Which BOND Store Tank To Buy!? | World of Tanks 121B Gameplay and Review

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 121B Gameplay, Tier Chinese Medium Tank. World of Tanks 121B After Buffs Review. World of Tanks Best Bond Store Tanks, Best Tier 10 Tanks for Bonds.

Because I have heard so many questions about Bond store tanks after they updated it a bit, let’s talk about that.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. After new ranked seasons, bonds coming in, more tanks added to the store I have been bombarded by questions about which tank to buy!?
    Today let’s talk about tier 10 tanks.

    • José Manuel Robaina Martín

      Please Dez post that Battle Hits mod link… I have one but is in Russian.
      That RNG maybe is because server reticle. Better if aimed just 0.1secs more on target before shoot. But GG.

    • BRO…. YOU GOT SCREWED by RNGejus!!!

      Edit: “server lag” on the last shot is still RNGejus screwing you over, IMHO. You should have killed them both easily. But when the game decides you lose, it will NOT let you win.

  2. Repeated video

  3. DeepFried Wat3rMel0n

    using the second equipment slot as view range and equipping a commanders vision system alongside a turbo in the mobility slot, and vents, has been incredibly op. and then you can interchange that with vents in the view range slot and a rammer on less scouty maps. this tank is a beast.

  4. Hey Dez, i will be getting ur favourite tank 😀

  5. so i dont need the 121 tech three with this ?

  6. Don’t feel too bad; I fired E100 HEAT point blank in the rear of a tank the other day and bounced too.

  7. Gotta get me some of that incendiary ammo that you loaded in the 121B

  8. HEAT bouncing is bullshit, but HEAT bouncing off of the floor of a tank is ultra bullshit.

  9. The last one on that udes must be the “compensation system” on this F game lol

  10. 121B is so awesome!!! Did 6.2k raw damage with it in my first battle…. And Im a below average player!!!!

  11. I bought M60 2 weeks ago

  12. This video? Why so extremely small amount of comments and views

  13. I don’t play communist biased tanks.
    U should have talked about the M60.
    There is going to be a day in which a western non Russian company will develop a non Russian communist tanks gsme and the Russian wot gsme is going to head to bankruptcy yes yes😇😇😇😆😂

    • m60 have best precision from all bond tanks

    • @redfox2500 yes. but bc the game is russian, the game is biased towards communist russian tanks (putin and his acolytes). Im tired of playing a communist game. I would like to see a similar game to WOT but that will be developed by normal people and not communists. Communism is a plague same as fascism, both are totalitarian regimes. And it´s quite interesting to see Wargaming using the communist russian flag but not using the svastika to represent nazi germany. I hate nazis, but as u can see the game is totally biased regarding communism. Communism was the same as nazism, and we have a game that glorifies communism by saying that ocmmunist tanks are the best. Communist tanks were the worst, the r being replaced by western nation tanks! western nation tanks r better. But wargaming REFUSES to acknowledge that situation by improving communist tanks that is the same as saying nazi tanks. Why not improving french american british czech sweden etc and debuffing RUSSIAN TANKS ONCE FOR ALL, make russia WORST AGAIN PLEASE! If the game should be about real statistics russian tanks devs should recognize that russian tanks were the worst models ever, they never stood against western NATO tanks, russian tanks were useless we all know that bc communist russia collapsed but Wargaming refuses to acknowledge that and keeps thinking we are still living in the cold war era!

  14. No more communist putin Russian tanks!!!!

  15. ah good old client to server lag

  16. I’d love to see two garbage tanks comparation IS-5 and WZ Alpine Tiger 🙂 For IS-5 I have a crew, but Alpine Tiger looks sexy and it cost less

  17. wait there are two tier X chieftains on the pc? 4:48

  18. note – having a crew that has an average of 9 skills and perks Each helps LOL

  19. WG say not this time comrad

  20. Its okay, Germany was underpowered since the very beginning of the game, but why shouldnt Chinese tanks (and a lot of others) be more accurate than Germans (which should be their “advantage”, but honestly…)

  21. Yeah, Welcome to WG Server desync bugger servers. I get this shell BS all the time on the NA server.

  22. I bought ugly KV 4 tank in shop because why not 🙂

  23. “A beautiful piece of art”

    Has back placed turret and ugly as Hell.

  24. Hey Dezgamez, so how about teir 8 premium tank, which one that worth the bond for 8K bond?

  25. well i do think it is not a bad tank but that depresion at -5 is hell …. it is more like for good players wich i am not 😀

  26. 121B is a tier 10 Type 59

  27. Been saving bonds since its started. Some time ago baught the Guard. Now i had 26k and baught the Concept 1B. My first ever ranked battles. Still got 6k bonds.

  28. Just picked up the Senlac from the bonds store. It’s a surprisingly good tank.

  29. FV215b is awesome, but side armour sucks horse balls. I actually managed to 2 mark it back when WOT was still on Xbox 360. Awesome tank for sniping players, would recommend.

  30. Dez it’s a Chinese tank, that rng is baked in!

  31. I really want to like this tank but only 5 degrees of depression is extremely frustrating at times

  32. Wot should put some autoload T10 vehicle at shop man . I only like to play autoload maybe some people as same me . I have alot credit but I cant spend them.

  33. out of the M60, 121B, and FV215b i only have the M60 and love it! that being said it is an acquired taste. definitely fun though.

  34. Day 58 still waiting for meme review 🙃

  35. That Buff m60 just made unicums shoot always cupola. Im so sad m60 Buff whas nothing

  36. WG servers are totally crap, so many random lags that add more and more random bullshit to this game

  37. I don’t understand Why the gold of this vehicule is that good when plenty of tds and heavies don’t have nearly as much

  38. It s just an armored Leopard 1, because fuck non-premium tanks and non-reward tanks 👌

  39. Since when is the is-2s avalible in the bond shop?

  40. I already take the m60… Realy bad choice when we see 121b perf

  41. Professional Dark-Star

    You Dez are trippin with your Video?
    You stole the Video theme so obviously from an other youtuber that it is not even funny anymore…
    Enjoy the clicks on this Video 😉

  42. Should I buy 121B or rather concept 1B ? Wich one is better?

  43. František J. Babuljak

    121B is a worse obj. 140, FV215B is a worse S conq, M60 is a worse Leopard 1

  44. i still cant believe WG is still not considering putting the repilca Tiger 1, the one that used t-55 as a base.

  45. За СССР!

  46. Is there any reason to play the normal 121? 121B looks better in every aspect.

  47. Well rigg game 121 not russian

  48. Armor not hit especiali on tanks made of paper is awesome to see thx to wargaming to give it to us.

  49. Retropaintball clips

    I already have 121 and soon m48 patton so I’m going for the fv215b instead as 121 and m48 is 98% the same tanks

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