Which Tanks Are Worth Trading-In For? | World of Tanks Trade-In Premium Tanks

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00:00 | Introduction
00:25 | What is Trade-In?
02:30 | Quick Announcement
05:15 | Details
06:40 | Example of a Trade-In
09:25 | Best Tank to Trade-In
16:50 | Conclusion

Exactly like last time, when the trade-in was available, you guys needed some guidance.. So here is my take on the Trade-In system and quick overview of the vehicles available trading in for.
Are you going to do that?

Let me know what you think!


  1. 5th
    Edit: i think was 4th

  2. I don’t know if they are worth tradin in but im sure platoons with sub will be

  3. Skill had the best sesion in his life yesterday xxxdddd

  4. Buying Amx’s for bonds and trading for lights for 550 gold’s 📈

  5. I traded in jagdpanzer 8.8 (totally useless in 2021) for ELC. And super chaffee for chinese t6 lt

  6. I traded that useless fv for kan jpz just yestreday and am happy

  7. Here @1min and already 17 views/10 comments

  8. 5:30 perfect notification hahaha

  9. Are you going to use the Trade-In feature for some of the tanks?
    Also good luck in the giveaways, hope it helps some of you with the trade-in: https://gleam.io/lkGu5/2021-hype-part-2 | This one ends a bit faster because of it.

  10. unless its tank for tank it will never be worth it

  11. Thanks Dez

  12. i need gold ;(

  13. Got even 90 and traded t34 almost free light tank oof

  14. Don’t really have any premium tank to trade in.. buuuut thx for the Information.. it really helps me..
    (I Cant open the WOT website on my phone lol)

  15. I don’t see Obj 274a on the trade list?

  16. Bye panther m10

  17. Can someone spare me gold 😅 I do have amx from referral but I want wz 120 ft so I can earn credits 😅😅 but I need 3700 gold 😅 and I only have 100 golds so sad.

  18. Me the dumb idiot i am i finaly did something smart and got rid of that piece of shit the is2s is and got the elc even 90 with the gold i have been savin from events and gifts

  19. For some reason i do not see ELC Even 90 in the trade in shop? 🙁

    • Something weird is going on. I was able to swap my IS6 for the ELC yesterday, but I wanted the WZ 120 and it wasn’t available.

  20. Would you trade a wz 120 ft for strv 1

  21. After 9 years of this game, I have like 2 eligible tanks and no gold. Yay

  22. unfortunately none of them are worth it 🙁

  23. Traded in yesterday. 👍🏻 Chrysler for Lowe. 💥

  24. Name: Shimmel
    Server: EU
    Idk how giveaways work but I’ll try cause I wanna get the T26E5

  25. Oh. There is russian trade going on

  26. In the end u still need gold no matter even if the tank u trade it in’s gold covers it

  27. I want to win the giveaway! gimme gold!!(good video by the way maybe I will trade something in we’ll see)

  28. Hi dez

  29. Hmm.. worth it or not. I’ve got T34 and I’m wondering whether to trade in my old heavy tank for sth other. But actually there aren’t any pretty cool tanks in shop available.

  30. Not all of the tier 8 tanks listed on the web page are actually available in the trading app. 6 of them including the WZ are missing.

  31. Worthless tanks available for trade in

  32. Anyone else notice that the Bisonte C45 is on both the trade in list and the not able to trade in list… mistake? bit weird lol

  33. T7 usa scorpion is pretty good and op too. I had it for rental a week and performed with green wn8, while my average is potato wn8

  34. Funny as hell: You can recover a vehicle and use it for the discount! So you can give up some silver, convert it into gold and buy a tank you want with a meaty discount!

  35. Name: B1999
    T34B->elc even 90 for 400 gold. It was a gift for 400 gold. I never liked the t34b.

  36. I never tried the vehicles in for the simple fact you lose half the gold value. You never know what tanks will be put in Christmas loot boxes. I keep all those tanks and I got almost a hundred thousand gold because I had so many premium tanks and Christmas boxes this year. If anyone wants to know I got 75 boxes.

  37. Name AotG
    Server Eu
    Would like some new tanks

  38. Name:lvfocus

  39. i just traded the Schwarpanzer 58 that i bought from black market for the ELC Even 90. sweet.

  40. User :BRAVIA_
    Server: EU
    I love you Dez ❤️

  41. For free2play players would it make sense to trade-in one of tanks you can get for bonds (e.g.T26E5) and then buy it again for bonds? Is it even possible to buy same tank 2x for bonds?

  42. Multiflash
    EU Server

  43. Mc Shagan pronounced Shaegen

    Thanks for the advice.

  44. I want to trade in Lor 40t 😀

  45. Name: gigislove82
    Server: EU
    I’d love to get some gold, because i can’t afford the premium ;/

  46. Trade in is kinda usefull if u dont like the gold tank u have ect….

  47. Name: Czacha32. Server: Eu

  48. Decided to trade the VK168 and IS-6 (from T77 lootboxes) for a Superpershing and STA-2

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