41. Really useful vid thanks

  42. @8:55 You’re right Lemming, teammates aren’t useless at all, but I bet a good number of them turn off chat because they are tired of being cursed at and insulted by your MAHOU brothers, other awesome unicums and the rest of the toxic community

  43. The Modelling News

    Awesome, patient, game

  44. At least Airfield has two viable medium/LT positions. The true cancer is Fjords.

  45. I would like to see how you are handling a prokorowka match with 3 arties and many td‘s. I am struggling all the time trying to play those type of games without getting rekt by arties if i am not hiding behind bushes way back at our base.

  46. Alexandru-Gabriel Mardare

    You should ALWAYS bring your medium tanks on Twich, also heavy tanks and light tanks, no TDs (because you don’t like them) and no artys because arty is not a tank!!!!

  47. nice video but top tier russian bias tanks can do much more than others .

  48. Yup, very easy looking when you play it. Thanks for video, Cheers from Serbia 🙂

  49. He has the higher ground watch out!

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