Which Reward Tank is BEST in 2022 World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

There's currently six reward to pick from the pass in World of Tanks in 2022 and another on the way – so which best?



  1. Lol i would buy the 50 t just to sell it

  2. players who dont own reward tanks in this video but plan to own one in the future, know this…

    these kind of videos is just a guide to let u know the strengths and weakness of the said tanks, dont let it influence u to get a particular tank just because the video said its OP or stuff, u pick the reward tank according to your needs (crew trainer for the tank line u currently playing, want enjoy tier 9 MM, etc), at the end, pick a tank that suit your needs and playstyle, because these tanks is locked behind a token system which if u picked 1 tank, thats it, u stuck with it forever. dont let CC or someone in the comment section dictate your choice, u play the game, u make the choice yourself.

  3. Lmao, goldnoob complains about gold noobs shooting gold at his side. I think if i would put the effort in, i could find 1000s off those “lets load the gold” moments, where you didnt need it. Your mistake was following that noob of a concept.

  4. My issue with the 777 is that whenever I meet it, I can just put gold through its face. Why would I want to drive that?

  5. Arrrhh, the way he keeps saying the Char Futur wrong kills me.

  6. great vid qb 🙂

  7. Games outcomes are manipulated by the matchmaker for the benefit of premium tanks.

  8. Phase 1 and Char Futur are 100% buy
    777 is OK, buy if you need a T9 soviet heavy
    K-91 PT is OK, not as good as the obj263
    Kunze is meh, not as good as the Leo PT or the Kpz50t
    Lorr 50t is situational, not good at all

  9. I haven’t seen ANYONE with the Cobra yet

  10. Complaints Department

    None of these seem worth a damn. So the basic TL;DR – Despite not having any of these tanks, I should just grab a piece of bounty gear and dump the rest into bonds as I’d be better off that way.

  11. Me: “Well, I already own the Char Futur, wonder what QB is going to recommend”
    *50 minutes later*
    Me: “So basically, get the Char Futur? >.>”

  12. I took one of the bounty equipement and thats it. You can only buy ONE! Not one of each, but one in total. So youi better choose carefuly!

  13. All Things Korian

    when you know you’re wrong and don’t have a comeback:
    “and ure ape”

  14. If you get all the tokens for the Cobra. Its tokens 24 to get it. You just get 21 at the end.

  15. Wow qb is being toxic for the first time

  16. Came for the tanks, stayed for the philosophy. 10/10

  17. 24:12 to be fair, you played as badly as they did.

  18. I’m saving my tokens for the Cobra. I’m really interested in the variety of ammunition, I think that’ll make it pretty fun, even if it’s only in certain situations. Plus it’s British, so how can you go wrong?

    I’m by no means an amazing player, 50.27% wins at the moment, but I like the Kunze Panzer by far the best of the 5 older options. I feel like I can always make it work, because the siege mode makes it like 2 different tanks in one.

  19. The Fact the Cobra is 24 tokens is so dam annoying . Sigh . Yea im saving my tokens for the Cobra and im a tank collector but still the lorr 50t is so bad i dont want it before the Cobra .

  20. I got my 777 and had 1 battle only, it was same map U had and did >2k dmg but it was 5-15 and that was the last time I played this tank.

  21. It’s OK, the kid is just going through AE Phase.

  22. qb and other con b, shoulda focused on hill, 3 of you could a held off the AE’s

  23. shoutout to the dude firing pure gold in the t30, some real skill right there. Gold is ruining the game.

  24. Bartholomew Macaluso

    Ok sounds good QB, thanks

  25. What is it with the NA server and people trying to start political arguments? As soon as QB switches over then people are fighting with each other in the team chat.

  26. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    the K-91-PT is my favorite out of the old lot. i have chased down Leopards with that thing and made people SO angry they call me out for hacks lmao.
    as a run-and-gun TD it is INCREDIBLY fun and also VERY good, as you can actually flank people relatively well with it seeing as it is pretty fast!

  27. Slick-Piccolo (AKA Sliccolo)

    that concept platoon lmfao. i wonder what their reaction was when they realized they trashtalked THE Quickybaby lmfao!!!

  28. It’s so frustrating when “team mates” run away leaving one alone!

  29. hey just a small 1 QB. can you start increasing the visual quality of your YouTube uploads? 1080p with a realy low bitrate looks awfull.

  30. I had a really good replay with my K-91 today, I really enjoyed watching this because the field mods are really perfect for that vehicle and make it overpowered in the right situations. I am going to upload it to wot replays tomorrow.

    • I think the Kunze is my most played reward tank as I play it a lot as a sniper or flanker. I’ve noticed if you switch out of siege mode immediately after firing you can keep your higher dpm as you reload speed gets better as soon as you start switching not after it is finished. I use coated optics, vents rammer.

      I use improved aiming, vents, rammer on K-91

  31. Regarding reward tanks, I had bought Char Futur 4 and AE Phase 1. Both are strong in their own types’ perspective but I didn’t play the game for about 3 months. The main reason is I am gonna buy my 1st ever gaming laptop in next 2 weeks so I will be back playing the game soon (Asia Server). – Mike_86

  32. Already have Char. Bounty equipment it is

  33. You do know Quickbaby ,that regular players dont have near 484 view range on any tank, you so insecure about view range. most player have 3 skill crew.

  34. Just accept the criticism of the concepts, you just didnt have a good game

  35. Andreas Joergensen

    Tumbs up!, really like these videoes. Hope you can make a living of it. Keep going.

  36. 7:05 in what world is 390m viewrange SOMETHING BAD????
    I could understand if it was 370 or even 380, but 390 its plenty to go around!

  37. Lindisfarne Druid AKA Ganja Wallah

    This game is so full of erroneous and non functioning aspects it’s ridiculous…the Bloc campaign honours stage does not work to start with…maybe if they focused on actually making it work rather than pandering to spineless no talent pay to win fools they might not have to constantly be doing idiotic specials. No explanations of any thing no help and no support that i can find. Little wonder this game is so full of toxic ass holes.

  38. I would say none

  39. Jesus fucking Christ, how dumbed down do they need to make this fucking game.

  40. Damn, I was waiting for this kind of video. Thank you very much!

  41. How you can get 24 tokens if you would like to pick Cobra? In battle pass you can get only 21.

  42. * gets thumped twice by T30*
    QB – ” this is a bad tank”

    it is a bad tank, but i think i saw more bad play calling playing with the lorraine then facts about why it is so bad.

  43. I play my kunze panzer with a cvs, vents and heer it comes, an exhaust, i have like 40% camo while moving, i could really recommend it.

  44. Pls play the kv-2

  45. TheGermanDestroyer

    50:28 That miss was total bs

  46. The AE Phase I should have an almost same track mechanics as the Yo tanks.

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