Which Reward Tank is BEST in World of Tanks?

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Choosing rewards in World of Tanks is tough; AE Phase I, Char Futur 4 and 777 II – which should you choose?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by and is available as a free download.


  1. I could only choose one because I missed a season of SH. I picked the 777 II and I’m happy with it. I choose it because I am / was grinding the russian heavy techtree and have the renegade for my american crews. As I am not used to playing autoloaders, the Fut. 4 was not my cup of tea.

  2. I am a free to play player as well and i have picked the object. First 10 games 9 wins, average of 2500 dmg two ace tankers. Iam just an slightly above average player with 52% winrate an like 2700 WN8. I got mad games with 10k combined. It just works so well and idk why.

  3. the choice is totally clean…..if u can play an autoloader and you are a blue player or better, take the char!!
    if u arent familar with autoloader and if you are a usual 1200wn8 player take the Phase!!
    The other “one” is not a choice in any circumstances^^

  4. I picked 777 and I’m really happy tbh. It has extremely trollish side armor (I bounced while going completely sideways (not sidescrapping) tanks like 704, 50TP, WT auf. Pz IV, 277 etc. and not once) when hide your lower plate hull is extremelly tough (I bounced jg. pz e100 to hull for example), turret… is tough but there are 2 weakspots not that hard to hit (cuppola and that commander thingy from which he is watching) and you can get overmarched by 150+ calliber guns into turret, but noone ever did that to me so far…, gun handling is typical russian but I recommend to use either stabilizer or improved rotation mechanism. Speed is really good and tracks… you will be tracked quite often or you will have damaged tracks becouse tank is long. In other way it will save you quite often becouse they will not pen you and your armor will absorb those shells = track or damaged track.

  5. on Russian tanks less you aim, more accurate you are

  6. Stalin guided shells showing heavily in this game xD, he hit the emil patton and isu without aiming…

  7. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Man I gotta say I love these daily videos, QB.

  8. I can’t unhear him saying “eggyface one” plz send help. ;-;

  9. If i’ve learned something from my past 15 000 battles it is that heavy tanks are the second worst class/least enjoyable class in the game after arta, especially slow ones with no power to weight. Because armor doesn’t really works in the current matter and agility is a must have. char futur has camo, clip, alpha, speed, what do you want more ? check out last skill4ltu video on phase one and you’ll see …

  10. Currently grinding the pantera, would love to see some gameplay of it to get me excited to play it

  11. No respect for arty players who harass +2 tier higher tanks with 0 risk and high reward

  12. There will be a marathon from 27th November for 10 days
    Progetto 71 will be available
    I picked up the ae phase 1

  13. Someone can referr me? Pls

  14. I am playing 1-5 Rounds after work and will never see any of these rewards…

  15. Nah i dont play wot since i work hehe…. good for others

  16. When ever I do the “I’ll stop when I lose” and for some reason I always win for like 10 games in a row lol

  17. Ae Phase 1 was my pick. Because i dont have any american heavys

  18. i was glad to get one AE Phase 1 and i stopped playing that game mode

  19. Can you unlock one within one season ?

  20. Unfortunately at the moment it seems to me the game is is very weird the matchmaking is crazy you either win well or you lose ridiculously badly the amount of even matches we have is rare and becomes a bit of a novelty if it happens. These extra things they do like this just seem pointless now. Is it just me or is the game totally fixed. I play a game with sbg at times and some tires I’m aiming at it’s impossible to hit them even if they’re sitting next to someone else and I go back to the other person and I hit them every time I’m this doesn’t seem even slightly sensible and it feels very fixed. I keep on finding the same sort of thing happens. I miss every single shop with some person no matter what they are and other times I can’t miss and again there next to each other this is with a normal tank even. Point-blank shots miss or bounce when really I don’t see how they could. I would love it if others would let me know if they’re having the same experiences.

  21. hi make one video with settings in game plz ,what is the best sensitivity for target for you and mouse scroll..

  22. Me only have one (since if I finished all till last year I can’t buy other one) since I’m noob this is my tank from event :

    Obj 777 ii with gun rammer, turbocharger and add on hp (forget what it’s name). Never load gold shell (mostly AP and some HE). Most of time I’m dealing dmg less than block it (most of time I’m block almost 2K) but it’s fun to play

  23. fun fact: the KanJpz 105 that died at 18:02, survived a HE shot from a FV215b.

    Then arty stopped me from shooting you 🙁

  24. Good news I made into a QB youtube video! Bad news, I was one of the enemy charioteers 🙁

  25. Of course Ae Phase I

  26. in a little while only the rollers and the Bots will be playing by their own

  27. please use premium fire extinguisher, its crucial and even poor players use them

  28. I really have to say QB…I used to love watching your live streams when I was a sub 300 wn8 player…But then as my recent rose above 800 your opinions on tanks confused me and made my gameplay harder…but now I’m avg’ing over 1400=1800 recent now…and I’m back to enjoying these opinion based video’s!! I can sit there and say yep, yep, yep, and use my experience with your opinion…in my opinion…the AE Phase 1 and Char are the best!! The 777 is very very easy to kill!! I have all 3….I love my Char!!

  29. “It’s tO prEVEnt cAMPing”
    – wargaming

  30. 11:15 If he was in an IKV 90 B holding you back all game. Then sure, massive respect all round for the brass balls. But arty for clicking on the +2 all game from the safety of the base? Really? I mean he had the stock gun. If he had the big one, I suspect your valley adventure would have ended differently.

  31. Vote for Char Futur

  32. Bill_nye_the_russianspy _

    AE phase and The 777v2 were my 2 picks since I missed the AE last Frontline. The steel hunter grind was horrible for me but I managed it

  33. Easy. None. Zero token. Zero interest to steel hunter. Got too many premiums already anyway. Gz anyone who got one of them anyway. Specially if you are free player. Good for you.

  34. Omg first english player that calling škoda “škoda” and no “skoda”

  35. But what do I do if I missed one token

  36. AE Phase 1: Configuration – Turbo – Optics and replace Coke with Oil

  37. Would be cooler if the Phase I having four tracks had some effect on its play/stats. Like really good hull traverse and ground resistances values, or better dispersion due to being a more stable gun platform or whatever.

  38. Hey qb can I ask you something.
    The heavy mission 15 for obj 260…… Is it possible in the fast meta and all the 4 min games. I stuck there 🙄
    Some tips for me maybe

  39. Dylan van der Velden

    pick the one that sells for the most! most fun appears to be char futur, solely for autoloader purposes

  40. I have take the Char Futur 4, because I can not play heavy tanks, do to I am born with shaking hands.

  41. Dude please start stream in 4K its impossible to watch

  42. Hidden statistic piece of shit game, have fun wasting your life on it…

  43. Your Mouse movement during the Char Futur gameplay made me dizzy…

  44. 70.000 FREE games and I have 50 premium tanks, ALL FOR FREE, I got the Char Futur this year and the next I will take the 777…. simple and effective

  45. I picked the AE Phase I and the Char Futur and didn’t bother for the Object 777 II because it’s just another soviet heavy. Out of the two I picked I would choose the AE. The Char just doesn’t fit my playstyle and I didn’t have an American heavy yet.

  46. i picked the Char Futur 4 and its amazingggggg

  47. Love your content for years now. Will there be a charitystream this year? And when will you play some more Valhalla?

  48. Yes i have hated it and it was usuless FU this vidéo i am angry ! Thumbs down !

  49. Diego Fernández Ruiz

    Doesn’t the 777 have a troll side armor profile?

  50. I got ae phase 1 cus it’s. Good tank and it’s attractive

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