WHICH ONE IS THE ACE? World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today Ace589 is going to show World of why he really is a ACE!



  1. Syahareen Sha Rani

    Whenever I play well in my Standard B I always lose … (Not because I’m bad at the game is just I keep getting players who only has below 44% …. )

  2. I literally just 3 marked my standard b yesterday, aced it 4 times in that session and over 20 games I averaged about 4.3 k damage, 1k assistance. the tank is just such a boss. also this guy was really lucky with those bounces lol. gg

  3. Wow he’s one hell of a player

  4. nice to see a replay from a player who doesn’t use premium consumables and doesn’t shoot gold right from the start of the game. GG.

  5. Wow that was epic lol I just had a insane game Like that with my batchat in a 1v2 on wot blitz I got a insanely lucky bounce somehow from a jgpze100 hahaha

  6. Complaints Department

    Its sad that I find myself really disliking players who win huge matches on utter luck with their RNG, especially when I incessantly find myseld getting screwed by RNG. Its sad that I was hoping that Standard B would have lost. Then again, he was facing a bunch of idiots who didnt all just rush him as a group from 2 different sides. Nope, one by one like donkeys, right into his gun.

  7. When rng giving

  8. That last shot hit the only part it was capable of bouncing because that far out is autoricochet angles… wowsers.

  9. Man, the enemies really blew this one. Obviously you can’t have good games like this against skilled players, but all they had to do was push.

    • If they had all just gone for the ramp and pushed the hill, he would’ve been screwed .. thank goodness for enemies with lack of teamwork.

  10. That was REALLY great game GG WP

  11. 0:38 Is this a Girls und Panzer recreation or what

  12. Great game but got lucky with those bounces.

  13. I once had a Kolubanov in a 2 against 5. I was capping, but the enemy was capping faster with 3 tanks. My teammate made a hero’s run, decapped and was sent to the garage. I capped out fast enough to win and got myself an undeserved Kolubanov.

    • Steve Wasilausky

      Had a similar situation – bunch of slow heavies couldn’t make it back to the enemy base in time and I capped.

  14. He could have ended the game much sooner if he had realized the VK didn’t have the gun elevation to fire back at him on the hll (when he was moving into the base).

  15. Cool thumbnail

  16. What a champ!

  17. Whenever i heard prototipo… Sorry, i laughed… Let’s see if i can explain the pronunciation

    Its similar to prototype.
    proto is the same, with the exeption that the r is “harder” but this is hard to explain since i’m not sure if it’s used in english
    Ti is readed more like te or like tea, if you prefer
    The last po is just like the pro but with the r removed, just stry saying proposition, the initial pro and the final po

    Well this should be pretty much it

    Also, what a wonderful game

  18. WOT- Ordinary promotion !!! (Haha 3-8-12000 Damage),you won’t record 1/4 a quarter of what you see here in the game! Don’t buy premium or premium tanks !!! it’s even so unnecessarily the server determines the damage..determines by the victory and Defeat..min Damage opponent auto Victory/Big Damage opponent auto Defeat..You have a tank of 8 levels and are in a team approximately down and thus assembled from level 10 = Automatically win because you don’t have a chance to shoot down Tier 10 = min Damage = victory..If you are on top partitions,Tier 8 Team assembled Tier min 6 = Automatic = Large Damage opponent = Defeat!! Block server..visibility,detection,damage,opponent damage, you can just do what you want: D !! it’s wasted money !! In the game you really have more losses than winnings !!ask a question every day these liars give videos here with such success ask yourself what you play and have you ever recorded what you see here? probably not, so it’s easy to play when the admin adjusts his game mode on the server and they deceive you here. Also note that they only offer you premium or 10 level tanks, where you have huge losses in the game even during the premium, especially if you use gold-i (premium ammo) !!! , for 1 battle minus up to 8-20,000 caches … if not more … hm. In addition, this company violates EU law in the freedom of speech and opinion of others in another language !! Thank you -info : Niltark, KRUHNX and Kronk_24 😀

  19. just type mt for empty

  20. the rng in this game was hilarious. All tanks in the end really shoot the dirt ..like what?..

  21. Gherghisan Daniel

    Once again broke rng ..

  22. Those two ricochets make for a nice scar.

  23. Whenever you refer to a tank and include the gun it has, “The T49 with the 90mm”, it makes me think of ‘Ello ‘Ello and “The fallen Madonna with the big boobies.” >.>

  24. You need luck sometimes.

  25. Is this Jimmy Broadbents father?

  26. Tommy Gun The last roadrunner

    Eres un maquina.

  27. Cameron McIntyre

    Good game, even better luck…

  28. What a pucky game with those bounces and the Vk missing the long distance shot

  29. Few years back, I got Kolobanov’s in my T67 (T49 back then) after killing one of the 5 remaining enemies with my last shell, then run to their cap to find afk player who kept lighting me up as I was capping & dodging shells from enemy artillery.
    What a game it was, shame I didn’t save a replay back then….

    • Jussi Raitoniemi

      Bro that was like 7 years ago before T49 was added

    • @Jussi Raitoniemi and so? I was like 13 back then and I completely nailed 1v5 in my 500m view range T49 with camouflage net and bino. Those are great memories and it sucks I didn’t know of wot replays back then.

  30. So much luck and RNG in his favor.. damn, paid actors!

  31. Victor Latorre romero

    German RNG doing wonders

  32. Very nice!

  33. Will Drunkenstein

    So many instances where he should have died. This dude is blessed by RNG this game

  34. I was hoping this would be 2 replays, one an ace and one a first class and that you were going to make us guess which was which, could be a good idea for a video! Obviously using different tanks in each so that its not just the game with the bigger numbers

  35. A hint of tomadto

    fun, not immediately obvious, fact about the standard b: it is literally a leopard prototype.
    it was made for the same “standard-panzer” program that spawned the Leopard 1 and was a competitor design for the PTA. while its full name ingame is “Prototipo Standard B”, it could have been named Leopard PTB (or vice versa with the PTA’s name)

  36. what a master! hats off

  37. social3ngin33rin

    Stupid OP Italian bs

  38. Matthew Anderson

    I’ve never seen a team fall that fast in that map, and I’ve never seen someone hold both sides so incredibly well!!! That was amazingly played!!!!

  39. We all need some luck not only in games, but in our life.

  40. Empty = MT, of all the factories and welding shops I’ve been in this is the most common way people used to mark compressed gas cylinders without buy or making cylinder tags.

  41. Tomás Chefel Polli

    Quickybaby I LOVE your videos, they give me instant happines when I see that there’s a new video to watch!

  42. Won just because of RNG. Nothing special

  43. Wow that was an incredible game. Lots of skill and luck.

  44. So how does it feel to sell your sell for this Russian company that only cares about making money?|

  45. That two richochets Just blessed by RNG

  46. thevicar1968 vic


  47. You can only get these rounds if you combine skill with luck. But if you’re playing like a master of the game, then you’re going to get rounds like these eventually

  48. @fili0938 W comment

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