Which Tanks are WORTH for Bonds? | World of Tanks Bond Shop, Tanks for Bonds

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World of Tanks Bond Shop, Tanks for Bonds, Which Tanks Are Worth It?. World of Tanks Rare Premium and Reward Tanks for Bonds. World of Tanks and 121B Gameplay.

In update 1.6.1’s test server I was able to test out new Store for Bonds, them adding tanks for bonds.
Now, with new ranked battles season in finally here with rare tanks, clan wars reward tanks and premium tanks.

You wanted to know what I think about them, which tanks are worth it, which are not, so here is my take on it and how I look at it! 🙂



  1. Yeah, you asked for this episode.
    Yeah, it is 1:16 AM over here.
    Yeah, good night! ?

  2. I horded 28k Bonds, i whant the Cheftain or obj 907

  3. It is not fair for all of us who played cw campaigns all these yrs and have to earn that. Besides that they didnt put 907 and chief, so maybe the ppl who actually gave 15k bonds will be donkeys if they decide to do this again. And dez in today’s meta why not progetto, skorpion, lt432 for bonds? They put stg WTF dude and liberte LOL

  4. tfw bought venting system just before this went live… time to save up I guess.

  5. For Stug IV campaign heavy tanks missions, which one should i get? Liberte or Patriot? Same question for Mutz or STG Guard?

  6. “free to play players” DONT HAVE more than 2k bonds because they dont spamm full premm rounds and so they dont win games no bonds for them, this event is for PAY TO WIN players who are stuck with 30k+ bonds cand they cant buy anything more, the tanks sold are just for colectors, none of them are actually good for competitive, NONE.

  7. M60 is also more accurate on the move. Which shouldnt be slepy on

  8. RBFM is a no brainer – different, fun, and cheap. It is listed as a TD, but it actually is an excellent LT/scout with a massive view range (463 with binos and NO skills on the crew – and much higher T8-T9 levels with a pimped out crew and modules) for its tier and an autoloader (2.5 sec) fast gun.

    I already have one, but it’s the no-brainer choice to have some easy fun – just play it like a LT/passive scout rather than a tiny turreted TD.

  9. Calabi-Yau Manifold

    M48 has 330 heat and m60 has 350

  10. Hoping for an Awful panther to be added to it. Please wargaming make me happy.

  11. Had 48K bonds, bought M60, 121b and patriot and still 10k left

  12. I’m Fcked bcus I spend 100 euros on that hydrostat?

  13. when is the next event for returning players? i havent been able to play due to life for at least a yr now =P

  14. Dez can You try Progetto 65 with full HE ? on that series where you test weird loadouts (forgot it’s name – does it have any?)

  15. I can’t open the shop…

  16. Guys please help me! I click on the store button in the garage and nothing happens, only an empty screen comes up. Same with the clan page, and the referral program page. What to do?

  17. Yeah, I would love the bond store if it would work properly…

  18. I really wish I had saved my bonds instead of buying improved equipment.

  19. Bought FV. Donr regret it 😀

  20. How do you get so many bonds?

  21. Huge surprise they put Patriot T26e5 on sale for bonds. That is still one of the best credit makers out there. Is the end of WoT near?

  22. Waiting for my favourite chieftain to be in the bond shop, the tier 8 Chieftain/T95

  23. I got the 121B and eventhough it really isn’t the best, I absolutely love the playstyle

  24. POETÌK Ceiuț la plik

    Hey Dez, IDEA!
    make something with game controls and try to play just with keyboard

  25. As a clan wars player I can confirm that the M60 and 121b are actually worth it

  26. “Bond Job”. Kinky WOT.

  27. And where’s the 907! Of course that would create uproar.

  28. Are they gonna change/refresh those tanks ?

  29. 12k bonds? Yeah good luck wasting your life.

    • Its easy to get on stell hunter you can earn 5k bonds for like 2hbof playing, front line its to 5k, in ranking batles you can to earn many more its not waste of life

  30. And I’ve bought 3 equipments for bonds, now I can only cry.

  31. I bought FV215b cus i always wanted top tier brit heavy and never wanted to grind it out. Alrdy got all the t8’s there standard or camoed versions. Had only 13k bonds so i got the FV215b 🙂

  32. Can I get the Aston Martin DB5 in the Bond shop – will I meet Q there ?

  33. Sadly you can only get bonds reliable in tier X or Ranked Game Mode. Both are pure ebola as literally no one seems to fire normal rounds. I never fire gold, so at tier X or Ranked I have no place. Besides, I don’t have the T95/FV4201 or 430U, so basically I have no place to even be in Ranked mode..

    Just give us bonds when playing tier 6+ and I can actually buy stuff with bonds.

  34. Informative and exciting content. Just we got used to, thats why we are here.

  35. I would love to buy it but store doesnt work atm for us in Hungary 🙁

    • How to when in Slovakia it works?

    • @Bynk333 I don’t know man but here it’s not been working for about a week now and according to the Hungarian FB groups and Hungarian community contributors WarGaming is looking into the issue. I just hope they fix it before 121b is replaced or before in the browser store something gets replaced.

  36. M60 the best laser gun in the game xD and faster m48

  37. fck WG again… they promised 907 and chieftain but gave us fckin crap, as always ;/

  38. 121b is better version of 121.
    m60 very hard to play.
    fv215b – just for collection,
    tank what is worth to buy is patriot. that’s it.
    by the way for how long this bonds shop will be available?

  39. so none are worth it

  40. Am i the only one who has 1300+ battles with STG?

  41. i dont need to buy these because i already have m60 and 121b is shit

  42. Question is: will there be more (Tier X) tanks added? Or is this it for now? Will they remove those tanks later? I can afford 1 tank in Tier X. So I’d rather not blow my load early.

  43. which tank is worth for bons , NONE !!!!

  44. I have to say I liked the 121B right away; not because it’s particularly strong, but because if you’ve driven a few other tier IX/X Mediums, you already know how to drive it. It’s basically just a Russian style hull and turret with a NATO style 105 mm; personally I feel a bit more comfortable with it than with a 100 mm, although it’s not a huge difference. I just find it a really comfortable, accessible drive; like having a Hype 59 at tier X 🙂

  45. Will the tanks change in store?

  46. Wargaming trying so desperately to revive their game and still not working…

  47. kingsofserbiangameplay 162

    This is how Wargaming will be returning the wot waffenträger auf e100

  48. I really like that they did this, I’m gonna grab a hydrostat.

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