Which Drops Tank Should You Pick? World of Tanks

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  1. Parham Salmanzadeh


  2. None of them, just get a camo

  3. haluun pilluu

  4. Twitch Drops: *Offers 3 premiums tanks for free and forever

    me, who already owns Heavy tank Number 6 and the Pudal and only needs the T78:

    One more, please lord RNG, help me get one more…

  5. I love your vids quicky! Keep it up

  6. 😀 i love the way he says ”every one who gets them from watching my stream” to make it seem that he is the only world of tank creator

    • Some Random Faerie

      I mean
      He is addressing you
      His audience

    • Well, he’s talking to people who are watching him on YT. Makes sense (from his point of view) to assume they also watch him on Twitch, right?
      With the WoT Twitch Drops I usually just turn on whichever stream has them enabled, mute and go on with my business.

  7. I have twitch and watch your videos but never got anything from watching them… I guess it is just if you happen to know how to link it.

  8. Easy, Pudel is the most versatile, T78 is a close second also good but needs to be played more passive, I would rate the Japan Tiger as playable, doesnt fit the crew layout and there are many T6 techtree heavys that are flat out better

  9. I watched your stream yesterday for about 2,5 hours, but didn’t get anything. I have linked Twitch account, but nothing happened…

    • Did you link your account just before watching the stream? I think the same happened for me, and it took a day or two to update and start counting the time for drops. Next time, check your inventory after 5-15 minutes, see if it says “x% out of 2h” or something similar. Or if you didn’t, click “receive” to get the drops and start counting towards the next one.

  10. marlboro9tibike

    None, forget the game and get outside to catch a bit of sun.

  11. Laughing Leopard

    I think I’ll just pass on the T6 premiums, but the streamline skin, and various consumables packs look good to me. Personally I hope WG keeps international drops since I honestly cannot say I am a fan of any of the NA CCs, and mainly watch QB and AEG WOT streams.,

  12. Gunnvald Kleveland

    kinda pissed i lost last drops , had 80 and wanted Obj 244

  13. Get camo and premium account.

  14. QB first polish tank in WOT was reward tank tier II TKS 🙂

  15. Vojta Čtvrtečka

    From these tanks, i have HT6, Bretagne Panther, which is very similar to Pudel, so I will take t78.

  16. I’m From Dongtan. SK. i have the pudel too, great vehicle for everything. I think i’ll go for the T78 because low tier 90mm guns feel great to shoot. Slow turret traverse, good pen and accuracy. coupled with alright camo and mobility. i reccommend Gun rotation mech. a general improvement upon the tank’s weakspots. the tank feels like a running gun! literally!

    plus the pudel is surprisingly good at being hull-down. though VK 30.02 has a better turret at that.

  17. Sander van Otterdijk

    F for russian server

  18. Will this work for the NA server?


    Epic vids! Great to see how much this channel grew… Dz7

  20. Hey qb i am a big fan of your channel, but i have been struggling on the stock panther 2 got any tips
    And do u have some tips for the t44

  21. I got the T78 from watching a wot video on Facebook lol. It’s a great tank, especially if you’re in a tight spot with credits

  22. This video is big surprise cause i was that T-34-1 in battle with puddle and dont have any idea that was you 😀

  23. T78 is my favorite of those listed

  24. William McCandlish

    Game one, what was that kv-1s doing?

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