Where To Bring Your T-100LT on Murovanka

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Source: LemmingRush


  1. Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

    Need like 80k more xp for this beast

    Edit: nvm wtf is that accuracy lol

    • Accercy and pen suck ass on that t-100 and between the standard and premium rounds the penetration is like 23 higher on your prem round. So basicly the only thing you have going for you is speed. So in that case I would think about going for the tier 10 EBR 105 then your even faster harder to hit with a gun that has better alpha per hit and about the same penetration.

    • Russian Bias 😛

    • Oliver Bruno Pieter Nicolars Versteeg

      Accuracy and Shell RNG are my current biggest problems in WOT…

      That Leopard 1 video from 1,5 years ago just says it all

    • Its still the best x lt because armour profile camo speed it has everything good dpm also you are not a friggin td

  2. Have you seen the supertest tier 10 medium tank buffs on the WoT website? If the changes go through the 30 B might actually be decent.

  3. you’re used to saying f*ck. this is the proof of you are playing real wot.

  4. Hey Lemming do you think the STB 1 will be better or worse after the chances?

  5. wtf LemmingRush uploaded?

  6. Hello Mr. Rush ;P

  7. “I can take a shot from this guy” – famous last words when facing an FV4005 while being full health yourself 🙂 love your videos, btw!

  8. Such a specific title 😉

  9. “Hey guys its LemmingRush” okay we have the real lemming, so who was the imposter in the past?

  10. Its that fake candian again…..

  11. Omg bro I love watching your vids love the honesty.

  12. Christopher Schultz

    Thank god. Now I know what to do.

    • Drive around, look for an opportunity to do dmg or spot, watch your team yolo one at a time and die, then drive around until you die. GG

  13. Dude you aren’t on top of your game. Upload wins and awesome carries.

    • That’s an incredibly childish and ignorant statement. You can learn a lot from this video as is: Where to go and what to watch out for as a light, how to constantly flex to useful positions, useful map control, and finally, how terrible the T-100’s accuracy is ?

    • being a good player doesnt always mean you win, it means youre able to put yourself in a position to have an impact. sometimes thats winning the game, sometimes its monster spotting for your team, sometimes its getting 4500dmg in a losing battle where 14 plebs shoot twice and die.

    • I absolutely love that he uploaded this, live explanations of what he’s thinking (showing it’s not just hindsight) while in difficult situations are like gold. Sick of years of videos where it’s some youtuber just farming damage because they didn’t get clicked or something.

  14. where is the actual chinese lemming?

  15. Jesus found Rudie

    Light tank standard shell pen drop off is not balanced, it’s been nerfed to _ _ _ _.

    • Good point. They nerfed lt view range and pen over distance to get them to stop camping in the back, then they introduce wheeled vehicles that can catch you out and get you killed when you try to spot, so wtf are lt’s supposed to do?

  16. Is it worth going for the chinese lights or are they underpowered?

  17. What graphic settings do you use ?

  18. The look of disbelief when the fv one shot you. Lmao. 😉

  19. After the mercy roll on the wheeled French and the bounce off the italian, “I can take a hit” seems like tempting rng lol

  20. Clickbait!! :p

  21. RNG taketh, RNG taken away.

    the last part of the game is the main reason people leave this game. not only did your teammates let you down, so did the game. you cant even trust your own shots.

  22. I like how he blames his ping every time he makes a mistake

  23. you hit the wheeled tanks with no dam more than light tracked tanks or is it just me?

  24. I was going to watch this video but I saw that you carried more gold ammo then standard which means that you are not good enough to aim for weak spots, I a person who only shoots standard will always be better than a player like you. I may have 2800 less wn8 but that means nothing when you shoot gold and I don’t

    • Jack Murphy #triggered and insecure.

    • Do you deliberately play your tanks stock as well? Your position is that using advantages that the game offers makes you bad, compared to players who voluntarily make their lives unnecessarily hard. In that case, using upgraded guns, suspensions and turrets —advantages that the game offers, and which you also buy with credits, just like premium ammo—also makes you bad.

    • If you’d have watched the video you’d see he didn’t fire a single gold round all game (and also why he takes a lot of gold)

  25. 5:35 “Just going to focus the Progetto because I can reliably……” *heavy sigh* =)

  26. Crazy Russian Bot

    “This is how I like to play Murowanker”
    you like to lose on that map?

  27. Shitbarn OP!

  28. You talk about 150 ping alot, so I assume you are in NA and play on the EU server? My question is why?

  29. they need to take RNG out – would be a much better game IMO

  30. I’ve enjoy your videos a lot more with the face cam, I used to think you were an elitist but when the voice is matched to a face that goes away.

  31. Is this applicable for the T71 autoloader? I only got that as my LT. =)

    • It applies to all of the light tanks in general
      1. Figure out where the enemy goes while watching how frienldly units deploy
      2. If u have the strong flank, play moderately aggressive (always save your hp in a light because most of your dmg potential is late game)
      If u have the weaker flank, dont try to be a hero and help the slow f*ckers in your team, they would not die for u either. Just run to safety. I would argue tough on this map its not really worth it to go help out the other flank, a couple of tds and heavies can hold the 1 line chokepoint really easily. Instead i would retreat straight to spottingbushes and spot their team as they advance through middle

    • Btw t71 cmcd and t71d are my favourit tanks in the game 😀

  32. I appreciated your commentated games very much. It’s very helpful to hear how much better players think. Keep up the great work.
    If I might be so bold as to give you advice, shooting wheeled vehicles when you have high ping can go better if you autoaim. That effectively halves your ping because all the calculations happen on the server.

  33. That rng

  34. Christopher Browne

    “I can afford to take the hit here” then BOOOOOOOOM!!!!!!

  35. Vids are always informative and fun to watch….sometimes painful when rng doesn’t go your way lol!

  36. Ya this is how 50% of my games end up like this. Dont know how unicums can keep 65% win rate

  37. wow great game, nice to see how a unicum does it…

  38. He looks like Barry Kripke a little bit

  39. Lem, I connect to ur frustration. That bounces, that misses, that one shot lucker. WoT, we love u, we hate u. 🙂

  40. didnt work out that well this time….and first time with facecam…..totaly not what i expected to see. My imagination was…hmmm somehow…different 😉

  41. So, how many games do you live commentary on that you don’t put up on YT?

  42. Great example of what to do when things don’t go well. Really helpful – more than those videos when someone rides their luck. Thanks.

  43. I see that I’m not only one with such “luck” in the games, so maybe there is a chance for me to get better :)… I like to watch games like this. I mean NORMAL games, not only “I made 14 kills with my VI tier LT” 🙂 as usually people showing on yt. Explaining the thinking process is for me more interesting that spectacular kills, which are usually some kind of having luck in the battle…

  44. >im okay to take a hit from this guy
    >one shot
    >lol 😀

  45. Putin continues to get world of turds kickback

  46. One of those games….nothing you could do to win in light tank, besides maybe do better spoting in early game as you didnt spot anything coming to forest. But that wouldnt change outcome, because you hadnt many teammates there anyway. Murowanka sucks, one of worst maps in game.

  47. Dude u abandoned ur flank gave no assistance (vision) to the tvp which was actually in a strong ish location if you’d given him vision … and u didn’t punish anyone pushing up… really really bad play..

  48. Now that’s exactly why we love the FV4005. Better luck next time LR.

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